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Donny Burger 🍔

Lineage: Han Solo Burgess x GMO Method Smoked : Joint *👀* The appearance of this strain wasn’t bad at all, there was some extra leafs that should of been chopped off for being “craft grade”. But other then that it was good. I got a mix of sizes from medium-small. The light green base color […]

Zombie Kush by Green Hornet Buds (Enigma Extracts)

Zombie Kush is my #1 favorite Enigma cart, so when I saw it in flower form I had to grab it to compare. I present to you my Holiday joint! When I open the zip, a strong aroma of ripe fruity cannabis fills the air. I want to stick my head in the bag. I […]

Zombie Bar (Caramel Apple Jacks)- Illuminati Infusions

This one provided me with some real nostalgia with Apple Jacks being the base for this bar. However as this one was a special “caramel” edition it was elevated to another level. The flavors leaned to the caramel side of things with some tart apple flavors kicking up the rear. This bar did have some […]

Sherb Breath by Enigma Extracts (Green Hornet)

The Sherb Breath flower by Enigma Extracts and sourced by Green Hornet Buds is the first flower I tried by one of my all-time favorite cart producers. The flowers are soft and sticky to touch and full of multiple shades of green with orange hairs and tints of purples peaking through the buds. Upon opening […]

Punch Breath Cart by Enigma Extracts

The 🤜 Punch Breath cart by Enigma Extracts is my favorite of the new strains. I recently got stuck in a room for quite some time with only this one cart as a companion. In case you didn’t know, I tend to switch my carts up on a regular basis, so this was quite the […]

Pine Tar FSE – Enigma Extracts

The flavor was smooth, with a sweet, earthy pine exhale. It builds and hits the throat just like a dab, very soothing. This is a pure indica, which helped me relax both mentally and physically. I enjoyed this during the afternoon. These ceramic carts have been working fine with no clogs. The recommended setting for […]

Lemon Meringue Cart by Enigma Extracts

The Lemon Meringue FSE ceramic cartridge by Enigma Extracts presents a zesty lemon tanginess that brightens your eyes with each refreshing hit. Lemon Meringue is a cross of Lemon Skunk x Cookies & Cream and this cart will not disappoint those seeking a distinctive lemon taste. It is not overly sweet nor sour and leaves […]

Red Congo Cart by Enigma Extracts

The Red Congo FSE ceramic cartridge by Enigma Extracts delivers an exotic semi sweet lemon taste with potent sativa effects.  The inhale tastes of pleasant smooth lemon citrus which becomes stronger upon exhaling.  The taste is incredible on this cart and even if you think you do not enjoy lemon flavors this cart will likely […]

Dosi Sundae Cart by Enigma Extracts

The Dosi Sundae Cart by Enigma Extracts is a cross between Sundae Driver and Do-si-dos. This cart provides a very pleasant and enjoyable semi-sweet vapor on the inhale, with a strong floral taste on the exhale. While this is an indica dominate strain the immediate effects are right down the middle hybrid as I feel […]

White Cookies Cart by Enigma Extracts

White Cookies is a cross between White Widow and Girl Scout Cookies.  After inhaling I taste mild grapes and a slight sweetness which continues on the exhale. If you dislike the gas/grassy weed taste this might be the perfect cart for you. The effects are right down the middle hybrid for me with relaxing body […]

Live Death Bubba Cart by Enigma Extracts

The Live Death Bubba ceramic FSE cartridge by Enigma Extracts tastes like sweet earthiness and grass, but in a good way! If held for a long time I can also taste a slight floral pine on the exhale. Enigma Extracts’ latest creation most definitely provides that classic Death Bubba experience. A potent indica dominant hybrid […]

Zombie Kush Cart by Enigma Extracts

Introducing you to the Zombie Kush FSE ceramic cartridge by Enigma Extracts. If you like sweet-tasting cartridges I highly recommend this one. Initially, I taste sweet grapes, but on the exhale the taste is similar to campfire smores with a tinge of lilac flowers. It is a very smooth cart with zero harshness and great […]

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