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Death Fuel V2 * Tegridy Farms * October

Strain – Death Fuel V2 (Death Star OG x Jet Fuel) Vistual/Texture – alongated conical shaped bud of medium and smaller sizes, wearing a fine mossy green shading, with dark forest sugar leaves hugging the structure, and popping off some sharp violet hues. Crisp, yet sticky nugs with semi decent sponginess, and a fresh resin […]

Mint Chocolate Chip * Tegridy Farms * October

Strain – Mint Chocolate Chip (SinMint Cookies x Green Ribbon BX) Visual/Texture – oval shaped, airy bud with a crispiness to the texture, with sugar leafs intact. Mainly the coloring appearing to be a bright minty green underneath, with the majority being overthrown by the vibrant violet, and rich purple hues taking on the overall […]

Obama Runtz

Sticky,tight,rock solid,crispy and well manicured very colorful buds im seeing dark hues of purple,green,golden copper with some lime green bleeding throughout, completely caked in crystals and small diamond like trichomes the shine as soon as light hits the buds, Smell is subtle but once agitated im getting sweet fruity with some earthy gas. Taste is […]

Pink Bio Diesel

Sticky,tight,moist lime green buds with hints of dark green and copper when broken open, with small patches of orange hairs and a nice coating of crystals but gleaming diamond like trichomes once broken open! Smell is nice! Sweet pungent lemon gas that translates into a really strong grape flavor. Taste is interesting and great! Spicy […]

Island Runtz

  Really nice looking herb at first sight!!! Sticky,rock solid,light,crispy well cured and manicured lime green with hints of dark green and copper from within. Covered in thick patches of long curly dark orange hairs and caked in crystals and huge visible gleaming trichomes.Smell is very nice and welcoming! Sweet creamy pungent vanilla/banana grapes with […]


Sticky,moist,spongy,well manicured bud,evenly distributed dark forest green and dark purple with some copper and lime green bleeding up throughout. Covered in dark orange hairs with decent crystal coverage on outside but once broken open you see some caking up taken place within and gleaming trichomes.Smell is really nice! Pungent gassy lemon citrus with some sweet […]

Maui Wowie * Tegridy Farms * October

Strain – Maui Wowie Visual/Texture – compact with a good density on the nugs, once snapping into the pepper shaped buds, revealing the sticky, greasy inner lining. Colored up in emerald green with olive undertones, being lit up by fire orange pistils extending throughout the formation. Caked up by a healthy amount of crystal ice […]

Gorilla Glue #4 * Tegridy Farms * October

Strain – Gorilla Glue #4 (Chocolate Diesel x Sour Dub x Chem Sister) Visual/Texture – smaller and medium sized spear shaped, densely compact together, spongy textured with minimal give when squeezed, and with an exterior having a crisp shell. Mossy green coloring overtaking the vast majority of the shading, and dark forest undertones seeping through […]

Pink Bio Diesel – TF Cannabis

Pink Bio Diesel from TF Cannabis 60% Indica Dominant Hybrid Cross: Pink Kush x Bio Diesel Nose: The nose was very pungent and heavy. It had a pleasant, sweet and sour flavour along with a little bit of spiciness. I also got some pine and a tiny bit of gas. Stickiness/Moisture: The moisture level was good, and it […]

UK Cheese * Tegridy Farms * September

Strain – UK Cheese Visual/Texture – the structure of the pepper shaped bud is a shared density of fresh, and sponge feeling texture. Bold darker forest green, and an olive shading cast over the nug, with emerald undertones, and bright violet spots peeking through in moderation. Thick orange pistils decently threaded through the mass, and […]

Quad Pink * Tegridy Farms * August

Strain – Quad Pink (Quad Dog x Pink Kush) Vistual/Texture – compact together with a good density allowing very little give when squeezed, crisp shelled exterior on this spade shaped bud, a sticky interior once cracking the meaty nug open. Mostly made up by a mossy shading, with minty green undertones, and dark purple hues […]

Master Tuna * Tegridy Farms * August

Strain – Master Tuna (Master Kush x Tuna Kush) Vistual/Texture – smaller sized bud, fairly rounded with an equal fluffiness to sponge like texture, giving up a fair amount of squeeze, and slightly crisp exterior. Lighter mossy green colored, having undertones of darker forest shading, some remaining sugar leaf presence. Short, deep colored copper pistils […]

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