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Mimosa HCFSE – TheDopeDispensary

This phenotype of mimosa is quite unique and one ive not had elsewhere in terms of the flavours. You have a blend of a herbs, spices and a nuttiness that is quite similar to nutmeg with a sweet berry finish. The flavors will catch you off guard if you are looking for that citrus fruity […]

Zombie Kush – TheDopeDispensary

Zombie Kush is a hybrid blend of amnesia, bubba kush and lavander kush. In the OZ i received about half what a lot of people would consider hand manicure premium tops where the other half of the bag was small, popcorn larfy buds. Most of the buds had hues of dark purple with green undertones, […]

Mimosa Shatter – Thedopedispensary

This shatter was very stable, with a beautiful amber tone and quite clear. I didn’t find it hard to work with at all, easily snapped into dab size pieces. The melt is very clean not leaving much residue on the banger, extremely smooth with the flavour translating perfectly regardless the size dab you have. The […]

Grandpa’s Breath HCFSE Cartridge – The Dope Dispensary

This may be the best cartridge I have tried so far. There’s an amazing sweet and skunky flavor with an earthy/piney undertone that keeps you coming back. The high is hard hitting, starting with some mental stimulation and creativity which then transforms into a heavy body load. It has a dark gold colour with no […]

Ghost Train Haze Shatter – The Dope Dispensary

I honestly never thought shatter could be so tasty. There’s an almost indescribable flavour which is reminiscent of a minty candy. There’s a strong pungent sweet and piney/minty aroma with fruity, sour, and musky/earthy undertones. This terpene profile translates absolutely perfectly into an even stronger flavor which is mostly sweet/fruity and minty. Honestly it’s probably […]

Lemon Panna Cotta FSE Cart – TheDopeDispensary

Lemon Panna Cotta FSE Cart – TheDopeDispensary What a treat this cart was for myself. It may not be the most potent cart i have had but it contends for one of my favorites for flavor. I found the cart clogged very badly resulting in FSE oozing out of the tip, which has been a […]

Blueberry Lambsbread HCFSE Cartridge – The Dope Dispensary

No sugaring at all on this 100% full spectrum extract cartridge with a great blueberry hash flavor and a smooth smoke. It hits as an initial pungent and fruity flavour with earthy/spicy undertones which reminds me of a dank blueberry muffin with a very slight spicy accent. The high is uplifting and feels like a […]

Lemon Panna Cotta HCFSE Cartridge – The Dope Dispensary

This 100% full spectrum cartridge has a nice consistency which did not sugar up but there is a slight clogging issue that appeared near the end of the cart’s life. This was easily fixed with an extra hard pull to open up the airways. The flavour on this is pretty amazing and unique with a […]

Grapefruit Zkittlez Diamonds – The Dope Dispensary

These are not for beginners, super potent high with an intense blissful/cerebral effect paired with some heavy relaxation. Taking huge hoots with this stuff is dangerous unless you have the time to do nothing for a while 😂 The smoke is super clean and tasty, with a legitimate sweet grapefruit taste on exhale which is […]

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