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Wedding Cake(Enigma) – Sloth’s Supplies

Dense nugs, hand manicured leaves and caked in trichomes. This wedding cake has chunky buds and releases a pungent aroma of sweet blueberry cake with a creamy gas finish. This translates beautifully over to the smoke with a white ash burn. Potent indica dom high with tasty terps makes this a wedding you don’t want […]

Wedding Cake Shatter – Nature’s Fire

Nice clear yellow/orange colour, quite transparent. Very stable at room temp, breaks up easily and clean, will shatter in the more thinner areas. Slight sweet scent but not too strong as is. Once it starts to melt you get an extremely sweet citrus aroma which translates well to its taste. Very sweet citrus flavour with […]

Wedding Cake HTFSE – BC Medi Chronic

Amazing looking bright yellow sauce filled with small diamonds throughout. Not too strong of an aroma in the jar slightly peppery, cake like smell, quite unique. Quite a similar taste, herbal and cakey with an extremely smooth inhale. Hits good after a decent dab with a nice productive high.

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