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Hindu Kush-WTFCannabis

Golden yellow colored shatter that has a slight bit of greasiness on one side. Snapped into many pieces at room temp but when warmed up in my hand it becomes stretchy and workable. Not much for smell right out of the packaging but once I take a dab my mouth is lit up by a […]

Pink Tuna – WTF Cannabis

These super dense nugs are a mixture of dark and lighter greens along with nice amber hairs. The aromas that I get off this bud are very herbal with some citrus smells to it as well along with a slight earthiness. The taste I’m getting is a herbal taste with slight citrus notes. The high […]

Sunset Shurbert – WTF Cannabis

The live resin is a golden yellow colour with small micro diamonds throughout giving it a almost a slushy consistency. It was easy to handle with a dab tool as well so this was nice. The aroma is very sweet and tangy but mostly sweet. Fortunately all that amazing smell comes through in the taste. […]

God Super Skunk * Wtf Cannabis * November

Strain – God Super Skunk (God’s Super Skunk x Chernobyl) by Jordan Of The Islands Smell – the dank skunkiness immediately exits the mylar once you begin to tear into it. Some pungent sweet skunk with wood scents all blended together hits your nostrils all at once. Some stank terpenes emitting from within this strain […]

Pineapple Express crumble – WTFCannabis

This was one of my favorite crumbles that I have tried from wtfcannabis so far. The texture relates more to a budder rather than crumble so it was easier to pick some up in my dab tool. The strain tasted sweet, quite fruity. I really did enjoy dabbing this strain. The effects of the pineapple […]

Sour Poppers * Wtf Cannabis * November

Brand – Sour Poppers by Chefstreats Flavor – there is potentially more flavors then what I received in my package as I’m assuming they are packaged up at random as long as there’s 10 in a pack. Here is my opinion on each that I received: Yellow – a very sour lemon almost lemonade flavoring. […]

Mendo Breath-WTFCannabis

Sweet earth with strong hints of gas & fruit emit off these fairly dense but still squishy medium sized buds. They contain a beautiful color combination of mostly dark purple with small amounts of light green that is heavily coated in trichomes and orange hairs. Smoked in a bong it was smooth and gave off […]

Black Cookies * Wtf Cannabis * November

Strain – Black Cookies (Girl Scout Cookies x Blackberry Kush) by Jordan Of The Islands Smell – it has a very nice subtle smell of sweet and sour berry berry, with a musky earthy smell  mashed together as you take sniffs in the mylar. The blackberry terpenes being the most present amongst the smells coming […]

Chrome cake – WTF Cannabis

These nugs are a dark green with a scarce amount of dark orange hairs. It has  a decent amount of outside trichomes that give it a lighter appearance. The aroma is herbal with some sweet and piney notes. I got those piney and sweet aromas coming through in the taste which was nice.  The high […]

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