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Wedding Cake Shatter – Nature’s Fire

Nice clear yellow/orange colour, quite transparent. Very stable at room temp, breaks up easily and clean, will shatter in the more thinner areas. Slight sweet scent but not too strong as is. Once it starts to melt you get an extremely sweet citrus aroma which translates well to its taste. Very sweet citrus flavour with […]

God Bud Shatter – Nature’s Fire

Nice golden orange/yellow colour, still quite transparent on the thinner pieces. Very stable at room temp, thicker parts break off nice and easy, thinner it gets more prone to shattering.  As soon as I opened the pack I could tell right away it was God Bud from the aroma. Extremely strong smell from this shatter. […]

Scouts Honor Sugar Wax (BHO) – Nature’s Fire

Dark brown/orangey crumbly, but sticky, sugar wax. Very easy to work with, would break apart but also stick together/to your tool well enough to scoop up with ease. The wax does not have to much of an aroma out of the jar but has a slight sweet doughy scent. Taste is similar, sweet creamy dough, […]

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