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Terple #6 – Rootbase

The last in the lineup pheno #6 arrived in deep purple/green accents featuring slim oval buds accompanied by long orange hairs. Immaculately handtrimmed these buds were cured to perfection. They had the perfect density with gorgeous trichomes compiled of white, cloudy, amber heads. Pheno #6 relates closely to pheno #1 with sweet&sour tangie/berry terps and […]

Terple #5 – Rootbase

This pheno was completely purple in comparison to the others. It’s been beautifully hand trimmed and reveals a gorgeous bud structure with pulp buds, thick trichome coverage and aggressive orange hairs. A healthy mix of clear, cloudy and amber trichome heads can be seen. This pheno exutes sweet/sour overrype fruit terpenes with tangie/citrus undertones finishing […]

Terple #4 – Rootbase

Pheno #4 features a slender bud structure with a slightly fluffier exterior. Vibrant purple leaves with a mix of green hues coated in sticky/resinous trichomes. Long orange pistils wrap themselves fiercely around the bud. Nicely trimmed exposing some extra sugar leaf. Terple #4 expresses a sweet/sour berry profile and tangie/citrus backend. A nice blend from […]

Terple #3 – Rootbase

Pheno #3 arrived in small sharp shaped nugs. It’s leaves were curled exposing gorgeous purples, minimal green hues and wild flaring pistils. Each bud perfectly hand trimmed and glazed in a copius amount of cloudy/amber thricome heads. These buds were more dense while retaining their fluffy/crisp exterior. This pheno expresses sour/berry terps with a earthy/nutty […]

Terple #6- Rootbase

The last of the phenotype presented perfectly trimmed moderately dense oval shaped buds, with layers of densely packed trichomes creating an amber and faded green background. Again, the amount of resin coverage on yet another phenotype is staggering. As you looked more closely the sugar leaves were a deep violet on the fringe of appearing […]

Terple #5- Rootbase

This phenotype was the one I was most excited for initially at the time of the unboxing. Deep dark purple backgrounds without any noticeable green.  The only other colours present were the fat fluorescent orange pistils and the thick coating of trichomes provided a white sugared texture. The trichomes were unique (only one I’ve seen […]

Terple #4- Rootbase

This one immediately caught my eye as the frostiest of the bunch. With the dark green and purple backgrounds fighting to reveal themselves through the almost excessive coating of resin. The intense contrast of the clear, cloudy and abundant amber trichomes appeared to create streams atop the murky backgrounds. The buds were dense olive shaped […]

Terple #3- Rootbase

Light green buds provide a ideal backdrop for perfectly placed deep purple to black sugar leaves. The twisted and curled appearance of the leaves appeared combed towards the tips of the buds giving it a wild appearance as if they were crawling to the tip of the bud. The buds themselves were a collection of […]

Terple #1 – Rootbase

Such a stunning flower that’s impressive from all aspects. It’s been immaculately hand trimmed flaunting it’s gorgeous green & purple leaves shielded by healthy trichomes. A perfect bud structure featuring a semi-dense core and slight fluffy exterior with striking orange hairs. Simply touching these resinous leaves will leave your fingers coated in trichomes. Pheno 1 […]

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