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Zkittlez VVS- Nektr Extracts

Arrived once again in a clean shoulderless jar but unfortunately lost some sauce outside of the inner lid. What remsined were large diamonds with a thin translucent layer of pale-yellow sauce. Nice clean sharp sour scent intially hits the nostrils, followed but a mild fruity sweetness. Melt was incredibly clean with little to no residue […]

Platinum Rockstar Diamonds- Nektr Extracts

Arriving in a wide shoulderless jar, unfortunately with some of the sauce outside of lid itself. Rich orange sappy sauce that perfectly coated all the small to large diamonds. Smells were very clean with strong notes of spices, herbal notes and a mild minty/woody nose. Almost refreshing to take a whiff of. Found the diamonds […]

Orange Creamsicle Live Resin- Nektr Extracts

Visually stunning is the best way to describe this one. Extremely wet and runny yet packed with a healthy amount of microdiamonds throughout. Rich bright to burnt orange hue with the Terp sauce pooling in the jar as it’s leaned to one side. (Check out the video to see the fluidity I’m talking about). Sad […]

4 Star General Live Rosin – Nektr Extracts

The visual appeal on this live rosin is absolutely stunning with a clay-like cold cure texture and a gorgeous light gold colour palette. The texture is ideal for cold starts, it breaks apart from itself extremely easily but still sticks to the dab tool with zero issues. This texture is a literal dream to work […]

Cookies Kush Diamonds- True Craft Cannabis (Nektr Extracts)

Second time trying out Nektr Extracts but considering my first experience was fantastic; I was excited to dive into these diamonds. Product arrived in a shallow shoulderless jar capped with a plastic seal which is always appreciated to avoid having the product ending up in the threads. I have never had the chance to try […]

VVS Ortega Diamond/Live Resin- Nektr Extracts

Soft yellow sauce containing small uniform clear diamonds intermingled together to form an applesauce type appearance.  The smell explodes out of the jar upon opening with vibrant fruity, sweet and gassy fumes that were sharp on the nose. Fantastically strong and complex terpene profile. The product itself was very easy to work with; making collecting […]

Orangeade Live Resin(Nektr) – Rayken

Saucy consistency that emits pure sweet orange gatorade and citrus to the nose. It was easy to work with and left minimal residue behind, only a translucent yellow was left. Smooth sweet tangy terpenes that give a light pull on the throat towards the end. Uplifting high that puts your head in the clouds and […]

VVS Hashplant Diamonds(Nektr) – Rayken

Small white diamonds with an amber hue to them. The aroma is sharp citrus and menthol that comes around and stings the nose. It was easy to scoop with a clean burn afterwards, barely any residue left on the bucket. Smooth smoke with straight forward citrus/menthol terps. This had me seated with potent mind effects […]

VVS Blueberry Kush Diamonds/LR – Nektr

Light amber clusters of small to medium sized diamonds blended nicely together, very easy to work with. Very strong berry terpenes that are as close to a blueberry as you can get. Another fine example of correctly done crc-tek. Very clean melt pooling immediately with no residue and the same rich berry flavoring on exhale. […]

VVS Citrique Diamonds/LR – Nektr

Very light with a very slight ambering but mostly clear diamonds and sauce blended together. This is a prime example of the benefits of crctek when it is done correctly. As soon as you open the jar an overwhelming smell of lemon pledge hits you in the face. Very strong terpenes. Very clean, smooth melt […]

Papaya Live Resin Terp Sauce – Nektr

My first time with a syringe as a delivery method, through the syringe there’s is amber terp sauce with visible crashing where any air bubbles occur. Very easy to work with, easy to put back in the syringe. Very clean burn, puddling very nicely leaving behind no residue. The terpenes are true to the flower, […]

Purple Kush Diamonds/LR – Nektr

Small to medium diamonds in a light amber very fresh sauce, very easy to work with. Deep earthy pine terpenes with a bit of peppering that are a true representation of the flower. Very clean melt with the same traditional purple kush flavoring one exhale. Very heavy indica dom that quickly plants you in your […]

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