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Pink Firefox * Tegridy Farms * December

Strain – Pink Firefox (Pink Fox x Fire OG) Smell – this strain wears a very pungent floral nose, heavy on the pink aroma, quite pleasant smelling. Great floral with skunky, piney, and citrus notes Smoke – very smooth smoke, with a super clean burn, nice white smoke & light salt and pepper ash, and […]

Papaya OG * Tegridy Farms * December

Strain – Papaya OG (Papaya x OG Kush) Smell – this is the first time trying this strain and I was slightly surprised by the aroma, not the loudest terpenes. It has more of a herbal piney smell with subtle notes of sweet fruitiness and earthy hints Smoke – I found while smoking on this […]

Pink Firefox – TF Cannabis

Neatly trimmed, firm dense buds, frosted over with full amber trichs, minimal sugar leaves and turned in brown pistils. Herbal/gas terps easily identifiable as soon as the bag is opened, with a slight bit of sweetness when busted up. White ash with the same sweet gassy flavor on exhale. Heavy euphoric high with glazed over […]

Mother’s Milk – TF Cannabis

Light amber in color with a malleable pull and snap consistency, stable at room temp and and balls up easily under slight finger heat and pressure. Rich and sweet earthy terps that closely resemble powdered milk that would be prepared for an infant. Clean melt with the same rich sweet flavor that stays around for […]

Atomic Northern Lights – Tf Cannabis

Pale amber in color, firm but very malleable under slight finger heat/pressure, pull and snap with very minimal heat. Subtle but noticeable sweet pine terps out of the jar. Clean melt with a more enhanced sweet earthy/pine flavoring on exhale that lasts for quite a while. Uplifting energetic high while retaining focus on the task […]

Rockstar Tuna * Tegridy Farms * December

Strain – Rockstar Tuna (Rockstar x Tuna Kush) Smell – the tuna terpenes being quite prominent in this blended combination. Notes of the skunky kush hit the nostrils. The smell very reminiscent of the old school Tuna kush when it first appeared on the streets¬† packed up in the vintage can Smoke – the transition […]

Purple Bubba * Tegridy Farms * December

Strain – Purple Bubba (Bubba Kush x Purple Kush) Smell – this is becoming one of those overall I found the smell on this strain to be quite pleasant with a skunky earthy nose off the bubba paired up with subtle grape hints Smoke – the flavor profile on the strain was an earthy dank […]

Columbian Gold – TF Cannabis

Golden amber in color with a glassy appearance, pull and snap, malleable under very slight finger heat/pressure, easy to work with to get the desired sized dab. Sweet lemony floral terps out of the jar, easily identifiable. Clean melt with the same sweet lemon flavoring on exhale. Energetic and focused high with a clear mind […]

White Elephant – TF Cannabis

Golden amber in color, solid, but pull and snap consistency, malleable under very little finger heat/pressure but retains a solid shape otherwise. Easy to work with. Sweet floral terps out of the jar with little to no agitation. Clean melt with the same sweet floral flavor with a very small amount of spiciness. Lethargic and […]

French Toast – Tfcannabis

Very light amber in color, pull and snap consistency once broken down in to smaller pieces. Malleable under slight finger pressure/heat, easy to work with. Minimal smell coming off of the raw product itself but there is a noticeable sweetness to it. Clean melt with the flavor at first being rich and sweet with a […]

Black Diamond Widow * Tegridy Farms * December

Strain – Black Diamond Widow Smell – the lineage I am assuming to be black diamond x white widow, the terpenes this sports is almost identical to the black diamond strain. You can really smell the sweet blackberry terpenes as soon as you bust this stuff open. Quite pungent, it’s a unique smell that consists […]

Bluefin Tuna * Tegridy Farms * December

Strain – Bluefin Tuna (Tuna Kush x Blueberry) Smell – immediately busting open the bag, the whole room is greeted by the dank pungent scent of some skunky ass tuna. The tuna scent is paired up with the some piney diesel notes. The terpenes emitting off this strain are truly loud Smoke – the profile […]

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