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Slurricane IX #7- Rootbase

Dense medium sized tapered nugs with a nice moisture level, providing a nice squish with a crackly exterior. Loved the look of this one with a crazy contrast between the dark purple to near black backgrounds with the crazily opaque white frosty resin coverage. Breaking it down made for an overly dark flower that looked […]

Blue Dream Kush- Rootbase

A bit different then the usual “Blue Dream” which I initially assumed this was. “Blue Dream Kush” is a cross of Toasted OG x Blueberry French Toast bred by Blue Dream King and arrived as smaller well trimmed popcorn type buds. Slightly drier than most of the slurricane phenos with a bit more of a […]

Slurricane IX #9- Rootbase

The bud structure on this one appeared more segmented and loose with smaller popcorn sized buds making up the jar. Buds were a touch on the dry side but a day with a humidity pack remedied this, Light and dark greens with long whispy light peach pistils dominated the visuals. As was consistent with the […]

Slurricane IX #8- Rootbase

Visually this one was a standout. Heavily caked and matted resin appearance made the entire bud look soft and plush with an untouched coating of trichomes. The colours below were an array of rich to deep purples and greens, alongside some burnt orange pistils. The buds themselves were chunky and had a pillowy soft look […]

Slurricane IX #5- Rootbase

Found this one was a contender for the frostiest of the bunch, landing shortly behind #8.  The tightly packed small to medium sized buds appeared moreso whitewashed then any other colour. There were some light greens and dusty purples that were apparent, but you had to peek through the frosty coating. A close look revealed […]

Slurricane IX #4- Rootbase

Stocky or chunky medium sized buds with a fluffy appearance that was relatively dense compared to its visuals. The buds were mainly had a minty green appearance with some darker purples on the tips plus a small amount of rich green sugarleaves and light peach pistils. The trichome coverage was once again thick and impressively […]

Slurricane IX #3- Rootbase

Conical shaped medium sized nugs with some dark and light purples along with some lighter green hues. The exterior of the buds was really sugared and obviously well handled with visible milky trichomes all over the outside. There were also some nice light peach pistils that fit well with the overly light frosty appearance. The […]

Slurricane IX #2- Rootbase

This one appeared to have a more fluffy or less dense structure with a great array of colours on the small and medium sized buds. This one was a bit on the dry side on arrival but easily bounced back after a couple hours with a humidity pack.  The rich greens, deep purples and the […]

Peach Crescendo #8- Rootbase

This one had some great bag appeal with longer tapered dense nugs possessing deep green backgrounds and darker black sugar leaves. The trichomes were so densely packed in some areas it appeared to give the buds a greasy appearance. Wild fiery reddish orange pistils were a welcome contrast to the duskier background colours.  The buds […]

Peach Crescendo #7- Rootbase

Long olive shaped buds with a few foxtails atop some light and dark green backgrounds. Likely the most impressive looking of the bunch for me being perfectly trimmed and possessing long complete trichomes that stood at attention on every nook and cranny of this bud. I can comfortably say with some of the buds the […]

Terple #1 (V2)-Rootbase

I’ve got to start this review off by saying the previous pheno hunt I was involved in for this strain; was likely one of the most enjoyable smoking experiences I had this year. Being able to try all the subtle nuances of the Terple strain was a joy as each one had its own unique […]

Peach Crescendo #5- Rootbase

Buds were slightly larger and much more compact and chunkier in comparison to the other phenotypes; yet again, carefully handled. Bright greens dominated the backgrounds with the odd forest green patches; plus, thin pale orange pistils. With the obvious thick coating of resin, the buds overall appeared light and whitewashed. A closer look revealed mainly […]

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