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Death Bubba – AC Medical

Death Bubba from AC Medical Indica Visual: It was dark and dank looking, and it had a heavy look to it. There was lots of crystal and it had patches of brown hairs all over. It was very dense. Nose: The nose was a bit spicy and piney with a bit of a funky fish smell. It […]

Mendo Breath – AC Medical

Mendo Breath from AC Medical Cross: OG Kush Breath x Mendo Montage Visual: The visuals were great! It had lots of fuzzy, creamy coloured crystal covering the dark black buds. The fat fuzzy hairs went with the looks but contrasted it with its apricot colour. It was a bit squishy. Nose: The nose was sweet and creamy with […]

Khalifa Kush – AC Medical

Khalifa Kush from AC Medical Indica Visual: These were super dank looking buds. They had some greens but lots of blueish grays with patches of dark brown hairs. It had lots of sparkly crystal and it was more of the tight compact crystal and it was very dense. Nose: The nose was pungent with pine and sweet […]

Pura Breath – AC Medical

Pura Breath from AC Medical Visual: It had that breath look to it with the fuzzy crystal and the dark-coloured buds. There were some bits of light greens and patches of contrasting light orange hairs all over it and it had a bit of a squish to it. Nose: The nose was very funky! There […]

Meat Breath – Order Weed Online

Meat Breath (AAAA) from Order Weed Online Hybrid Cross: Meatloaf x Mendo Breath Visual: This one had a crazy look to it! It looked like a compact black nugget that was just covered in rusty orange hairs. I could see some sparkle to the crystal under all those hairs. The buds were very dense. Nose: The nose had […]

Yoda OG – Order Weed Online

Yoda OG (AAA) from Order Weed Online Indica Descendant of OG Kush Visual: They were medium sized buds with a roundness to them. There was lots of crystal, and it was army green with light brown hairs that blended in a bit. It had a bit of a squish to it but dense overall. Nose: The nose […]

Do-Si-Dos x Mac 1 – Order Weed Online

Do-Si-Dos x Mac 1 (AAAA) from Order Weed Online Hybrid Visual: The light buds seemed to have a few different colours but they were hard to see behind all the frosty crystal. It had a nice structure with a good feel to it and it had patches of light orange hairs that blended into the buds. […]

Rockstar Tuna – Cannalyft

Rockstar Tuna from Cannalyft Indica Cross: Rockstar x Tuna Kush Visual: They were medium sized buds that had a dank look to them. There was a little bit of greens, but it was mostly a grayish black and tons of sparkly and crystal. It had patches of light brown hairs. It had a craft look […]

Grease Monkey – Cannalyft

Grease Monkey (AAA+) from Cannalyft Indica Cross: GG4 x Cookies & Cream Visual: It was a chunky bud with beauty visuals as well. There was lots of pristine crystal all over and mostly light orange hairs but a few yellow ones as well. It had some of the dark green, black spots as well as some light […]

Punky Lion – CannaLyft

Punky Lion (AAA+) from Cannalyft 100% Indica Cross: Chronic x Matanuska Tundra Visual: This one also had great visuals with a nice structure and big, sparkly crystal. It had a bit of a blueish grey tinge to it in the dark area which covered most of the bud. There were patches of light brown hairs and it […]

Zkittles – Cannalyft

Zkittles (AAA+) from Cannalyft Indica Cross: Grape Ape x Grapefruit Visual: It had a craft look to me because the visuals were amazing. It looked untouched with all the foxtails and crystal in pristine condition. It was a dark bud overall with dark green/blacks and spots of lighter green light orange hairs. I could see the […]

Grease Monkey Diamonds – WTF Cannabis

Grease Monkey Diamonds from WTF Cannabis Visual: It was a big orange sparkly crystal that would crumble apart to the touch into smaller diamonds. It looked very appealing. Nose/Taste: The nose was a bit light with a sweet and gassy smell and a hint of vanilla. The taste was not as sweet but I still got the […]

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