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Bruce Banner Budder – West Coast Releaf

This was my first time trying budder! Visually this Budder was very appealing. It had a creamy brown colour and the texture was like hardened bacon grease. The flavour was sweet and skunky and it was very smooth to smoke. I got a good punch from it and the effects were very relaxing and heavy. […]

Peanut Butter Breath – West Coast Releaf

Peanut Butter Breath from West Coast Releaf Visual: They were very dark green buds. They were covered in crystal but it was a bit hard to tell because they really blended in. It was very sparkly and when I opened it up there was lots of crystal inside and it was quite lighter on the inside […]

Cindy White Live Resin – WestCoast Releaf

This live resin was very white in appearance with off tones of yellow and gold. Found it fairly easy to work with came in four large chunks that would break very easily. Sounded like mini rocks when moving around in the container which was unlike any live resin ive had before. Smell is a strong […]

Herbivores Edibles Candy – West Coast Releaf

There was 6 gummies in this package each containing 25mg of THC for a total of 150mg. Gummies were made from distillate, the package did not specify it was delta 8 or delta 9 distillate. Gummies looked like any that you would pick up from a convince store, with only one arriving slightly damaged. Each […]

Cookies N Cream – West Coast Releaf

Cookies N Cream (AAA) from West Coast Releaf Visual: It had a nice frosty/dusty look to it. It was one big bud that looked like an elongated Christmas tree. The colours were light and medium green and even white with all the Trichomes. Fat sparkly crystals covered the inside of the buds when I opened them up. One of the buds had some dark purple leaves and some even cooler vibrant purples […]

Meat Breath- West Coast Releaf

As you opened the can, you were met with dense tapered nugs with an array of bright green to dark purple hues. The perfect trim and heavy coating of trichomes also made these buds appearance exceptionally appealing to the eyes. Upon closer inspection there was a balanced mix of clear, cloudy and amber trichome heads. […]

Cherry Pie Budder- West Coast Releaf

Vibrant nut brown colored which appeared fresh had a cold butter consistency that flaked or crumbled when agitated. The smell was slightly muted with floral and earthy notes being most prominent; followed by wafts of mild berry (possibly cherry) aromas. The budder melted well with only minimal residue left behind with smooth smoke and pleasant […]

Black Diamond Shatter- West Coast Releaf

The product came in one solid slab with amber to golden hues which had a semi-translucent consistency; with some areas of visible buttering. The product was fairly malleable/flexible which made collecting a dab simple. No apparent smell as I opened the envelope; found the shatter did not necessarily possess a taste; however, left a bitter […]

Banana OG- West Coast Releaf

The resin had a smooth exterior with a pale to bright yellow hue with a consistency that resembled fine wet sand.  Manipulating the product was easy as the product was tacky making collecting a fat dab simple. Aroma was very enticing as I picked up sweet and creamy scents followed by undertones of fruit. The […]

Watermelon Terp Sauce – West Coast Releaf

Opening the container it revealed a viscous honey texture. It was amber in color and had an artificial watermelon candy aroma. Medium stuff to work with. It was sweet and smooth with a slight harhness at the end. The high was relaxing without being to overpowering.

Lemon Meringue – West Coast Releaf

This flower arrived in medium-small nugs. It was a little dry with good density. Light green leaves covered in trichomes and orange hairs. Mostly an earthy smell with light citrus notes. This translated into a earthy taste with a slight harshness at the end. It had a salt pepper ash. An active high with relaxing […]

Black Diamond Shatter — West Coast Releaf

Very light amber colour, cloudy in the centre of the gram. Broke off a piece off the side to try, really wish I didn’t. Bad taste, goes from no smell/taste at all to an unpleasant burnt metallic taste. Do not recommend. Didn’t get much of a buzz, I took one small rip and carried on […]

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