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Kimbo Kush – Prairie Extracts

These nugs are ridiculously caked with long trichome stalks and mostly milky heads all throughout. In certain spots the trichomes literally cover the flower to the point where you can’t see any green. The aroma is a sweet berry with a mix of citrus fruits and a strong dank earth in the background that really […]

Blue Dream – Prairie Extracts

While this is a strain that we’ve all had many times growing up, it’s my first time enjoying a craft representation of it. Bright green nugs full of sparkling trichome heads made a fantastic initial impression on me. While the trichome coat isn’t as dense as some new age strains, it’s still packed with well […]

Mac-Mosa – Prairie Extracts

This flower is absolutely stunning. It looks like it’s been dipped in snow. The colours are also gorgeous with deep vibrant purples and light greens hidden behind the insane coat of trichomes. The nose is sweet and creamy, reminding me of peach yogurt with a bit of an herbal and citrus undertone. There’s also an […]

Slurricane #4 – Prairie Extracts

Gorgeous bright green nugs with some dark purple hues and rich orange pistils. The bugs are perfectly manicured and very caked. While it seems that many of the heads on the exterior have been damaged due to handling, the interior is absolutely coated with glistening trichome heads. The heads are mostly milky with a touch […]

Peach Crescendo – Prairie Extracts

This flower is honestly a knock out of the park in all categories. The nugs have a perfect bud structure, they’re dense and sticky but still grind up properly. The colours are also very nice with a mix of dark and light green and even some deep purples on the insides. There’s a stunning coat […]

Skies Over Paris Live Resin – Prairie Extracts

This stuff smacks you in the face with a dank and sweet aroma which translates perfectly into an extremely smooth smoke. It tastes like a sweet and creamy tea mixed with gassy skunk. The high is potent and relaxing, great for late night relaxation. This is some of the best live resin I’ve had the […]

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