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G-WIZ – Order Weed Online

G-WIZ From Order Weed Online Visual: I liked the look of this G-Wiz. It had a darkness to it that came from the dark forest green leaves and it had contrasting orange/brown hairs all over. There was lots of beautiful sparkly crystal and the buds were very dense. Nose: The nose was mainly a sweet pine with […]

Orange Push Pop * Beevoke * January

Strain – Orange Push Pop (Orange Orange x Blueberry) Smell – I was really excited to try this strain out, just the name alone has good nostalgia behind it right away. Not surprising once unleashing this stuff from the vac sealed bag inside the mylar that the orange terpenes being contained just shot up in […]

Jet Fuel – The High Club – January 2021

This beautiful heavily caked out and gleaming with trichomes flower is called Jet Fuel. Has a color that is of a milky darker green color with a bit of purple. The buds were of a pretty well rock hard density. Cured and trimmed awesomely, pretty well perfect as well. These beautiful flowers have a pungnent […]

Peanut Butter Breath – AC Medical Shop – January 2021

These gorgeous buds are heavily caked out in trichomes giving it a stunning milky purple green appearance. These buds are like artwork, almost making me not want to smoke them. Hand trimmed expectionally and cured to absolute perfection. The buds were of a medium to large size while being near rock hard in density. The […]

Maui Waui – MMJexpress

Maui waui rated as AAA Sativa A cross of Hawaiian x Unknown strain. Big schunky nugs with a dense elongated and really tight structure. Fresh bud with a good humidity level didnt felt snappy or wet just perfect. It had a nice mixe of light and dark green with long orange hairs getting thicker and  […]

Pineapple Express – AC Medical Shop – January 2021

This gorgeously caked flower has a light green milky color. Upon cracking the jar I was smacked with a sweet pungnent fruity lime aroma. The trim is perfect being hand trimmed with not a leaf in sight. Cured to perfection as well, nearly rolls itself in a joint it busts up so expectional. These lovely […]

Tangerine – The High Club – January 2021

This dense meaty weed just caked in trichomes is called Tangerine. It’s seemingly hand trimmed and is cured to absolute perfection. The aroma is of a pungnent sweet fruity citrusy cheese. Upon smoking I tasted a citrusy tropicalness which was quite pleasant. Burned exceptionally well having a light grey ash. Boasted a bit of grease […]

Tropical Breath –

Tropical Breath rated as AAA sativa A cross of Motorbreath15 x Tropicana Cookies Bright green all over with some hints of dark  green on the sugar leafs. Decently fresh. With a nice coating of trichomes on the outside a lot of milk too even more on the inside milky and frosty. Smelled really piney and […]

Pura Breath – AC Medical Shop – January 2021

This beautiful flower is hand trimmed to perfection and busts up quite nicely seeming to be cured properly. Has a heavy coating of trichomes making it appear a milky light green with purple hues. The aroma is of a very unique loud succulent sour creamyness, it’s hard to explain. When smoked I received a dank […]

Blue Dream –

Blue dream rated as Sativa AAA A cross of Blueberry x Haze The buds where looking nice and frosty. With an elongated shape and a dense/tight structure. Fuzzy with trichomes on the outside but most of them had been ruffed up a bit. Better on the inside with stacks of shiny heads. A bit of […]

Cookie Stomper (Smalls) – Mailbox Marijuana – January 2021

These super caked out buds are quite beautifully purple hued while being a milky white light green color. The density of these beautfiul little nugs is of a semi dense to dense boasting a nice spongeyness. Cured and trimmed pretty well to perfection. The aroma is of a dank gassy sweet doughyness, it makes my […]

Ghost Train Haze – MMJexpress

Ghost Train Haze rated as Sativa AAA Bred Rare Dankness, a cross of Ghost OG and Neville’s Wreck. Small nugs with a dense and tight structure, deep and bright purple coating all over couple of bright lime greens leaf giving it a nice contrast. It was litteraly glued inside the vac bag with the the […]

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