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Cherry Cake – MMJ Express

Cherry Cake (AAAA) from MMJ Express 80% Sativa / 20% Indica Cross: Norcal Goo x Cherry Thunderfuck Visual: It looked very light and cakey with its light greens and bright greens. Everything was surrounded by lots of   frosty white crystal and there were tiny little patches of light brown hairs. The buds were small – medium sized […]

AJ Sour D – @chemical_valley_cannabis2

AJ Sour Diesel Sativa Dom A cross of Sour Diesel x unknown pheno Classic Sour Diesel look on those caked nuggets. Bright green with darker shades on the sugar leafs. An insane ammount of healty heads on the outside looked like its been meticulously handled. This one smells amazing really pungent and funky just like […]

Blue Monkey – AC Medical—strain-review-106145 Blue Monkey from AC Medical Visual: It was a good-looking bud! There was lots of frosty crystal all over and throughout. It was a light green with lots of patches of orange hairs. It had a nice structure and it was a bit loose in some places and dense in other places. Nose: The nose was […]

Cereal Milk – WTF Cannabis – April 2021

These small delectable little nugs are caked right out in trichomes and have a beautiful heavy purpling. The purple is even more heavy throughout when cracking a bud open. Near busted itself being so fluffy and once busted up it’s mainly purple, with only a slight bit of green. Trimmed okay, with some leaf remaining. […]

Maui Wowie – AC Medical

Maui Wowie from AC Medical Visual: It had a nice cone shaped structure with lots of frosty crystal and wispy light brown hairs all over it. It was mainly a lime green, but it was lightened up by all the light crystal. Nose: The nose was tropical and fruity and kushy. It was a bit more pungent […]


Tight,moist,spongy slightly sticky dark but mostly light lime green bud, completely covered in orange hairs and coated in crystals and trichomes(bud looks mini geode like when broken open!) Smell is really nice! Subtle at first but once grinded i’m getting pungent sweet candy like gas⛽! Taste is interesting and nice! I’m getting savory earthy(musky) sour […]

Forum Cut Cookies – @tdotgas_backup

Forum Cut Cookies rated as AAAA Hybrid A cross of: OG Kush x F1 Durban Medium to smaller sized buds greasy and sticky to the touch. Deep purple almost turning black with the dark sugar leafs hard to spot any kind of green under the heavy trichome blanket. Packed with heads litteraly everywhere. You can […]

Pineapple Express – Buy Weed Packs – Late March 2021

Pineapple Express sourced by buyweedpacks(dot)com   Appeal: Just absolutely caked right out with trichomes. This flower has a milky brighter green appearance with a few bits of purple.   Denesity/Size: Having a semi dense structure, with a nice spongeyness. The buds were of a small to medium size.   Smell: Has a funky tropical citrusy […]

Red Congo – Buy Weed Packs – March 2021

These stunning buds have a nice caking of trichomes. Having an appearance of a pale green, with and brunt fire orange hairs. The trim is decent, with only a bit of excess leaf and the cure is decent. Has a semi denseity to the small to large size buds. The aroma admiting is of a […]

Orange Crush – Buy Weed Packs – March 2021

Orange Crush has a loud citrus orange aroma. This flower has a nice caking of trichomes and has a lighter green coloring with a slight bit of purple to these small to medium size nugs. The density is of a semi denseness, with a nice spongeyness. Trimmed very well, my fingers were left crystally upon […]

Strawberry Shortcake – Cammp – March 2021

Upon cracking the jar I smelt a strong fruity creamy muskyness, with hints of spicyness being cinnamon like. These crystal laden purple buds are semi dense and mainly small sized, with a few medium sized nugs. Trimmed decently, with only a bit of leaf and is cured just alright.   Upon smoking I recieved a […]

Wedding Crasher – Hornet’s Buds

Wedding Crasher from Hornet’s Buds Cross: Wedding Cake x Purple Punch 70% Sativa Dominant Hybrid Cultivator: Enigma Extracts Visual: This Wedding Crasher was super frosty. It had some light greens and some dark greens and blacks but it was lightened up quite a bit by all the crystal. It has some patches of brown hairs all over and […]

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