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Green Crush Shatter-Highgardenmarijuana

Nice looking product at first sight! Slightly sticky and golden with a pull and snap consistency🥳 so easy to work with. Smell is sweet and sour im getting berries with some musky earthyness. Great tasting product! Pure sour flavor fills your lungs and leaves a sweet candy flavor on the palate long after smoking.Burn was […]

Mother’s Milk – TF Cannabis

Light amber in color with a malleable pull and snap consistency, stable at room temp and and balls up easily under slight finger heat and pressure. Rich and sweet earthy terps that closely resemble powdered milk that would be prepared for an infant. Clean melt with the same rich sweet flavor that stays around for […]

Atomic Northern Lights – Tf Cannabis

Pale amber in color, firm but very malleable under slight finger heat/pressure, pull and snap with very minimal heat. Subtle but noticeable sweet pine terps out of the jar. Clean melt with a more enhanced sweet earthy/pine flavoring on exhale that lasts for quite a while. Uplifting energetic high while retaining focus on the task […]

Columbian Gold – TF Cannabis

Golden amber in color with a glassy appearance, pull and snap, malleable under very slight finger heat/pressure, easy to work with to get the desired sized dab. Sweet lemony floral terps out of the jar, easily identifiable. Clean melt with the same sweet lemon flavoring on exhale. Energetic and focused high with a clear mind […]

White Elephant – TF Cannabis

Golden amber in color, solid, but pull and snap consistency, malleable under very little finger heat/pressure but retains a solid shape otherwise. Easy to work with. Sweet floral terps out of the jar with little to no agitation. Clean melt with the same sweet floral flavor with a very small amount of spiciness. Lethargic and […]

French Toast – Tfcannabis

Very light amber in color, pull and snap consistency once broken down in to smaller pieces. Malleable under slight finger pressure/heat, easy to work with. Minimal smell coming off of the raw product itself but there is a noticeable sweetness to it. Clean melt with the flavor at first being rich and sweet with a […]

Blue City Diesel – TF Cannabis

Golden amber in color, firm but sticky, pull and snap consistency, easily balling up under a small amount of finger heat. Slightly difficult to break apart with out sending flying across the room but can be avoided with care. Subtle sweet gas terps out of the jar. Smooth melt with a stronger sweet flavor and […]

Northern Lights Nose Dive Shatter- West Coast Express

Product arrived mainly as one slab with smaller individual pieces nearby. The product itself was mainly transparent with a roughened surface with light yellow hues. The consistency was moreso glassy but did become malleable easily from the heat of the fingertips. Easily rolled into a snake or ball to drop in the banger after a […]

Island Pink Shatter Dispensarynearmenow

Appearance 👀 The appearance was a nice thick piece that had a beautiful golden color with a glass like texture. Like shatter is supposed to be. No sugar crystals at all which is super nice, super easy to handle and break. Smell 👃🏼 I hate to say this but the smell was non existence 😕 […]

AK-47 Keif-Bulkbuddy

AK-47 Keif (Colombian x Thai x Mexican x Afghan) Keif came in looking so similar to moon rooks some were hard some soft but great looking product at first site!!!, Golden in color with red hairs some flecks of green and purple plant material throughout it not perfect looking but excellent for price and what […]

Berry White Shatter-Dispensarynearmenow

Im very new to concentrates, but growing and getting super high! Color of shatter is Yellow and translucent, Texture is very hard dry and very easy to work with , came in many shards/pieces i could handle for long periods of time without getting sticky.Smell is pretty non existent. Taste is gassy with some sweetness. […]

Critical Mass – Dispensary Near Me Now

Shatter is usually never my go-to for concentrates, however this shatter was pretty good. The shatter broke apart very easily and could be molded into a ball only after a few seconds of holding it. There wasn’t a big taste on the shatter, a bit sweet but that’s about it. I used my Sai atomizer […]

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