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Black Tuna * Tfcannabis * September

Strain – Black Tuna (Lambs Bread x Herojuana) Smell – surprisingly quite the sweet aroma on this strain, I was expecting a blast of the tuna but it was rather subtle with some earthy hints Smoke – this stuff smokes a little harsh, ash that is salt & pepper with a greasy oil ring following, […]

Double Death OG * Tfcannabis * September

Strain – Double Death OG (SFV OG x Big Bud Afgoo) Mom – Tegridy Farms Smell – the smell is quite reminiscent of a sweet death bubba, sour smelling, with hints of sweet lemon existing amongst all the gas  coming off these buds Smoke – fairly smooth smoking stuff surprisingly, I was expecting it to […]

Divorce Cake * Tfcannabis * September

Strain – Divorce Cake (White Widow x Wedding Cake) Mom – Tegridy Farms Smell – sweet smelling nose, with subtle hints of vanilla mixed with a floral perfumy scent almost like a pink kush smell Smoke – burned nice and consistent for an entire session, light grey ash paired with a slight oil ring. More […]

Greasy Cali Bubba * Tfcannabis * September

Strain – Greasy Cali Bubba Mom – Tegridy Farms Smell – sweet Bubba kush immediately hits the nose combo’d with the skunky smell of dankness this makes for a really nice smelling strain that you have troubles pulling your head away from the bag Smoke – very smooth smoking strain,  earthy on the inhale and […]

El Jefe * Tfcannabis * September

Strain – El Jefe (Rare Darkness #1 × Abusive OG) Smell – it sports a deep danky earthy smell and almost hash smelling at the same time. Smells quite potent especially as soon as it is busted out of its mylar Smoke – the first thing I noticed when puffing on this stuff is an […]

Orange Creamsicle * Tfcannabis *

Strain – Orange Creamsicle (Orange Crush x Juicy Fruit) Mom – Tegridy Farms Smell – sweet orange hits your nose instantly with a hint of vanilla mixed in. Excellent smelling stuff that has that skunky citrus scent. Once busted up it almost smells similar to an orange tic-tac Smoke – smooth and great tasting smoke, […]

LA Cakes – Tegridy Farms Cannabis

LA Cakes from Tegridy Farms Cannabis Visual: It was a very nice-looking bud! It was very frosty and fuzzy looking, typical to a cake strain. It was a bit on the dark side with some nice spots purple colours. There were also some light greens and the structure was very cool. It was very dense, but […]

Astroworld Pink Kush – Tegridy Farms Cannabis

Astroworld Pink Kush from Tegridy Farms Cannabis Visual: The buds were very greasy and dank looking. They had lots of dark purple/black leaves stuck onto the frosty bud. There was good sized crystal for a pink strain and it made it look very sugary. It was extremely dense and the moisture level was great. Nose: It was […]

Exodus Cheese – Tegridy Farms Cannabis (TFCannabis)

Exodus Cheese from Tegridy Farms Cannabis Visual: There was lots of crystal coverage on the buds making them very frosty looking. There were lots of different colours, some light greens, some dark greens, and some purples too. The buds were very dense and compact. Nose: I got a sweet earthiness and a bit of pine and when […]

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