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Pine Tar – Gold Dreams / Flawless Flowers – February 2021

Upon cracking the jar I received a delightful sweet skunky earthy like aroma. Having a gorgeous appearance of minty green with fire orange hairs and being quite frosted out. The density is of a rock hardness. Trimmed near perfect and cured quite decently Upon smoking there was a subtle earthy kushy citrusy taste with hints […]

Zombie Bar (Caramel Apple Jacks)- Illuminati Infusions

This one provided me with some real nostalgia with Apple Jacks being the base for this bar. However as this one was a special “caramel” edition it was elevated to another level. The flavors leaned to the caramel side of things with some tart apple flavors kicking up the rear. This bar did have some […]

Pine Tar FSE – Enigma Extracts

The flavor was smooth, with a sweet, earthy pine exhale. It builds and hits the throat just like a dab, very soothing. This is a pure indica, which helped me relax both mentally and physically. I enjoyed this during the afternoon. These ceramic carts have been working fine with no clogs. The recommended setting for […]

Pine Tar – Enigma Extracts

Sticky, smelly dense nugs. Really earthy and gassy nose, smells as the name would imply – pine and gas. Large and beautiful buds that are coated in trichs. Cured perfectly and makes for amazing joints. Massive oil ring and white ash, delicious gassy taste and heavy indica effects. Pretty heavy smoke that creeps up on […]

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