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Grease Monkey Diamonds – WTF Cannabis

Grease Monkey Diamonds from WTF Cannabis Visual: It was a big orange sparkly crystal that would crumble apart to the touch into smaller diamonds. It looked very appealing. Nose/Taste: The nose was a bit light with a sweet and gassy smell and a hint of vanilla. The taste was not as sweet but I still got the […]

Demon Breath – WTF Cannabis

Demon Breath (AAAA) from WTF Cannabis 70% Indica Dominant Hybrid Visual: The visuals were striking with crazy black buds covered with fuzzy, creamy crystal. There were some hints of greens, but it was mostly black and there were patches of contrasting orange hairs. The buds had a looseness to them. Nose: The nose very pungent. I got […]

Rockstar FSE Vape Cart (Cumulus Carts) – WTF Cannabis

Rockstar FSE Vape Cart (Cumulus Carts) from WTF Cannabis Visual: It was darker than the other Vape Carts with a bit of a dirty honey look. Taste: The taste was very terpy. It was gassy and piney and a bit of that hash oil flavour. Potency/Effects: It was very punchy and hard hitting! It makes me very buzzy […]

Animal Cookies – WTF Cannabis

Animal Cookies (AAAA) from WTF Cannabis 75% Indica Dominant Hybrid Cross: Girl Scout Cookies x Fire OG Visual: There was a bit of a dank look to this Animal cookies. It was dark green with lots of sparkly crystal and patches of light brown hairs. It also had a bit of a purple hue to it and […]

Garlic Sherbert – WTF Cannabis

Garlic Sherbert (AAAA) from WTF Cannabis 70% Indica Dominant Hybrid Cross: Garlic GMO Sherbert x Gorilla Glue #4 Visual: This Garlic Sherbert had a cool look to it! They were chunky buds that were mostly dark green with light green at the ends of the short foxtails. It had lots of frosty white crystal like it was […]

Frosted Fruitcake – WTF Cannabis

Frosted Fruitcake (AAAA) from WTF Cannabis 80% Indica Dominant Hybrid Cross: Jungle Cake x Strawberry Shortcake Visual: This one had some crazy visuals! It had a bit of a craft look to it and a darkness as well. There were some bits of green but mostly it was a very dark green with blacks and purples. It […]

Godzilla – TF Cannabis

Neatly trimmed darker shaded buds, dense with hues of purple and green mixed throughout, amber and clear trichs, dark brown pistils and very minimal sugar leaves. Sweet earthy terps with a bit of a floral berry blended in as well. Slightly salt and pepper burn with a unique shifting in the profile to a slightly […]

Gelato 33- WTF Cannabis

Medium to smaller buds with some extra leaf left on atop the minty/dark green backgrounds alongside some touches of purple. Rusty orange to brown pistils that were short and thin were found crawling amongst the crevices. Moisture level was a touch on the dry side with it feeling pretty dry to the touch coming out […]

Blue Cherry MAC Rosin- (Squishlist) WTF Cannabis

Beautifully wet consistency with exterior being as wet as the interior. Light golden hues alongside darker amber streams throughout. Had a sticky, thick runny consistency I’d liken to honey, which was easy to manipulate and collect a dab. Aromas were present as soon as I opened the jar with heavy creamy scents with some sugary […]

Lemon MAC- WTF Cannabis

Visually, this had to  be the most stunning of the flower I tried from WTF this round (maybe ever); with the MAC genetics shining through. Absolutely caked from tip to stem with a copious amount of milky white stalked trichomes packed tightly together. Darker  greens, lighter greens and some slightly yellow tones tried to peer […]

Cookies and Cream- WTF Cannabis

Medium sized densely packed and heavily caked buds with whites, purples and light greens dominating the backgrounds. Some rich deep orange pistils also helped provide a nice contrast; making the buds pop. Buds were a touch on the dry side again with the nugs feeling somewhat brittle on the exterior. Trichs were somewhat lacking on […]

Blueberry FSE Cart- WTF Cannabis (Cumulus Carts)- June 2021

Had the ceramic cart arrive in a protective sleeve which is always nice. Initially the liquid was somewhat solidified. However,after a few minutes placed in my hand to warm up the product turned into the thick transparent liquid gold you see in the pics. No sugaring to speak of on this one. Found the flavors […]

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