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Cindy White Live Resin – WestCoast Releaf

This live resin was very white in appearance with off tones of yellow and gold. Found it fairly easy to work with came in four large chunks that would break very easily. Sounded like mini rocks when moving around in the container which was unlike any live resin ive had before. Smell is a strong […]

Herbivores Edibles Candy – West Coast Releaf

There was 6 gummies in this package each containing 25mg of THC for a total of 150mg. Gummies were made from distillate, the package did not specify it was delta 8 or delta 9 distillate. Gummies looked like any that you would pick up from a convince store, with only one arriving slightly damaged. Each […]

Golden Goat – West Coast Releaf

Dark hash with light earthy tones. It had a soft exterior with a light amber color on the inside. It was easy to crumble by slightly warming it up and adding it to my joints. A smooth earthy exhale that brought on a calming indica high. A great addition to a bowl or joint for […]

Platinum Bubba Budder – West Coast Releaf

Hey folks, I got this wonderfully light tasting budder in from West Coast Releaf, my first order from them so I was definitely excited! First impressions were good! For the price, I am usually weary but this comes well packaged and labelling is on point, both good signs of care on the sellers front. Visually […]

Cherry Pie Budder – WestCoastReleaf

Cherry pie budder was a very great concentrate which i found lived up to many of its strain specific traits such as one of the best aspects is the flavors and smells are very strong especially when dabbed at lower temps. The flavors you get are a blast of herbal and floral with a brief […]

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