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Dawgfather Og by Quadzilla

Really nice looking herb at first sight!! Sticky,tight,rock solid,moist dark and lime green with purple bleeding all throughout buds with long dark orange hairs all over and covered in crystals and huge furry trichomes that gleaming in the light. Smell is subtle but once agitated/busted im getting and strong sweet gas with some nuttiness in […]

Blue Dream

Tight,slightly sticky, spongy,chunky lime green buds coated in crystal and caked in fuzzy shiny little diamond like trichomes. Smell is very nice and unique! Pungent nose tingling earthy sour with some lemon citrus and floral notes. Taste is so unique!(this is what I love about Tfcannabis) Very spicy earthy/super sour with some creamy berries that […]

PG Dutch Treat

Tight,slightly sticky, spongy colorful buds mostly lime green but im also seeing more shades of greens,purples and coppers, coated in crystals and huge furry trichomes that glisten in the light..Smell is super interesting and unique!! pungent earthy sour with a floral citrus(this is a hard 1) Taste is unique and very similar to smell strong […]

Afghani Bullrider * Tegridy Farms * April

Strain – Afghani Bullrider Visual/Texture – as if the name alone doesn’t strike enough intrigue, this was a strain I was looking to get into my possession as soon as I heard the name. Crisp shelled exterior, giving up some sponginess, hiding it’s true potential within the buds, with cracking each nug open, your fingers […]

Sundae Driver * Tegridy Farms * April

Strain – Sundae Driver (Fruity Pebbles x Grape Pie) Texture/Visual – a honey golden shine on this shatter with a smooth finish, and fairly brittle. Already broken up into a variation of different sized shards making these easy to snap and size-up your own dabs or to crumble into joint Smoke – much like its […]

Presidential Pink * Tegridy Farms * April

Strain – Presidential Pink Visual/Texture – a big mass of a bud, tightly compact dense structure with little give on the squeeze. Featuring a trio of color shading throughout the entire formation, made up of both lime and a rich emerald green, along with  vibrant purple hues. Thin pistils light orangish brown threaded all over […]

Dawgfather OG – TF Cannabis

Dawgfather OG (AAAA+) from TF Cannabis 60% Indica  / 40% Sativa Cross: Chemdawg D x Sin City Kush Visual: I guess the theme this round was dank because this one followed along. It also had the dark forest greens with lots of the tight compact crystal and lots of brown hairs. The buds were very dense. Nose: The […]

God’s Green Crack

Slighly sticky,tight,spongy mostly lime geen(some dark) with purple bleeding through in spots buds, coated in crystals and caked in trichomes when broken open, smell is subtle but nice! Sweet,citrus with some earthy diesel in the background.Taste is nice! Im getting creamy vanilla with some earthy kushy sourness that takes over,interesting/unique! Burn was resinous and slow,slightly […]

Dark Matter * Tegridy Farms * April

Strain – Dark Matter (Cherry Thunderfuck x Rusty Haze) Visual/Texture – the first thing that grabs your attention is the colors coming off of this eye catching purple bud. Crisp textured exterior, giving off a slight sponginess when squeezed. Undertones of dark forest green that are being cloaked over by the intense purple shading that […]

Blue Razz Space Balls – TF Cannabis

Blue Razz Space Balls from TF Cannabis Visual/Nose/Taste: These edibles have intrigued me since I first saw them and I have been wanting to try them. I really enjoyed the Blue raspberry flavour, it was like candy bliss! The texture and consistency was like a cross of bubble gum and a caramel. The Cannabis taste was […]

Sundae Driver Shatter – TF Cannabis

Sundae Driver Shatter Completely Balanced Hybrid Visual/Nose/Taste: The colour was a tiny bit darker than the Island Super Skunk but it was still a light amber colour. The consistency looked like boiled sugar that just started to caramelize and then cooled right away. The nose was faint, but it had a hint of fruity sweetness. The […]

Electric Blue Lemonade

Slightly sticky,tight,spongy lime with hints of dark green bud with patches of short orange/red almost pink hairs covered in crystals but coated once broken open! Smell is next level!!!🥳 Ultra sour at first but once busted/agitated sweet creamy citrus fills the air. Taste is so nice(I love sour and fruity herbs)(unique flavors) pure earthy sour […]

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