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Tropicali Shatter – Flawless Flowers / Gold Dreams – February 2021

This shatter came in a sleek black mylar bag wrapped in a piece of parchment paper. Has an awesome looking golden amber color. It’s super clean looking with no contaminants. Has a sweet citrus aroma with a hint of muskyness. Tasted of sweet citrus and was pretty smooth. Had a snap and pull consistency and […]

Death Bubba Shatter – Greens & Goods – February 2021

This shatter has a mouth watering appearance of swiss cheese but a perfect yellow gold color. This shatter has a consistency like glass almost. It snaps right off and is not gooey. Super clean looking with no contaminants at all.   Has a nice mild aroma of dank gassyness. Tasted like how it smelled dank […]

Nuken Shatter – Greens & Goods

Nuken Shatter From Greens & Goods Indica Dominant Nuken Strain Cross: Shishkaberry x God Bud Visual: It was very cool looking shatter! It had a freshly made look to it. It was very shiny with a beautiful amber colour and a bubbly visual texture to it. Nose/Taste: The nose was a bit light with just a bit of […]

Platinum Kush “A” – WTF Cannabis

This Platinum Kush live resin releases a beautiful aroma instantly as the container is opened. The aroma is sweet citrus like pungent and earthy, very pronounced terps. The texture is saucy with identifiable thca crystals, emanating a golden amber color. Upon dabbing this fantastic resin I found myself enjoying a very rewarding, clean, and smooth […]

Black Diamond Shatter – West Coast Releaf

This shatter was a very light golden yellow in color with not too much smell coming off of it. When handled it would snap and with a little warmth would become very malleable with a pull/snap texture. The flavour was very sulfur like, woody with off tones of earthy and a bit of floral taste, […]

Granddaddy Purple Dewaxed Shatter – High Key

Darker yellow coloured concentrate, very stable, snaps easily but doesn’t shatter too much. Muted grape/berry terps with a nice and smooth inhale, not the most flavourful. Decent potency with quite a relaxing high.

Wedding Cake Shatter – Nature’s Fire

Nice clear yellow/orange colour, quite transparent. Very stable at room temp, breaks up easily and clean, will shatter in the more thinner areas. Slight sweet scent but not too strong as is. Once it starts to melt you get an extremely sweet citrus aroma which translates well to its taste. Very sweet citrus flavour with […]

God Bud Shatter – Nature’s Fire

Nice golden orange/yellow colour, still quite transparent on the thinner pieces. Very stable at room temp, thicker parts break off nice and easy, thinner it gets more prone to shattering.  As soon as I opened the pack I could tell right away it was God Bud from the aroma. Extremely strong smell from this shatter. […]

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