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Jack Herer – Bud Paradise – February 2021

Coming in a black mylar bag which had artwork that made be feel like I was on vacation at a tropical beach. This beauty of a flower has a sweet fruity orange with a hint of pine scent, which reminded of a candy. The buds are just oozing of trichomes having it appear a minty […]

Mont Blanc – Bud Paradise – February 2021

Just glistening in trichomes this beautiful flower is called Mont Blanc. Trimmed to near perfection and cured expectional. Buds have a pretty well rock hard density. Has a ever so pleasant aroma of slight gassyness with an earthy citrus scent. Upon smoking I recieved a sweet citrusy earthy piney taste. Burned expectionally well in a […]

Russian Doll – Bud Paradise – February 2021

These beautiful caked out flowers have a succelent tropical citrusy aroma. The bud size is of medium to large size with an oval like shape. Cured and trimmed overly well. Has a semi dense to dense like structure with a nice spongeyness.   Upon smoking I tasted a sour citrusyness with hints of sweetness. The […]

Cali Kush – Blowout 420 – February 2021

These gorgeous purpled out caked buds are pretty dense with a slight spongeyness to them. They have a decent trim and a perfect cure. The aroma is of a dank musky floral scent with citrus notes Upon smoking I tasted a sweet citrusyness. Burned slow and even with a continuous burn. Had a rich and […]

Red Congo (Popcorn) – AC Medical Shop – January 2021

These small delectable buds are just caked in trichomes and gleaming with them. The appearance is of a light minty green with some beautiful purple hueing and fire orange hairs. The trim is perfect with not a leaf in sight and the cure is decent, just a tad dry. Aroma admiting from these lovely dense […]

Stardog Cartridge by Sauce House

Here we have a little puppy Stardog 100% live resin cartridge by Sauce House.  Woof!  It is stunning… beautiful consistency. Sweet floral terpenes on the inhale with a sweet musky earthiness & slight touch of gas ⛽ on the exhale. The tastes really do come through in the Verified hardware, and the performance is rockin’. […]

Walter White cart by Naturally Farmed Cannabis

I present to you the precious Walter White HTFSE ceramic cartridge. This cart is right up there with my most favorite of all time. Let’s start with the taste, a very hard to find pure sweet pine, except you will want this Christmas Tree around all year long as it is PACKED with terps. It’s […]

Banana Runtz – Prince’s Private Reserve

Strain Name: Banana Runtz Strain Genetics: Banana OG x Runtz Strain Type: Hybrid Source: Prince’s Private Reserve Cultivated by: @rainzforest ○ Visual ○ [ Beautiful, Clean, Fresh, Bright, Luminous, Captivating, Resinous ] The Banana Runtz is absolutely stunning at first sight. These hulking, perfectly trimmed, trichome coated, light green nugs exhibiting flawless golden orange pistils […]

Pineapple Chunk by Green Hornet Buds

The Pineapple Chunk flower by Green Hornet Buds delivered an adventurous Sativa experience from start to finish. Upon opening the zip intense smells of fruity exotic pineapple filled the air. The flowers were hard and dense with just the right amount of moisture, very nice bag appeal. Almost immediately after the first couple of puffs, […]

Green Crack HTFSE Cart by Naturally Farmed Cannabis

Impeccable taste and supreme quality are the thoughts that come to mind when vaping this cartridge. This organic HTFSE cart by Naturally Farmed Cannabis is easily the best Green Crack cart I have ever consumed. The inhale is mildly sweet and is initially hard to pinpoint, but the exhale certainly brings out flavors of exotic […]

Orange Sophie’s Breath by Cumulus Carts

The Orange Sophie’s Breath 100% HCFSE cart by new brand Cumulus Carts is a refreshing addition to my collection. The taste consists of tangy orange citrus terpenes on the inhale mixed with a sweet vanilla-like dankness on the exhale.  It is very smooth (no coughing induced whatsoever) with a slightly spicy aftertaste. The Effects?  Good […]

Orange Jelly Bomb – West Coast Releaf

This jelly bomb came in a myler wrapped in wax paper. It’s a lego shaped gummie that can be divided into 8 individual 10mg pieces. I decided to start my day off by eating the whole gummie since I find 80mg to be a standard dose. It was soft with a orange candy flavor and […]

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