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4 Star General –

4 Star Gen Rated as Indica A cross of Stardawg x Tres Dawg Came in as mostly bigger sized nugs. Different shades of greens with a glistening appearence nice trichomrs coverage lots of healty heads (for the rating) and a really generous coating inside its packe. Not sticky fresh but felt well cured and plump. […]

Cookies and Cream –

Cookies and Cream A cross of Starfighter x  Unknown GSC Pheno Medium sized nugs with a popcorn look. Dense but rather plump to the touch. Bright purple emerging from the core and darker sugar leafs gaves these a really nice look. A good coating of frost on the outside but a couple headless spots. Another […]


Mku Had a lot of huge sized nugs in this one. Dense and hard to the touch but not as much as the mac but still pretty demanding to pull appart haha. Felt fresh sticky and super greasy as the vid tells. Packed with heads again pretty insane for the rating. Lots of amber too […]

Death Star –

Death Star rated as Indica A cross of Sensi x Sour Diesel These came in as huge sized colas. Light green with light ambered colored pistils. Nice and really plumpy not sticky but felt fresh for the rating. A bit leafy too but fair on this side. Smell was strong on this one. Piney skunky […]

Elmers Glue –

Elmers Glue  rated as Indica A cross of GG4 x The White Again big sized boulders for the most. A nice appearance on those bud pretty dense and nicely coated in and out as the pics tell. Mostly big sized shinny and milky heads. A mossy green base with darker taints on the sugar leafs […]

Harlequin 1:1 Live Resin Cart – WTFCannabis (Cumulus Carts)

This was my first time trying a 1:1 THC:CBD strain and man I really fell in love. I was initially impressed by the gorgeous light gold colour and the minty/herbal sweet aroma that exuded from the cart. I could smell this immediately upon opening the tube that it was packaged in. The refreshing minty sweet […]

Blue Cherry Mac Rosin – @thesquishlist

Blue cherry Mac Rosin – A cross of Blue cherries x Mac 1 Light goldenish creamy color. A bit taffy in texture like a hot butter but tacky enough its easy to work with. Smell of citrus were the most noticeable with a light sour cheesey side. The taste is where this thing shines it […]

Bangers and Mac –

Bangers and Mac Rated as Sativa Came in smaller size nugs light greens showing thru an heavy coating of trichomes and light amber pistils. A couple headless stalks outside on the inside super long stalks packed side by side. Super strong smell, nose tickling citrus and pine notes gives it a pungent musky nose. Transfers […]

Guava Cake –

Guava Cake A cross of  Gold leaf from Wedding Cake Big to medium size nugs, felt nice and fresh lightly sticky dense but with a nice give to it. Dark look  overall dark shades of green with purple sugar leafs all over and rusty pistils. A lot of healthy biggrr sized heads inside this one. […]

Mk Ultra – WTF Cannabis – April 2021

This Mk Ultra is just frosted and glistening with trichomes. The buds are very dense and have a nice stickyness to them. Trimmed impeccable and cured on point. Has a loud gassy scent along with earthy and a bit of a musky aroma.   When smoked I received a citrus hashy taste with spicy earth […]


<span;>Fire OG <span;>OG Kush x SFV OG Kush <span;>Medium to smaller sized buds. With a classic texbook kush structure small compact and pointy shaped. A nice coating outside a bit lighter inside but calyxes were nicely packed with small milky stalked trichomes. Great trim on this too super impressive for the rating. <span;>Classic Og on […]

Northern Berry –

Northern berry A cross of Northern light x Blueberry Big to medium sized buds, dark greens and purple showing with a light coating a lot of headless stalk on this one. The inside was nice with milky stalks but smallish heads. A bit leafy nothing to bad. Smell was pretty strong on this, musky and […]

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