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UBC Chemo – Online Dispensary

Larger, neatly trimmed buds, healthy pistils and a combination of white and ambering trichomes. Some buds with fox-tailing, some without. Earthy pine terps with a bit of peppering. White ash with a peppery earthy flavor settling in as time goes on. Pure indica strain that starts out mild, however as time goes on gives you […]

Blue Cheese – Online Dispensary

Visuals overall are hit or miss as you can see illustrated in the pics, some of the buds are neatly trimmed and others have excess sugar leaves left on. The nice buds are nice, the ugly ones are ugly. Common to them each however is amber frosted trichomes and light amber pistils familiar to cheese […]

Blue Diesel – Online Dispensary

Large, dense, chunky buds, frosted with a combination of amber and white trichomes. Neatly trimmed little to no sugar leaf. Sweet and sugary terps although not overpowering but certainly noticeable with ease. Salt and pepper ash with the flavor shifting to a sugared diesel flavoring as time goes on. Sativa dom hyrbid giving you a […]

Violator Kush

Small, yet frosted popcorn buds. Some excess but frosted sugar leaves on some of the buds. Classic violator terps with a pungent earthy smell and a bit of pine mixed in although not overwhelming. Salt and pepper ash with the same classic violator flavoring coming through when you exhale. Heavy indica dom that delivers a […]

Hawaiian Pre-Rolls – Online-Dispensary

Neatly rolled, not too tight, not too loose. There’s a bit of a sweet sugary smell when it’s opened from the mylar. Burned well with a nice oil ring until nearing the end when it became a big harsh. Sativa dom hybrid that provides a nice heady high and a mild level of sedation.

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