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BBMAC1 Flower Rosin- The Silvah

This was a first for me and hopefully an experience I can have an opportunity to do again because it was just great to compare the smoking experience of the flower and rosin coming from the same source. Arrived as a single circular mound with a lightly caramel coloured exterior with striations of darker and […]

BBMAC1- The Silvah

Must start off with the scent on this one. As I was blown away with a pungent mixture of syrupy sweetness alongside a sharp sour citrus. This combination made for a balanced nose making it smell like the taste of some freshly squeezed lemonade with a mild kushy goodness on the tailend. Buds were also […]

9 Lbs Hammer- The Silvah

After seeing the BBMAC last round; I didn’t think it was possible for this 9lbs hammer to compete with the visuals. But honestly the bright greens and massive, sticklike buds on this strain made it a contender. Perfect trim, a ridiculous milky resin coverage, light greens and bright peach pistils made for a uniformly vivid […]

MKU Flower Rosin- The Silvah

Had a chance to try the flower rosin off the exact same flower I smoked 3 weeks earlier. It was crazy to see the difference in textures and consistency compared to the BBMAC 1 Flower Rosin as this one was runny, super wet and almost acted like a slightly thickened maple syrup. The more you […]

Bubble Hash- @thesilvah

I’ve never had an opportunity to try any decent hash; outside of the typical “mercedes or afghani” type hash. This was a different experience all together. As soon as I opened the container it arrived in I was met with sweetness and fruit aromas I can liken to berries.  The only smell I had been […]

MKU- @thesilvah

Buds were impressively dense buds that were carefully handled and obviously well trimmed. Dark green sugarleaves peeked out amongst the otherwise light and rich green backgrounds plastered white by the thick resin coverage. The rusty orange to peach coloured pistils also added to the already impressive visual appeal. The trichomes were untouched and easy to […]

Field Trip- @thesilvah

My favourite for visuals of the three I received, with the other two making for a difficult decision. Long fat spear-like nugs with varying degrees of light greens alongside veins of dark purples on a few of the buds; all behind a thick veil of matted trichomes. This makes for such a cool contrast in […]

BBMAC #3- @thesilvah

Chunky buds that were thickly coated with untouched trichomes that highlighted the level of care put into the handling of these buds. The trim on the buds was immaculate with not a single extra sugar leaf appearing out of place. The cure was also flawless with slightly crisp tips on each calyx with a nice […]

AK 47 – @thesilvah

Long slender buds, hand trimmed and frosted over in amber trichs. Minimal frosted sugar leaves and flailing pistils ranging from light to dark amber. Earthy citrus terps with a slight amount of diesel when busted up. White ash with the same earthy citrus terps and a very slight amount of diesel. Nice cerebral high that […]

Green Crack – @thesilvah

Very neatly hand trimmed buds, frosted over in a combination of white and amber trichs, minimal select sugar leaves and flailing medium amber pistils. The terps are like a tangy/sour citrus that intensifies when busted up. White ash with the sour/tanginess leaving and the flavor shifting to a smooth melon taste. Intense cerebral high that […]

MK – @thesilvah

Hand trimmed, neat buds with a small amount of foxtailing, coated over in amber and white trichs. Long blend of both light and dark amber pistils and only selected coated sugar leaves. Earthy citrus with a small amount of a floral smell also hiding in the shadows. White ash with a strong earthy citrus flavor […]

Wedding Cake – Silvah

Hand trimmed buds with a living soil structure, mixture of both amber and clear full trichs. Little to no sugar leaves and a mixture of light and dark amber pistils flailing about. Sweet desserty terps with a bit of nuttiness once busted up. Pure white ash with the same nutty desertty flavor on exhale that […]

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