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Guava Cake – WTF Cannabis

Darker amber in color with a blend of roughly 80/20 diamonds to sauce, with THCA crystals ranging from small to large. Easy to work, diamonds break easily under pressure to get the desired dab. Earthy berry terps with a slight amount of a tropical smell when agitated. Clean melt with a more evenly balanced tropical/earthy […]

Watermelon Terp Sauce – West Coast Releaf

Opening the container it revealed a viscous honey texture. It was amber in color and had an artificial watermelon candy aroma. Medium stuff to work with. It was sweet and smooth with a slight harhness at the end. The high was relaxing without being to overpowering.

White Shark OG Caviar – West Coast Releaf

Ambered thca crystals closely resembling sugared shatter that i’ve had in the past. Very easy to work with. Berry/floral terps when you open the jar. Clean melt however the flavoring takes a little while to kick in. Nice uplifting and energetic high, nice daily if you have a lot to do and need to get […]

White Shark OG caviar — West Coast Releaf

Upon opening the jar, your nose is greeted with a nice familiar gassy kush smell, with some earthy-woody notes to follow. In the jar sits a nice pile of soft, crumbly light brown concentrate, which really resembles fish eggs. Has the consistency of brown sugar, and falls apart real easy. A delicate, steady hand is […]

Trainwreck Diamonds/Sauce – WTF Cannabis

A few larger diamonds mixed together with smaller THCA crystals in a very fine light amber sauce. Not the strongest terpenes but there is a bit of lemon coming through to smell. Clean melt with but not the strongest flavoring at first that settles in to a peppered lemon flavor as time goes on. Energetic […]

Tom Ford Sauce – Greensociety

Labelled as sauce but more resembling HCFSE from my experience, lighter colored clusters of tiny crystals that does resemble crctek but not in an entirely off-putting way like some examples I have seen in the past. Creamy gassy terpenes that are familiar to Tom Ford Pink flower. Clean melt with the same velvety pink flavoring […]

MK Ultra Budder “Cookies” & Terp Sauce “Cream” – Bosstalgia

Another fun part about ordering from Bosstalgia is this ability to upgrade your “cookies” into a “cookies and cream” which is when terp sauce is added to the budder and is basically absorbed into it.   This was everything that I enjoyed about the “Cookies” itself but turned up an extra notch, and for the […]

Papaya Live Resin Terp Sauce – Nektr

My first time with a syringe as a delivery method, through the syringe there’s is amber terp sauce with visible crashing where any air bubbles occur. Very easy to work with, easy to put back in the syringe. Very clean burn, puddling very nicely leaving behind no residue. The terpenes are true to the flower, […]

Fruity Pebbles OG Sauce by Sauce House

The Fruity Pebbles OG Sauce by Sauce House is so appealing that I regularly open the jar just to breathe in its heavenly fruity aroma. This most tempting delicacy oozes flavors of ripe banana, pineapple, and citrus with hints of sweet pine-like freshness. The texture is soft, wet & gooey with a creamy appearance. I […]

Purple Space Cookies Terp Sauce – BcMediChronic

While this stuff looks pretty saucy at first, it really has more of a wet-sand type texture which makes it very easy to work with. It also has a strong piney/sweet aroma with spicy overtones that translate decently well into the smoke with a prominent sweet/spicy flavour. The burn is clean with a bit of […]

Watermelon Sauce- West Coast Releaf

Listed on their site as 75% Indica crumble and 25% distillate. The sauce itself appears deep caramel to golden hues depending on the depth of the liquid. Primarily clear liquid with very small amounts of granulation visible when the sauce was spread very thinly along the side of the jar. I found it¬†difficult to work […]

Pink Panties Flower Rosin Jam – Nature’s Fire

Dark amber, thin rosin jam, very sticky, but still easy to get the desired dab size without much difficulty. Sweet floral terpenes to smell with a very small bit of gas coming at the end. Clean burn with the the flavor shifting to a more traditional pink but with more sweetness. Nice calming, relaxing high […]

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