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Cookies Kush FSE – Cumulus Carts x Nature’s Fire

Grown and extracted by Nature’s Fire then processed in to carts by Cumulus, we have a dark, thick amber filling. Smooth, easy pulls with the flavor matching the source material being a sweet but peppery herbal flavoring with a very small amount of citrus blending in as time goes on(I reviewed the rosin jam previously […]

Queen Sherbert – Nature’s Fire

Queen Sherbert from Nature’s Fire Visual: This one was the nicest visually out of the round. It had big fat crystals all over it. It was super frosty and sparkly. It had a nice structure with bunches of wispy brown hairs all over. It was a light green but all the crystal made it even lighter. […]

Lemon Tree – Nature’s Fire

Lemon Tree from Nature’s Fire Visual: It looked like a cool little Lemon tree! It was one big bud in the shape of a cone like tree, it was a very neat structure. It had nice colouring with deep medium greens with some purple leaves and lots of patches of orange and brown hairs. There was […]

Holy Grail – Nature’s Fire

Holy Grail from Nature’s Fire Visual: It was a steady light green colour with some bright green leaves. There were patches of orange/brown hairs all over. It had lots of sparkly crystal which was that tight compact crystal. It was extremely dense. Nose: The nose was fairly light with an earthy and a spicy smell at first […]

Greasy Pink – Nature’s Fire

Greasy Pink from Nature’s Fire Visual: The colour was a medium green and it had lots of sparkly crystal. It was the tight compact crystal which is what I usually find with Pink strains. There were a few darker leaves giving it that greasy look. There were orange/brown hairs all over and it was very dense. […]

BC God Bud – Nature’s Fire

BC God Bud from Nature’s Fire Visual: There was one big bud and one medium sized bud. There was lots of sparkly crystal, but it was more of the tight compact crystal. It was a steady medium army green colour and there were lots of patches of brown hairs all over and they seemed to drill […]

Ice Cream Cake Live Resin – Nature’s Fire

Ice Cream Cake Live Resin from Nature’s Fire Visual: This Ice Cream cake Live Resin is beautiful! It has a nice golden resin colour with some lighter creamy and bubbly swirls in it. Nose: It was a lot more gassy than the flower and it had a concentrated, intense nose to it. It was very pungent! Consistancy: It […]

Black Diamond – Nature’s Fire

Black Diamond from Nature’s Fire Visual: There were a couple of big buds and they were very tight and dense looking. They look typical of a Black Diamond with the colouring being a bit darker although there were some lighter spots of green. There were tons of crystal all over giving it a dusty feel. It […]

Bananas and Blow – Nature’s Fire

Bananas and Blow from Nature’s Fire Visual: The visuals on this one was amazing! It had a beautiful structure and beautiful sparkly crystals! It had a bunch of foxtails coming off in different directions off the buds. Overall it was a dark green but there were lots of other colours like blacks and bright greens and […]

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