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Peach Puree- Gold Dreams

One complete slab of clean, nearly transparent product that was highlighted by golden hues. No apparent smell upon opening the sleeve outside of some mild earthy citrus notes as you came in for a closer whiff. Solid slab which was malleable with slow movements snapping with any quick jerk. Smoke was easy on the lungs […]

Bubba Kush Shatter- Coast Terra BC (XL Extracts)

Product arrived in a thin sleeve as one solid slab that was untouched. The product itself was slightly malleable but would nap easily with any quickly applied force. Pale yellow and amber backgrounds with a slightly opaque exterior and clear interior, which was visible as you broke off a piece to smoke. There were some […]

White Widow Haze – Shades of Green

Pull and snap, amber shatter, stable at room temperature but gets very malleable under finger heat. No discernable scent from the raw product itself. Clean melt with a sweet citrusy lavender flavor coming through when you exhale. Quick onset uplifting euphoric high putting a nice glaze over your eyes and giving you a nice positive […]

In House Blend – Green Society

Pull and snap, light amber in color, clear shatter with a few bubbles throughout. Very malleable, balls up easily with finger warmth. No discernible smell from the raw shatter itself. Clean melt and you are met with a kaleidoscope of different flavors when you exhale, with the most prominent being an earthy citrus flavor but […]

King Louis XIII – Green Supreme

Amber in color, pull and snap, very stable at room temp but still malleable under finger heat. There is a subtle citrus smell off of the shatter itself but you really have to get close to it. Clean melt with a strong citrus flavor with a blend of herbal and a very slight amount of […]

Grape Ape – WTF Cannabis

Very soft and malleable, pull and snap at room temp but will require refrigeration to maintain consistency. Peppered grape terps easily identifiable when you open the package. Clean melt with the same peppered grape flavoring when you exhale. Akin to the source material the high is extremely similar, heavy euphoric high with droppy eyes and […]

Moby Dick(CG) – WTF Cannabis

Pull and snap at room temperature, the shatter is starting to sugar which it noticeable from cloudiness in the pictures.(It didn’t come with the dirt on it that was me). Amber in color easy to work with but should still be kept in a fridge when not in use. Sweet floral vanilla terps with a […]

Motaro Blue – Pink Llama

Bright golden amber, pull and snap, very malleable, able to almost make a ribbon at room temperature but still very easily balled up between my thumb and index finger. Strong sweet, floral berry terpenes from the raw product itself and you can see a bit of the terps leaked out on to the parchment in […]

Fire OG – WTF Cannabis

Glass like consistency left out at room temperature, does not ball up under finger heat, instead breaks and cracks. No discernible smell from the shatter itself. Clean melt with no residue but a little harsh tickling the back of my throat, which takes away from the the subtle sweet flavor that you get when you […]

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