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Mocha Mintz – theforevergreener

Mocha Mintz rated as Indica Not too sure of the cross ? Mocha/lope  x Kush Mintz Small to medium size buds. Insanely dense with deep purple emerging on the tips. A bit of headless stalks on the exterior. Mostly long stalked shinny heads inside. Stems that snapped easily and a nice trim. It was suble […]

Congo Haze HTHCHPE Rind- _ForeverGreener (West Coast Collective x Poncho Farms)

This beautiful extract arrived in a shallow shoulderless jar with some of the cleanest looking visuals I’ve seen on a concentrate. Clear golden hues lit up the semi-translucent sauce that crawled up the edges of the jar. The sauce itself when looked at closely had an immeasurable number of microdiamonds with a few smaller diamonds […]

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