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Lemonsickle * Big Sloth * September

Strain – Lemonsickle Smell – some powerful nose on this stuff, super dank lemon smell that definitely takes over with slight earthy pine scent Smoke – the terpenes translate perfect to smoke, that nice lemon taste is potent and smooth on the inhale with lemon and pine more on the exhale. Clean consistent burn, white […]

Platinum Punch * Big Sloth * September

Strain – Platinum Punch (Platinum OG x Purple Punch) Smell – very unique nicely mixed up nose on this strain, hints of creamy cookie dough with a fruity hitting scent at the same time. First time smelling a mash up that hasn’t involved a salad Smoke – smooth smoking, white ash immediately tagging up with […]

Gmint(Dropship) – Sloth’s Supplies

Larger chonker buds, frosted over nicely with ambering trichs, hand trimmed with a very small amount of frosted sugar leaves and light orange pistils. Minty citrus terps with predominant lime smell. Salt and pepper burn with the same minty lime flavoring when you exhale. Nicely balanced hybrid that gives you a nice cerebral high providing […]

Wedding Cake(Enigma) – Sloth’s Supplies

Dense nugs, hand manicured leaves and caked in trichomes. This wedding cake has chunky buds and releases a pungent aroma of sweet blueberry cake with a creamy gas finish. This translates beautifully over to the smoke with a white ash burn. Potent indica dom high with tasty terps makes this a wedding you don’t want […]

Humble Pie(Sacred Garden) – Sloth’s Supplies

It’s just like grandma’s cookin’. Prepare to be greeted ever so elegantly by this beautiful lady. Tight, small green nugs that look like little balls of yarn because of the tight trichome production. Prepare to be amazed by the soft, mesmerizing bag appeal on this baked good. The initial nose is a nutty, sweet and […]

Donkey Butter – Sloth’s Supplies

This Donkey Butter is absolutely gorgeous with dark purples and bright orange pistils like so many trichomes it looks like a snowstorm happened around the nug. Opening the bag you get a smell of butter. Once busted up the butter smell becomes more prominent fairly unique on the nose. On the exhale you get a […]

Humble Pie – Sloth’s Supplies (Sacred)

Wow this stuff is absolutely gorgeous, a vibrant green with light purple showing throughout. Along with sugary coating of trichomes. Healthy pistil coverage as well with a tight bud structure. Opening the bag it smells like sweetener and sugar, just a very sweet smell. It’s very nice on the nose. Slightly muted terps but still […]

Animal Mintz 3.0 (Sacred) – Sloth‘s Supplies

This Animal Mintz 3.0 grown by sacred garden is incredible. The nugs are medium sized that are light green with purple showing throughout under a thick layer of trichomes. The nugs are very dense. Upon opening the jar this bud smells of creamy grapes with pepper overtones, on the exhale you get a peppery cream. […]

Sherb Breath (Sacred) – Sloth’s Supplies

This sherb breath batch consists of beautiful green and purple nugs with a sugar layer of trichomes. Small size nugs but each one being dense and coated. This stuff when popping the jar is like a mix of seasoning spices for steak, it’s incredible to get this taste on the exhale. It’s quite savoury to […]

Ice Cream Cake x Kush Mints #11 from Grease Godz – Sloth’s Supplies

Slightly sweet dough and cream hit your nose first with a herbal mint undertone that bites your nose. These rock shaped buds are dense and are bright green with purple accents and abundant medium-long trichome stalks creating a slightly fuzzy look. Smoked in a joint it tickles the throat a bit and doesn’t have a […]

Somango – Sloth’s Supplies

The bud is medium density with the lower part of the cola’s being a bit more loose. It’s lime green colors are vibrant and the flower is a bit sticky with full trichome heads visible to the naked eye. The smell has sweet, tropical, and herbal notes with a little funk as well. It smokes […]

11 Week Pink Tuna – Sloth’s Supplies

Medium large, moderately dense, and odd shaped buds with this one, it’s a bit sticky and well trimmed. The tuna hits the nose first when opening the jar followed by gas, pine, and slight earth smells. Smoking it reminds me more of a classic pink with the sweet gassy taste but with the tuna coming […]

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