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Pink Shatter – @6ixotics_ @pinkp3tro @3astrep

Pink Shatter  6xotics Golden and see thru, really sticky and greasy to the touch. Pretty hard to handle at room temp it just stretch super well but give it a good snap amd its easy to break pieces. The smell out of the pack was light but present a bit piney light danky side pretty […]

Tahoe OG Shatter – @bigbossrsvp @bigbossfarmers

Tahoe OG Shatter Dr Sauce Boss. Came in a super slick grimmy graphic pack again really digging the look of those. The shatter itself was a glassy super light ambered in color. Its easy to handle on bigger piece the texture is glass like brittle and easy to snap. Stable at room temp and super […]

Gelato Shatter – @crystalClouds9official

Gelato Shatter CC9 It had a see through light amber / honey colored. Superrrr greasy easy to pull and snap it was  stretchy and sticky. Easy to handle and take a desired size dab. Smelled a bit faint light pine and citrus mostly. Transfers to the smooth smoke, leaves a amber residue easy to clean […]

God’s Green Gelato Crack * Tegridy Farms * March

Strain – God’s Green Gelato Crack Smoke – having descended from two fairly staple strains make this an excellent smoke. The taste received is majority of a citrus zest, and some sweet subtle berry terpenes that do plant themselves on your palate . For shatter the inhale/exhale are fairly smooth for the most part with […]

Slurricane Shatter-Pacificcanny

Golden amber with a pull and snap consistency at room temperature making it so easy to work with using your fingers and not messy. Smell is very subtle but im getting some pine but mostly fruity diesel. Taste is very citrus and sweet/sugar that sits on the palate and keeps you guessing. High is excellent […]

Sour Tangie Budder-Pacificcanny

Great looking product at first sight . Dark amber with a wet sandy look but but waxy texture, this live resin is so easy to work with🥳.Really nice smelling, i get some orange and sour lemon. Taste is excellent! If you melted a lemon and orange drop together and added some gas flavor that’s what […]

Tropicali Shatter – Flawless Flowers / Gold Dreams – February 2021

This shatter came in a sleek black mylar bag wrapped in a piece of parchment paper. Has an awesome looking golden amber color. It’s super clean looking with no contaminants. Has a sweet citrus aroma with a hint of muskyness. Tasted of sweet citrus and was pretty smooth. Had a snap and pull consistency and […]

Death Bubba Shatter – Greens & Goods – February 2021

This shatter has a mouth watering appearance of swiss cheese but a perfect yellow gold color. This shatter has a consistency like glass almost. It snaps right off and is not gooey. Super clean looking with no contaminants at all.   Has a nice mild aroma of dank gassyness. Tasted like how it smelled dank […]

Nuken Shatter – Greens & Goods

Nuken Shatter From Greens & Goods Indica Dominant Nuken Strain Cross: Shishkaberry x God Bud Visual: It was very cool looking shatter! It had a freshly made look to it. It was very shiny with a beautiful amber colour and a bubbly visual texture to it. Nose/Taste: The nose was a bit light with just a bit of […]

Pineapple Express Shatter-Tfcannabis

Nice looking product at first sight! Golden yellow with a pull and snap consistency at room temperature making it easy to work with. Smell is subtle when opening jar but once rolled around in my fingers I get some floral and citrus notes. Taste is really nice! In your face citrus lemons that sits on […]

GSC Shatter – WtfCannabis

Girl Scout Cookie Shatter rated as Hybrid Housebrand A cross of OG Kush x Durban Poison Golden yellow and see thru with a supper snappy texture gets nice and sticky when heated with the fingers and give it that easy snap and pull consistency. Nice purged look with the emmental cheese look ahah. Look nice […]

Candyland Shatter – @thelittletrosincompany

Candyland rated as Sativa Grand daddy Purple x Bay Area Plat Cookie A clean see thru gold little slab with greasy hues a nice pull and snap consistency at room temp, unless near cold for a while where it became glassy it was really stable. The smell was really surprising for shatter with the sweet […]

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