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Punch Breath Cart by Enigma Extracts

The 🤜 Punch Breath cart by Enigma Extracts is my favorite of the new strains. I recently got stuck in a room for quite some time with only this one cart as a companion. In case you didn’t know, I tend to switch my carts up on a regular basis, so this was quite the […]

MacStar (Enigma Extracts) – Pacific Grass

The MacStar FSE cartridge from Enigma Extracts is full of citrus flavour. After the first few pulls I feel relaxed and immediately enjoy this heavy hitter. Im using the Yocan Uni-Pro at 2.4v. It has an earthy taste which goes great with the citrus. I highly recommend this cart for the evenings for ultimate relaxation […]

Golden Berry- Pacific Grass

Buds had a loosely packed structure and a decent trim with light and dark green backgrounds highlighting a plentiful number of thick fluorescent orange pistils. The buds were also teeming with many visible trichomes which made areas of the nugs look slightly whitewashed.  The bag came with minimal shake <.5 of a gram in the […]

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