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Tropicana Cookies * Pink Llama * March

Strain – Tropicana Cookies by Enigma Extracts Smell – absolutely bursting in terpenes of flavorful proportions. Consisting of a citrus infused fruit platter the Tropicana Cookies emitting an explosion of zesty orange, sour lemon, with a blended hint of sweet floral herbs Smoke – equally as delicious on the nose, this strain translates to the […]

Kamikaze Pink * Pink Llama * March

Strain – Kamikaze Pink by Captains Pink Smell – intrigued by a strain with Kamikaze in its name, and crossed with the always favourable pink, this was one I needed to add to my smoke list. Scented with a skunky herbal aroma, while also sporting a coffee, floral oddly paired fragrance Smoke – the nose […]

Sour Patch Kids * Pink Llama * March

Brand – Tropical Sour Patch Kids by Chefs Treats Flavor – having only tried some of the many sour patch kids on the market, I’ve never tried the tropical blend until now. The outer sugar coated citrus flavoring initially hitting the sour notes with a subtle weed taste, once dissolved it transforms into that sweet […]

Comatose * Pink Llama * March

Strain – Comatose by Enigma Extracts Smell – carrying a powerful terpene profile, that takes no time to engulf an area with its aroma. Your sense of smell is overtaken with a strong pungent pine, sweet citrus scented blend with a skunky herbal added to the mix Smoke – having a translation of smell to […]

Pink Death * Pink Llama * March

Strain – Pink Death by Captains Pink Smell – with the notoriety behind each of these strains, no doubt pairing these two together only compliment one another. Emitting some loud terpenes with the pungent floral fragrance   establishing its dominance, and a gassy diesel scent tied along side, with minor notes of sweet piney, earthiness peeking […]

Doughboy Pink * Pink Llama * March

Strain – Doughboy Pink (smalls) by Gary in the Garden Smell – this strain has been named perfectly, twisting together two powerful terpene profiles together and the terpenes have been cranked up on this stuff. There’s a deep floral fragrance, paired up with a sweet doughy gas that are both bold and deliriously scented Smoke […]

God Bud x Wedding Cake * Pink Llama * March

Strain – God Bud x Wedding Cake by Dropship Smell – the terpenes making their presence known in this perfectly paired together lineage.  An aroma of mostly consisting of the Wedding Cake parent with its sweet dough, while having creamy, vanilla accents, and a pungent earthy undertone Smoke – sporting a clean burning light greyish, […]

Death Star * Pink Llama * March

Strain – Death Star (Sensi Star x Sour Diesel) Smell – having tried a few cuts of Death Star in the past, this one is cut from a higher section of the tree. The terpenes come spewing forth from the mylar as soon as it’s given a chance to breath. Hitting your nose first with […]

Tropicana Cookies- Pink Llama (Enigma Extracts)

The flower arrived as one large frosty tapered nug with a beautiful array of light and dark greens with splashes of dark purples throughout. The rusty orange to light yellow pistils also made for a unique look. The frosty appearance is visible to the naked eye and a closer look shows off some tightly packed […]

Sour Poppers- Pink Llama (Chef’s Treats)

This isn’t a candy I am familiar with which is an oddity as I’ve already explained I am fairly addicted to anything sweet. Either way, they arrived nice and clean with a light sugary exterior and a gummy almost marshmallow squish to them. I tried two of the orange ones and a yellow one. The […]

Layer Cake- Pink llama

Found this to be another strain arriving with some incredible visuals with a near perfect trim, an array of contrasting colours and a nice squish/moisture level. The icing on the layer cake, is the noticeable amount of visible trichome heads in the crevices of the short-tapered buds. Stocky well matured trichomes were present in no […]

CBD Hard Candies- Pink Llama (Chef’s Treats)

Nice glassy and clean consistency that had a slightly oily sheen on the outside. Both packages were found to be in great shape upon arrival without any pieces being melted or crushed from the travel. The taste on the black cherry was reminiscent of welches white grape juice mixed with some mild artificial berry flavors. […]

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