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Congo Haze HTHCHPE Rind- _ForeverGreener (West Coast Collective x Poncho Farms)

This beautiful extract arrived in a shallow shoulderless jar with some of the cleanest looking visuals I’ve seen on a concentrate. Clear golden hues lit up the semi-translucent sauce that crawled up the edges of the jar. The sauce itself when looked at closely had an immeasurable number of microdiamonds with a few smaller diamonds […]

Dallas Bentley OG HTHCHPE – WestCoast Collective (WCC x FormulaBC x SpaceBros)

These chunky diamonds are lathered with a minimal amount of sauce which makes them very easy to handle and perfect for cold starts. Upon opening the jar I was immediately impressed with the beautiful light gold colour and a quick slap to the face of dank and piney gas with sweet and floral undertones. What […]

King’s Candy – WestCoast Collective (Bubba Kings)

While this flower isn’t extremely visually appealing, the nose and smoke more than make up for it. The nugs don’t have much of a trichome coat at all on the exterior but there’s tons of glistening well developed heads on the inside. The nose is super nice and refreshing with a very sweet, earthy, and […]

Black Dolato Full Melt Live Rosin (WCC x MeltSzn) – WestCoast Collective

This live rosin has an absolutely perfect texture for cold starts and joints. It isn’t too sticky and also doesn’t crumble apart super easily. The colour is also a very nice light bronze-gold. The aroma is a strong and pungent woodsy berry with a deep fresh creamy citrus spice mixed in. It’s such a pleasant […]

Poncho Pink Walker HTHCHPE (WCC x PonchoFarms) – WestCoast Collective

The second you remove the lid off this stuff you are instantly smacked with a ridiculously pungent sweet diesel odor. This strong and heavy nose is accented by some creamy citrus terps which truly make these diamonds a terp lovers dream. I’m a big fan of these chunky diamonds, but I do wish there was […]

Orange Death Cookies HTHCHPE (WCC x FormulaBC x BearShedFarms) – WestCoast Collective

These big chunky diamonds lathered in sauce are an amazing treat for anytime of the day. I love this texture for diamonds as the chunks allow for easy cold starts but there’s also a good amount of sauce so I can customize each dab to preference. The aroma has a predominant orange citrus tone along […]

Mendo Breath HTHCHPE (WCC x FormulaBC x BearShedFarms) – WestCoast Collective

Another banger from the WCC fam! These Mendo Breath diamonds absolutely reek of sugary sweet and herbal gas. There are also some vanilla candy terps mixed in which make for an absolutely delectable nose. There isn’t much loose sauce here, it’s mostly big chunky diamonds along with micro diamonds mixed into the minimal sauce that […]

Mystery Machine Cookies HTHCHPE (WCC x FormulaBC) – West Coast Collective

West Coast Collective’s High Purity Extracts (HPE) is their line of top notch diamonds which are ran very cold and go through a double stage dewaxing process. This results in an extremely terpy and clean burning final product. This strain gives off a very pungent sweet gas aroma with some slight vanilla, doughy, and herbal […]

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