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Mimosa – Pink Llama

Frosted over in a coating of light ambering trichs, neatly trimmed with light orange pistils and a small amount of excess sugar leaves. Very prominent tangie terps at first but once busted up it blends nicely with a sweet nutty smell. White ash with the same tangie/nutty flavoring when you exhale. At first you are […]

Pine Tar(Enigma) – Pink Llama

Hand trimmed, glazed over amber and white trichs, slight fox tailing with a very small amount of sugar leaves and vibrant orange pistils. The prettiest version i’ve personally had of Enigma’s Pine Tar. Sweet earthy terps with a small amount of peppered citrus hiding in there as well. White ash with a very smooth earthy […]

G31 – Pink Llama

Dense, neatly trimmed buds, nice coating of amber trichs,  pale orange turned in pistils and a small amount of frosted sugar leaves. Sweet skunky terps with a little bit of earthiness mixed in once you bust it up. Mostly white ash with a very slight amount of peppering and a unique rich earthy skunky flavoring […]

Divine Gelato(Enigma) – Pink Llama

Frosted well over in amber trichs, neatly trimmed, dense, very small amount of purple and green sugar leaves and very short pistils. Very unique terps almost like a lemony lavender at first that shifts towards a doughy citrus when busted up. White ash with a nice blend of lemon/citrus and a desserty type flavor when […]

Lemon Sickle(Smoking Turtle) – Pink Llama

Frosted over with amber trichs, neatly trimmed with stout pistils and next to no sugar leaves. The bud size ranges from small to medium. Sweet diesel terps mixed with a bit of skunkiness once busted up in the grinder. White ash with a dieselly skunky flavor when you exhale with a small touch of lemon […]

MAC 1(Enigma) – Pink Llama

I can’t say anything about this train that I haven’t already said before, a true representation of Capulators MAC 1. Easily in my top 3 strains of all time. Previously reviewed in July with an identical experience:  

Island Pink – Pink Llama

This is the first flower I have had in so long. Upon receiving it I was greeted with nice dense nugs, sparkling bright with all those trichomes on them. when I opened the bag I was instantly caught off guard with how strong the strain smelled, made my whole room dank within seconds of opening […]

MKU(Enigma) – Pink Llama

Neatly trimmed buds, glazed over with a combination amber and cloudy dense trichomes. Vivid orange pistils and a very small amount of glazed sugar leaves. Spicy earthy gas terps but at the same time there’s a noticeable sweetness as well. White ash with at first a sweet gas flavor that shifts to a spicy earthy […]

FSE Super Sour Poppers(Chef) – Pink Llama

Very nice shaping and consistency, soft but firm at the same time. Lightly dusted with the perfect amount of sugar. Not greasy to touch. There’s 5 different flavors in the bag each with their own unique flavoring to their color and all mildy sour with the very tiniest amount of weed flavoring, but only noticeable […]

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