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Jamaican Dream Budder – WTFCannabis

Two small amber slabs of budder make the gram. A smooth, fine texture close to cool butter thats perfect for dabbing. The scent is quite unique. A sweet, pineapple like citrus scent with notes of skunk and mild spice. This is a pretty smooth and tasty dab. The taste is quite distinct. Tangy citrus on […]

Bubba’s Gift – WTF Cannabis

Neatly sliced, slightly hard at first but gets very sticky very quickly under finger heat. Easy to work with once warmed and played with a little bit. Sweet fruity berry terps nicely come out of the jar as soon as you open it. Clean melt with the same sweet fruity berry flavor when you exhale. […]

Pre 98 Bubba – WTF Cannabis

Slightly smaller buds but neatly trimmed, frosted over with ambering and white trichomes, turned in brown and orange pistils, small amount of glazed sugar leaves. Spicy earthy gas terps with a very small touch of sweetness. Light grey ash  with the flavor at first being a spicy gas flavoring then becoming a smoother earthy flavor […]

Space Monkey – WTFCannabis

A great frosty coating of trichomes on healthy looking flowers. An average trim with long pistils light pistils. It carries a great scent of baked goods. A rich, sweet GG4 scent. It had mild taste in the bong – a joint presented it much better. What’s present is creamy, skunky, herbal and mildly spicey. Makes […]

Pink Bubba – WTF Cannabis

Rock hard, dense, neatly trimmed buds, nicely glazed with clear and amber trichs and short orange pistils Very small amount of sugar leaves. . Earthy gas terps with a touch of sweet pepper. Light grey ash with the flavor shifting to a more peppered earthy flavor with a bit of sweet gas settling in as […]

Skywalker – WTF Cannabis

Sugar like consistency, amber in color. Easy to work with to get the desired sized dab. Made up of many micro thca crystals, mostly small with a few bigger sized crystals crashed throughout. Spicy herbal with a small amount of a diesel undertones. Clean melt with a more spicy diesel flavor when you exhale. There […]

MKU – WTF Cannabis

Slightly dry on the outer extremities but not to the point where it’s easily damaged. Foxtailed buds, hand trimmed with a nice frosting of ambering and white trichs, and brown pistils. Earthy gas terps with a bit of peppering. White ash with the same earthy gas flavor when you exhale. Heavy head on your shoulders […]

Space Monkey – WTF Cannabis

Smaller sized buds but very frosted ambering and white trichs. Healthy orange pistils with a small amount of green sugar leaves and a few dead and drying leaves as well. Sweet grapey citrus terps with a tiny bit of nuttiness. White ash with the same sweet nutty citrus flavor when you exhale. Calming and euphoric […]

Black D.O.G – Premium Budder — WTF Cannabis

Golden amber appearance, soft and waxy really easy to scoop up a nice dab. Stays together really well and is super sticky. Immediately funky and musky nose, slight sweet fruitiness to follow. Tastes a little like lemons, found there to be a slightly floral-soapy aftertaste I didn’t care for too much. Kind of generic taste, […]

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