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Mimosa – The High Club – March 2021

This gorgeous flower is just smothered heavily with trichomes, it’s called Mimosa. Being pale milky green im color with slight purpling. Having a large size and being rather quite dense with a slight spongeyness. Cured expectional and trimmed decently with only a bit of leaf remaining. The aroma is of a dank phemonable sweet and […]

Mimosa(Fogs Exotics) – Comrade

Dense buds with vibrant green leaves and short orange hairs. A healthy bud structure with nice stacking and full trichome coverage. This mimosa smelt amazing; like sweet tangerines mixed with fruity/earthy undertones. This translated well over to the smoke with sweet/sour/tangy notes and a fluffy gray ash. A great sativa dom to enjoy during the […]

Mimosa HCFSE – TheDopeDispensary

This phenotype of mimosa is quite unique and one ive not had elsewhere in terms of the flavours. You have a blend of a herbs, spices and a nuttiness that is quite similar to nutmeg with a sweet berry finish. The flavors will catch you off guard if you are looking for that citrus fruity […]

The Mimosa live resin cart by Elite Elevation

The Mimosa live resin cart by Elite Elevation has no sweetness, citrus or berry taste as I was expecting. It makes me sneeze and has a burnt sulfur taste on the exhale (similar to their Jack Herer cart, but not quite as strong). There is an unpleasant spiciness in the aftertaste which I did not […]

Mimosa Shatter – Thedopedispensary

This shatter was very stable, with a beautiful amber tone and quite clear. I didn’t find it hard to work with at all, easily snapped into dab size pieces. The melt is very clean not leaving much residue on the banger, extremely smooth with the flavour translating perfectly regardless the size dab you have. The […]

Bottle Rockets (Mimosa #6) by Skookum – Budmail

Some of the tastiest stuff I’ve had my hands on! Bag reaks of blood oranges with a hint of grapefruit. The buds are little purple gems, absolutely coated in trichs. Trimmed and cured to perfection, always an amazing job from Skookum. Effects are incredibly potent. Upon first inhale you’ll experience a rush of energy accompanied […]

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