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Maui Wowie * Tegridy Farms * October

Strain – Maui Wowie Visual/Texture – compact with a good density on the nugs, once snapping into the pepper shaped buds, revealing the sticky, greasy inner lining. Colored up in emerald green with olive undertones, being lit up by fire orange pistils extending throughout the formation. Caked up by a healthy amount of crystal ice […]

Purple Haze * Tegridy Farms * August

Strain – Purple Haze (Purple Thai x Haze) Vistual/Texture – medium sized nug, light sponginess, with a mild crisp feeling texture. Pepper shaped, and lined with a light resinous interior. This head turning bud has a deep rich vibrant purple coloring, with signs of mint green showing in some portions. Light orange pistils evenly distributed […]

Blueberry Dream * Sevens Cannabis * August

Strain – Blueberry Dream (Blueberry x Haze) Vistual/Texture – the entire eighth was made up of one mass unit of a nug. This big round boulder like structure, having a crisp walled exterior, allowing some give when squeezing its sponge like texture. Completely covered by a shade ofolive green with minty colored undertones, and highlights […]

Super Lemon Meringue * Kushstation * August

Strain – Super Lemon Meringue Visual/Texture – a cluster of fresh, sticky, airy, fluffiness, stuck together as a beautiful clump, before separating into the smaller to medium bud composition. Lighter lime green spread through most of the nugs, with dark forest colored sugar leaves, lengthy light brownish, orange pistils unfurling throughout the structures, and a […]

Incredible Hulk – Crystal Cloud 9—cannabis-strain-review-112908 Incredible Hulk from Crystal Cloud 9 Sativa Cross: Green Crack x Jack Herer Nose: The nose had lots of herbal spice, some pine, and a hint of citrus. It was very pungent. When I opened it up I got a sweet fruitiness. Stickiness/Moisture: The moisture level was great, and it was not sticky. Taste: It had a bit […]

Lemon OG Haze * Kushstation * August

Strain – Lemon OG Haze (Lemon OG x Haze) Visual/Texture – shaded mostly by a mossy  coloring with undertones of dark forest green, and some hints of purple hues peeking through. Varrying in size with some smaller nugs, but mostly made up of one medium sized beauty. Fluffy, airy buds having a sticky exterior, with […]

Ak 47 – Farm to Jar

Ak 47 rated as Sativa Big to medium sized nugs flashing light greens with bright orange pistils and thickly frosted sugar leafs. Well handled and just insanely frosted just like everything this round.  Felt nice and well cured sticky with a nice snap to them. It smelled like a red fruit punch with a lot […]

Exodus Cheese – Farm To Jar

Exodus Cheese rated as Sativa Big size buds airy but hard to the touch. Again just shining with a dense layer of juicy heads all over the outside light green all over with darker touch on the sugar leafs. The smell is funky sharp and cheesy, sour. All transfers well to the taste a bit […]

Mimosa * Bud Cargo * July

Strain – Mimosa (Purple Punch x Clementine) Visual/Texture – medium sized spade shaped nugs, sponge like texture giving up some decent squeeze, while remaining sticky in resin, and fresh greasiness hidden within. A shading of lighter lime green, and lighter emerald hues, featuring some vibrant purple accents. Bright fire orange pistils ascending throughout the entire […]

King Tut * Poke Bud * July

Strain – King Tut Vistual/Texture – the entire quarter is made up of three medium sized, round shaped buds. Decently dense, compact with little give when squeezed. These tightly woven nugs have a stickier interior, really fluffed up once busted up. Moss green shading hidden underneath the structures that are heavily covered by an abundant […]

Pink Unicorn * Order Weed Online * July

Strain – Pink Unicorn (Purple Unicorn x Blood Rose) Vistual/Texture – sticky buds all smaller in stature, that all were stuck as a balled cluster. Resin cladded on both exterior, and interior once busted open. Spade shaped with a spongy texture, shared shading of a medium emerald, and a darker mossy green coloring, with rich […]

Mimosa – @mrvert420

Mimosa Small to medium in size. Dense and tight structure with a light green base and orange pistils. Its super coated with a nice ammount of shinny milky heads. Crazy packed inside. It wasnt fresh sticky a bit snappy not dusty. Taste  nice no orange again but still smooth little earthy side burn with a […]

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