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Blackberry Rhino Shatter * The Green Depot * July

Strain – Blackberry Rhino Shatter Texture/Visual – initially shaped identical to a trapezoid, wrapped in a sheet of parchment paper tucked inside of a mylar bag. Unlike most shatter that come fairly muted, quite the opposite with terpene emissions pleasantly reeking from this slab. Tinted a golden, orange, almost bronze hued, solidly formed, and conveniently […]

Banana Kush Shatter * Alpha Extracts * June

Strain – Banana Kush Shatter Texture/Visual – looking absolutely stunning, in its bright golden form. Coming in a plastic lockable case to keep its beautiful formation intact. Easily manipulated into a desired shape or size for your own personal selection. Softened texture, pliable, and a heavy stickiness to it Smoke – a slight scent coming […]

Pink Kush Shatter * Alpha Extracts * June

Strain – Pink Kush Shatter Texture/Visual – absolutely stunning golden transparent, like a gold tinted window. Easy to bust off, and reform for dabbing that perfect size or to easily form a snake out of. Probably some of the most eye appealing shatter I’ve had the pleasure of coming across Smoke – taking a dab […]

Rockstar * The Green Depot * June

Strain – Rockstar Shatter Texture/Visual – sporting an orange tinge to the smooth, evenly formed chunk of shatter. Hardened shelled texture, which can easily be cleanly snapped off. Coming in a structure that can be re-formed to pick your size of choice or re-shape for your own convenient smoking choice Smoke – initially sporting a […]

Golden Lemon * The Green Depot * June

Strain – Golden Lemon Shatter Texture/Visual – a fairly thick chunk, golden hue with a slight tinge of orange. Shaped like a jolly rancher, and able to snap portions from cleanly. Strong emissions of lemon citrus being displayed from this stuff in its shatter form. With the capability of being reformed and added to a […]

Death Bubba Shatter – One Two Treez

Death Bubba Shatter from One Two Treez Visual: The colour was a yellow/orange with some bubbling and a nice look to it. Nose/Taste: Not much on the nose but the flavour was very gassy and skunky. Potency/Effects: This shatter was very punchy and it built up fast to a great potency level for me. I got a great […]

King Louis XIII * The Bulk Guys * June

Strain – King Louis XIII Shatter Texture/Visual – this fancy sealed shatter conveniently came in parchment paper, inside a plastic case, all placed in a mylar. Still in its original form, not all shattered in pieces, but ready to be dismantled at your own convenience. Easily snapped off, and soft enough to re-shape for a […]

Big Bazooka * Tegridy Farms * May

Strain – Big Bazooka  (Big Bud x Jack Herer) Texture/Visual – sharing the name of a potential porn star, Big Bazooka has a deep golden brown translucent tint. Hardened shelled texture that was fairly easy to work with, and snap off proportionately. Initally coming in so sticky, assistance was required to coax it out of […]

Armageddon * Tegridy Farms * May

Strain – Armageddon Texture/Visual – this is some seriously sticky shatter, to initially take a look a better look I had to pry this resin gold from the mini glass jar that it was contained in. The coloring coming off as a honey golden transparency. Quite flexible after a little warmth making it very pliable […]

Northern Lights Shatter- The Dope Dispensary

Glasslike structure without any obvious areas of nucleation or buddering of the product. Also found even on close inspection the product did not appear to have any contaminants or plant matter to speak of. Feel on the product was hard and glasslike, which made it easy to snap off an appropriately sized dab. No significant […]

Alien OG * Greens and Goods * May

Strain – Alien OG (Tahoe OG x Alien Kush) Texture/Visual – this is some if the cleanest looking shatter that I’ve experienced, a smooth texture surface, casting a golden honey, transparent coloring. Decent thickness, easily snapped off to selected amount. No problem to break off slivers to dab, or to warm/mold with your fingers for […]

Sundae Driver * Tegridy Farms * April

Strain – Sundae Driver (Fruity Pebbles x Grape Pie) Texture/Visual – a honey golden shine on this shatter with a smooth finish, and fairly brittle. Already broken up into a variation of different sized shards making these easy to snap and size-up your own dabs or to crumble into joint Smoke – much like its […]

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