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Death Star OG – Westcoastexpress x @liftedleavescanada

Death Star Og rated as Indica A cross of Sour Diesel X Sensi Star x OG Kush A beautiful sauce loaded with mini thca diamond made the sauce feel a bit sandy. Light ambered in color with a slightly runny texture but still tacky and rather thick with the thca grain making it easy to […]

Tom Ford Pink Kush Live Resin- West Coast Express

Product again arrived in a shoulderless glass jar with the product appearing with micro diamonds throughout giving it the appearance of wet sugar. The colours were light peach to amber depending on the lighting. Smells were prominent with pine and herbal notes with some mild sweet undertones. Melted well with only minor residue left behind […]

Biscotti Diamonds- West Coast Express

Concentrate arrived in a shoulder less jar with a light golden hued background with small to medium sized transparent diamonds. A thin sauce was also present on the product which was just enough to cover the diamonds and give it a wet look. The colour rendering on my camera likely made the product look a […]

Gelato Distillate Cartridge- West Coast Express

Light amber, thick yet transparent distillate arrived inside a plastic protective sleeve. Found the flavor to be sweet with a candy like flavor; with some artificial fruit flavors I’d most likely compare to grapes. Found the vapour to be relatively smooth a bit of a tickle in my nose and throat after the 4th or […]

Northern Lights Nose Dive Shatter- West Coast Express

Product arrived mainly as one slab with smaller individual pieces nearby. The product itself was mainly transparent with a roughened surface with light yellow hues. The consistency was moreso glassy but did become malleable easily from the heat of the fingertips. Easily rolled into a snake or ball to drop in the banger after a […]

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