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Alokai Hawaiian – Shades of Green

Amber in color with a fluffy consistency. Easily breaks down with minimal pressure and whips up, easy to get the desired sized portion. Tropical citrus/berry terps that are noticeable right away but get more enhanced when agitated. Clean melt with the same tropical flavoring when you exhale. Quick head in the clouds euphoric high that […]

Zkittles – Shades of Green

Labelled as crumble but not dry and more resembling wax then other crumbles i’ve had in the past. Very easy to work with to get the desired sized dab. Sweet tropical style terps with a mixture of citrus and berries once agitated. Clean melt with the flavor adding a bit of an herbally twist on […]

Candy Store – Shades of Green

Micro THC-A crystals with an approximate blend of about 70-30 diamonds to sauce ratio. Easy to work with not dry but not quite wet either, happy medium. Sweet berry terps with a bit of a citrus herbal as well when agitated. Clean melt with a more herbally citrus/berry flavor with a slight bit of a […]

Sunset Sherbert – Shades Of Green

Masses of micro thc-a crystals clumped together with a very minimal amount of sauce for a mostly sand like texture. Sweet citrus terps but with a slight bit of a woodsy berry as well once agitated. Clean melt with the flavor shifting to a more berry/woodsy flavor with a subtle bit of citrus as time […]

Bubba Kush – Shades of Green

Slightly loose on the trim, dense buds with a dusting of amber trichs. Shades of green and purple throughout the buds with a mix of light and dark brown pistils. Sweet earthy herbal terps at first but there’s a definitive peppering or spiciness that comes out when busted up. White ash with the flavor at […]

Critical Kush – Shades of Green

Neatly trimmed buds, frosted over in amber trichs, slight foxtailing in a couple of buds with a small amount of sugar leaves and a combination of light and dark orange pistils. Herbal pine with a very small amount of sweetness tucked in, however slightly muted until busted up. Grey ash with a bit of peppering […]

Widow Jack – Shades of Green

Neatly trimmed, dense buds. Glazed over in a mixture of amber and lighter colored trichs. Small amount of mixed green and purple sugar leaves and vivid orange pistils. Spicy floral terps but blended with a small amount of lemon. White ash with a more prominent lemon/herbal flavor at first and the spiciness coming in as […]

Blue Lights – Shades of Green

Neatly trimmed, dense buds, frosted with amber trichs with dark brown pistils. Shadings of purple blended throughout with a small amount of sugar leaves. Sweet earthy terps with a hint of an almost candied berry as well. Mostly white ash with a small amount of peppering. The high is mostly cerebral hitting above the ears […]

Ketama Gold Afgan – Shades of Green

Darker in color from the outside, however, once broken open you see blonde flakes throughout the the hash. There was a few fibers on the hash however as you can see in my second picture. Traditional hash terps but mixed with a slight bit of earthy mint. Smoked alone broken up in a bong it […]

Blackberry Kush Kief – Shades of Green

Finely ground mixture of plant material and trichomes blended together, nice moisture level with a minimal amount of stem material. Subtle but noticeable sweet berry terps when slightly agitated. Smoked on it’s own in a bong it burned white and smooth with no harshness while still retaining the sweet berry flavoring. A calming, spacey type […]

Big Buddah Live Resin – Shades Of Green

Big Buddha Live Resin from Shades Of Green Visual: It looked like crystallized honey and the colour was like a light honey. Nose: The nose was a sweet citrus and also piney and fruity. Taste: I got a lot of the pine and a bit of the sweet fruitiness. Potency/Effects: It hit me pretty big in my face making […]

Pineapple Punch Budder – Shades Of Green

Pineapple Punch Budder from Shades Of Green Visual: It was a bit dryer and darker looking than the Alokai Hawaiian Budder. It had almost like a green tinge to the brown sugar colour of it. Nose: The nose was sweet and tropical and fruity with a hint of pine. Taste: It was mainly a piney taste with some […]

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