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King Tut * Poke Bud * July

Strain – King Tut Vistual/Texture – the entire quarter is made up of three medium sized, round shaped buds. Decently dense, compact with little give when squeezed. These tightly woven nugs have a stickier interior, really fluffed up once busted up. Moss green shading hidden underneath the structures that are heavily covered by an abundant […]

Pink Unicorn * Order Weed Online * July

Strain – Pink Unicorn (Purple Unicorn x Blood Rose) Vistual/Texture – sticky buds all smaller in stature, that all were stuck as a balled cluster. Resin cladded on both exterior, and interior once busted open. Spade shaped with a spongy texture, shared shading of a medium emerald, and a darker mossy green coloring, with rich […]

Mimosa – @mrvert420

Mimosa Small to medium in size. Dense and tight structure with a light green base and orange pistils. Its super coated with a nice ammount of shinny milky heads. Crazy packed inside. It wasnt fresh sticky a bit snappy not dusty. Taste  nice no orange again but still smooth little earthy side burn with a […]

McFlurry – The High Club – June 2021

Coming in large meaty buds, with a unique beautiful foxtailing happening. Having a heavy plastering of shimmering trichomes makes the buds appear very white, with a darker green forest color and heavy hues of purple all over. The buds are fairly dense with a nice bit of spongeyness, not being rock hard. Has a strong […]

Ice Cream – The High Club – June 2021

Ice Cream is iced right out in a rich milky thick blanket of trichomes. The buds were big an chunky with hints of purple throughout. Trimmed and cured on point being absolutely perfect. Had a wonderful of candy ice cream aroma with notes of gas.   Upon smoking I was smacked with a sweet gassy […]

Super Silver Haze * The Green Depot * June

Strain – Super Silver Haze (Skunk x Northern Lights x Haze) Visual/Texture – bright minty shaded buds, having emerald green hues, with a solid amount of thicker orange pistils populating the structure, and dusted with a fine layer or milky white trichomes. Smaller sized spade shaped nug, decent sponginess when squeezed, nice and fresh both […]

Blue Lights – – June 2021

This gorgeously caked out and purpled out bud is called Blue Lights. It’s parents are Northen Lights and Blueberry. Trimmed near perfect and cured to absolute perfection. The buds are pretty firm, with a nice bit of spongeyness. Buds were on the medium to large size. Has a sweet dank blueberry aroma almost candy like. […]

Honey Badger Haze – Clean Green VIP

Honey Badger Haze from Clean Green VIP 70% Sativa Dominant Hybrid Cross: Cinderella 99 x White Widow x Ms. Universe #10 Visual: The colour was a very light army green with tons of sparkly crystal all over. I could really see the heads on the tips of the trichomes and it had a chunky shape to it […]

Girl Scout Cookies – – May 2021

Appeal: Having a fantastic coating of trichomes with a nice green to the buds. There is beautiful purple throughout the well rounded nugs. Density: Having a firm near rock hard density, with very little spongeyness to them. Smell: Aroma is of a sweet cookie and notes of earth. Trim/Cure: Cured on point not being to […]

God’s Green Crack – – May 2021

This gorgeous large chunky bud is caked and gleaming in trichomes. Has colors of forest green with beautiful heavy purple throughout. This batch of God’s Green Crack is very dense with just a slight spongeyness. Trimmed magnificently and cured to perfection. The aroma is of sweet berry with a grape smell, with hints of spice […]

Pineapple Super Silver Haze * Tegridy Farms * May

Strain – Pineapple Super Silver Haze (Pineapple Express x Super Silver Haze) Visual/Texture – a shared green shading between olive, and bright lime. Shorter thin light brownish orange pistils shooting off the structure, and glistening in a finely dusted layer of crystal ice trichomes. Medium sized nug, some sponginess, semi dense, with a fresh sticky […]

Casey Jones * Tegridy Farms * May

Strain – Casey Jones (Oriental Express x East Coast Sour Diesel) Visual/Texture – the name itself of the childhood bad ass that would help the Turtles take care of the clan, putting nostalgia on full blast. Shared texture of an even spongy to crispy, and having a sticky fresh to the touch inside once exposed. […]

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