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Banana Cane – WTF Cannabis

Banana Cane from WTF Cannabis 70% Indica Dominant Hybrid Nose: The nose was great! It was sugary sweet with a bit of spiciness and fruitiness and some of that banana peel smell as well. Stickiness/Moisture: It was a little bit sticky, and the moisture level was great. Taste: The taste was full of flavour. I got lots of […]

Strawpicana – WTF Cannabis

Strawpicana from WTF Cannabis 70% Indica Dominant Hybrid Nose: The nose was musky and spicy with some sweetness to it. It was very pungent. Stickiness/Moisture: It was a little bit sticky, and the moisture level was great. Taste: The flavour was very pungent as well. It was woody and I got that sweetness as well. There was also […]

Fieldtrip – WTF Cannabis

Fieldtrip from WTF Cannabis 60% Indica Dominant Hybrid Grower: Farm2Jar (breeder – Bodhi) Nose: The nose was quite a bit piney and earthy. I also got a bit of a rich coffee and brown sugar that made it smell very nice. Stickiness/Moisture: It was a little bit sticky, and the moisture level was good. Taste: It had lots […]

Pink Skunk FSE Cartridge- (Cumulus Carts) WTF Cannabis

Very clean looking with a rich yellow hue and a slightly opaque or thickened look to it straight out of the protective sleeve. After having it in my hand for a short period of time it became much less vicious and moreso of a clear fluid with the same attractive colours. The source of this […]

Mimosa FSE Cartridge- (Cumulus Carts) WTF Cannabis

Such a drastically different visual compared to the Pink Skunk FSE. Beautifully clear and transparent with visually attractive golden hues; all arriving in a clean looking ceramic cart. Packaging has been on pint with each cartridge that’s arrived with this one following suit inside of a “doob tube”. No leaking issues to speak of as […]

Cookie Dough- WTF Cannabis

Beautiful buds with a thoroughly caked exterior what resembled the previously reviewed Gelato 33. However, had some light and dark green background with streaks of purple that really made for some impressive bag appeal. Small to medium sized chunky structure feeling moderately dense, plus with a near perfect humidity with a spongy interior that bounced […]

Frosted Fruitcake- WTF Cannabis

Medium density olive shaped buds with a perfect trim, nice humidity level/squish and healthy resin coverage. Mainly dark green and purple backgrounds that were hard to appreciate due to the thick layer of intact trichomes on the exterior giving it a sugared or “frosted” appearance. Deep orange pistils helped to add a bit of contrast […]

Pound Cake- WTF Cannabis

Medium sized oval shaped and over the top dense buds that were coated in a heavy layer of trichomes. Found the moisture of the buds to be near perfect with a stem that snapped easily but still had an interior that was sticky to the touch. The strain also possessed some beautiful velvety purples and […]

Gelato 33- WTF Cannabis

A bit of a mixup left me testing out the AAA version of this strain last go around; but the guys at WTF hooked me up with the correct strain as soon as the error was brought to their attention. Either way this AAAA version arrived with a near perfect trim on the fat chunky […]

Bananacane- WTF Cannabis

Large tapered nug that was as heady as they come with dark greens and purples fighting to make an appearance behind the thick layer of resin. Chonky, fat and curled; bright orange pistils helped to provide some nice contrast to the overly whitewashed looking buds. A close peek revealed some nicely mature heads that were […]

Strawpicana- WTF Cannabis

Long sticklike well trimmed buds with uniform bright greens, vivid orange pistils and a coating of milky resin, made for a standout appearance that was hard to capture. Moisture content was on point with a sticky exterior that made it challenging to handle. A close look reveals why, with fat globular milky, amber, and glassy […]

Purple Punchsicle- WTF Cannabis

Eighth arrived as one long yet thick nug with a small sidekick that were both crazily dense. Also landed with a nice humidity level, feeling crisp on the exterior, with a good squish within. Beautifully deep greens and purples with a significant amount of wild looking rich burnt orange pistils matted along the exterior. A […]

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