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Polynesian Thin Mints – Karplusan Forest

Polynesian Thin Mints From Karplusan Forest Cultivator – Gastown Cross – Girl Scout Cookies x Faceoff OG Visual: The buds were a small/medium size and they were an army green colour. There was lots of tight, compact crystal that was very sparkly. They had patches of orange and light brown hairs and they were very dense. Nose: The nose […]

Alien Napalm – Karplusan Forest

Alien Napalm From Karplusan Forest Cultivator – Private ACMPR Visual: This Alien napalm had some cool visuals. There was lots of fuzzy crystal all over and throughout these buds. There was a neat variation in colour with some light greens and some dark greens and some black patches of leaves and some brown hairs. Nose: The nose was […]

Ice Cream Cake – Karplusan Forest

Ice Cream Cake From Karplusan Forest Cross – Gelato 33 x Wedding Cake Visual: It was not as frosted as a typical Ice Cream Cake that I have had, and it was a little bit leafy. I could still see lots of sparkly crystal though. It was an army green colour with patches of light brown hairs. […]

Wedding Crasher – Karplusan Forest

Wedding Crasher From Karplusan Forest Cultivator – Gastown Cross – Wedding Cake x Purple Punch Visual: The buds were very frosted. They had a greyish tinge to them and rusty orange hairs all over and some dark leaves. There frosty crystal was very sparkly. The buds were extremely dense. Nose: Out of the bag the nose was earthy and […]

Gelatto 33 – Karplusan Forest

Gelatto 33 From Karplusan Forest Cross – Sunset Sherbert x Thin Mint GSC Visual: This one looked very nice. The buds were a medium size but the crystal was very nice and there were patches of fiery orange hairs all over. The buds were very dense. Nose: The nose was sweet with a baking spice to it. There […]

G-Whiz – Karplusan Forest

G-Whiz From Karplusan Forest Cultivator – Rainzforest Visual: There was nice sparkly crystal all throughout. It was a lime green colour with light brown hairs in patches. It was very dense. Nose: The nose was very funky! It had kind of a sweet shoe polish smell. It was very pungent especially when I opened it up to which […]

Banana Runtz – Karplusan Forest

Banana Runtz From Karplusan Forest Cultivator – Rainzforest Visual: They were medium sized buds and an army green colour. I could see lots of compact sparkly crystal and the orange hairs blended right into the buds. It was very dense. Nose: The nose was sweet and sour with a bit of banana peel. When I opened it up […]

The Candy – Karplusan Forest

The Candy From karplusan Forest Cultivator – bc_growlord Visual: The visuals were insane on this one! The buds were pretty much black with the odd bit of green. It had huge frosty white crystal all over and bright orange hairs that contrasted with the other colours. When I opened it up there were some amazing bright purples. […]

Monkey Mints Diamonds – Happy Clouds

Monkey Mints Diamonds From Happy Clouds Visual: They were some sparkly creamy yellow little crystals that were all clumped together. They were not completely dry, they seemed to have a bit of sauce in them. Nose/Taste: The nose and taste were very pungent! It was very gassy and piney and sweet! Potency/Effects: It kicked me in the but […]

Gelato – Happy Clouds

Gelato From Happy Clouds Visual: They looked like some tight and compact buds. There was lots of tight compact crystal on these medium sized finger shaped buds. There were lots of brown hairs all over and nice sparkly crystal on the inside. There were very dense. Nose: The nose was earthy with a bit of a sweet […]

Strawberry Cough – Happy Clouds

Strawberry Cough From Happy Clouds Visual: The buds looked a bit loose and fluffy. It had a classic Sativa (similar to a Congo) look to me with the light green and the fluffiness and the wispy rusty brown hairs. It had tight compact crystal that was a bit sparse but still nice and sparky. Nose: The nose […]

Purple Punch – Happy Clouds

Purple Punch from Happy Clouds Visual: These small buds were a medium green with brown hairs that blended in and highlights of purple. The crystal was the tight compact crystal and the buds were pretty dense. Nose: The nose was pretty light and mute but I could get some sweet earthy grape. Cut/Roll/Grind: It was easy to cut […]

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