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Wizard Punch – Weedposters

What an oddly beautiful looking flower. This strain is a hybrid cross between purple punch x blissful wizard, and is known to contain thc as high as 32%. Green, purple and violet leaves, long orange pistils and an insane amout of trichomes. The buds arrived mostly small in size. The nose is creamy cookiedough with […]

Space Fuel from Weedposters

Space Fuel- This flower came in a vac sealed mason jar with a boveda and a fun label on the top with the strain name.  This is a new strain to me and upon breaking the vac seal it hit me with an overwhelming smell of fuel and and undertones of sweet kush.  The bud […]

Pink Goo – Weedposters

Really exciting offering. The bud came in mason jars, contained inside of a branded box. Beautiful and unique packaging that is also functional. Came ready to put away in the stash. The nugs themselves were medium-large in size, absolutely dense and sticky. Dark purple hues throughout, almost black. Greatly contrasted by the bright orange pistils […]

Mendo Breath – Weed Posters – February 14th 2020

Breath in, breath out. We on that breath hunt. This time we are smoking some mendo breath from weed Posters. Some beautiful trichomes displays on this one. Tight nugs, they don’t fuck with smalls. Lots of gas in this pack. Mendo is little nugs that looks like cheese balls with beautiful amber trichomes and regal […]

Hawaii 5-0 – Weed Posters

Once I popped the jar I was smashed with beautiful tropical notes. Taste was a true delight, hints of sour tangerines were obvious. Flavour chasers – this one’s for you! Buzz is a strong and immediate cerebral rush, that settles nicely through the body with a wave of chill relaxation. A ‘o ia!

Weedposters – Citrus Skunk

As soon as I opened the jar I was blasted with a creamy citrus smell with a bit of gas at the end. Burns white, really good pick me up with a smooth body high

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