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Zkittles – Shades of Green

Labelled as crumble but not dry and more resembling wax then other crumbles i’ve had in the past. Very easy to work with to get the desired sized dab. Sweet tropical style terps with a mixture of citrus and berries once agitated. Clean melt with the flavor adding a bit of an herbally twist on […]

Golden Pineapple Sugar Wax- Bhang Bhang

Arrived in a silicone container with a glob of soft greasy dark amber to caramel coloured product. Sticky and tacky consistency that made it simple to collect a respectably sized dab. Smell was another pleasantly sweet aroma that reminded me of rich overripe fruit scents; possibly pineapple. The aromas of the wax carried through into […]

Black Mamba – Shades of Green

Dark amber in color, labelled as crumble the texture resembles somewhere in between budder and wax. It is slightly dry and crumbly but still retains a touch of moisture. Slightly difficult to get to adhere to a dab tool. Both sweet and spicy lavender floral terps with a small amount of a fruity berry flavoring […]

Purple Dream Crumble – Get Ganja Online

Perfect crumbly-clayish texture which is amazing to work with and very easy to load into both a pen and a banger/nail. The colour is a nice dark gold. The aroma is extremely impressive with a sweet, floral, and piney gas with some sour notes mixed in. Truly an outstanding nose for a budget dab. Unfortunately […]

MK Ultra Budder “Cookies” & Terp Sauce “Cream” – Bosstalgia

Another fun part about ordering from Bosstalgia is this ability to upgrade your “cookies” into a “cookies and cream” which is when terp sauce is added to the budder and is basically absorbed into it.   This was everything that I enjoyed about the “Cookies” itself but turned up an extra notch, and for the […]

Chemfire Budder “Cookies” – Bosstalgia

So a bit of a change of pace for me as I normally don’t bother with reviewing my dabs but with all this whole “stay inside” happening, one starts to venture.   The reason I decided on going the route of budder/wax was that in the past I had very much enjoyed that particular style […]

CG Extracts Purple Punch Budder – WTFCannabis

Very nice soft and sticky gelatin like texture which is perfect to work with and a brown-gold colour. The aroma is very sweet with doughy, piney, and gassy undertones. This translates into a fairly muted sweet flavour with some slight hints of gas on exhale. The burn is very clean and smooth with a pretty […]

CG Extracts Pineapple Express Crumble – WTFCannabis

This stuff has a very dry crumbly/waxy texture which isn’t the greatest to work with but is by no means a messy hassle. The aroma is a beautiful fruity citrus with some diesel undertones which translates into a nice but somewhat muted fruity flavour. The burn is extremely clean with a nice smooth smoke and […]

CG Extracts Alaskan Thunder Fuck Premium Budder – WTFCannabis

This stuff has a cold budder texture which makes it a little harder to get the perfect sized dab that you want but it’s still very easy to work with. The flavour on this one isn’t the best with a funky and slightly burnt flavour on exhale but weirdly there’s a pretty nice kushy and […]

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