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LA Kush Cake- WC Essentials

Long oval shaped buds which had some darker purples and greens which were covered in a thick coating of resin making the entire bud appear dusty white. You could say the bud was …caked. Trichomes possessed long and thin looking stalks with mainly milky and clear heads.  Thin and curled bright orange pistils helped to […]

Purple Sunset- WC Essentials

Small to medium sized, tightly trimmed, spade shaped nugs with a balanced amount of light purples and bright greens alongside rich orange pistils. The healthy layer of resin present made for a sugary appearance. Short stalks with a great balance of amber, cloudy and clear heads. Found the smell was delicious with some pungent rotten […]

Rockstar- WC Essentials

Dense stocky spade shaped nugs with bright green backgrounds, rusty orange pistils with a decent trim leaving behind some forest green sugarleaves. Buds were noticeable sticky likely due to the hefty amount of short stalked trichomes found protected by the pistils. The smells coming from the bag were pungent with waves of heavy skunk along […]

Gelato Mint- WC Essentials

A Cross between Its It (Gelato and Mint Chocolate Chip) x Cookies and Cream. Arrived as small olive shaped buds, which were somewhat dense with a near perfect cure being crisp/brittle on the exterior; yet with a sticky interior.  The buds had some dark purples and light greens; brigh tbut were nearly drowned out by […]

Gelato- WC Essentials

Tight medium sized oval shaped bud with a wickedly dark purple and black tinged background alongside some darker greens and thick fiery orange pistils. The nugs were nicely trimmed and sticky as you broke it down. The bud was slightly compressed but there was a solid amount of short complete trichomes on the interior, which […]

Hoe Down- WC Essentials

Bred by exotic Genetix’s which is a cross of Dosi and Tina.  Chunky spade shaped nugs which were extremely dense small round segments caked in a ludicrous amount of resin. They possessed both a tight trim and a perfect cure with a slightly crunchy exterior and soft and sticky interior. The macro shots of this […]

Gods Green Crack- WC Essentials

Crazy visuals that are a stark difference then the name implies; with dark purples and nearly black backgrounds with only glimpses of bright greens on the interior. The buds themselves were dense and beautifully cured oval shaped nugs with short rusty orange pistils and an outrageously thick mat of trichomes. Nearly a quarter of the […]

Jet Fuel- WC Essentials

Big ol’ buds with a patchwork of purples, an array of greens and light and bright winding orange pistils with a tight trim. The nugs were also dense AF and absolutely caked in short densely packed complete trichomes; giving the exterior an almost shiny appearance. The smells as you may have guessed scents were extremely […]

Mendo Breath- West Coast Essentials

Long slender extremely dense medium sized buds, with most of the buds covered by an array of light and dark purples. There were also some vivid forest greens and burnt orange pistils which created a brilliant combination of colours which had to fight to be seen through the thick coating of resin. Upon closer inspection […]

Essential Cherries- West Coast Essentials

Once again arriving in the same great packaging as the peach option. The cherries once again gave me all the nostalgia, since I was a fiend for candy as kid and cherry blasters were always one of my go to options. The product did arrive a bit sticker and stuck together then the peaches but […]

Mimosa- West Coast Essentials

Large chunky buds arrived slightly squished but were significantly dense with some minty and bright green backgrounds. There were also some darker purples near the tips of the buds which helped to provide a contrast to the thick layer of matted trichomes. I did find 2 immature seeds in one of the larger buds I […]

Essential Peaches- West Coast Essential

Great packaging with a thick heat sealed mylar, and a simple, clean and straightforward design. The peach candies looked pristine with a lightly sugared exterior and deliciously sweet-smelling peaches as you’d hope to expect. The candies appeared nearly identical to the 5 cent candies I ate growing up which made the whole experience more nostalgic. […]

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