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Sherbert Shatter- Gold Dreams

Dark amber in color this shatter was a stark contrast to the clean appearance of the Peach puree strain. With sappy streams and a generally sugared appearance, the visual appeal is something I have not experienced with shatter. However, I must say this was easily one of the best smelling shatters I’ve tried; with plumes […]

Lemonsickle * Big Sloth * September

Strain – Lemonsickle Smell – some powerful nose on this stuff, super dank lemon smell that definitely takes over with slight earthy pine scent Smoke – the terpenes translate perfect to smoke, that nice lemon taste is potent and smooth on the inhale with lemon and pine more on the exhale. Clean consistent burn, white […]

The One * Gizmo Crafts * September

Strain – The One by Gas Town Smell – pleasent smelling strain that has both a lemon mixed with pine and hints of gas. Not the most pungent dank but really nice smelling stuff Smoke – the inhale brings the perfect mixture of lemon and pine with the exhale being very similar tasting with some […]

Jedi Kush – The Leaf Express

The round dense nugs of Jedi Kush are just covered in trichomes, along with that the flower is mostly dark green and purple in colour along with some orange hairs that stand out. The aroma coming off this is a herbal and citrus one. Taste wise its very herbal with only a bit of the […]

MAC 1 – WTF Cannabis

Frosted all over with a mixture of ambering and white trichs, hues of purple sugar leaves and vibrant pistils. Hand trimmed with medium sized buds. Rich, sweet doughy citrus terps that are familiar to other MAC 1 cuts I have had in the past. White ash with the same sweet doughy flavoring with the tiniest […]

AK47 – The Green Ace (Queen Of Quads)

AK47 from The Green Ace Visual: The colour on this AK47 was a light green. It had lots of tight compact crystal and tons of wispy orange hairs all over which looked pretty cool. It had a nice structure and it was very dense. Nose: The nose was super cheesy! It was also sweet and […]

Blue Cheese- Gold Dreams

Concentrate was opaque and light brown coloured with a wet and doughy appearance that was easy to work with. Smell had a prominently earthy fragrance with some sweet woody aromas to follow. Relatively clean melt with some residue left behind. Flavors were again dominantly earthy but followed by some mild sweetness. Found this one crept […]

Pink Rozay (Queen Of Quads) – The Green Ace

Pink Rozay (Queen Of Quads) from The Green Ace Visual: This Pink Rozay was a bit squished but it was still very nice. Buds are going to get squished a bit during shipping sometimes, no worries. It was light green with light coloured hairs hairs that were barely visible because they were similar in colour to […]

Platinum Punch * Big Sloth * September

Strain – Platinum Punch (Platinum OG x Purple Punch) Smell – very unique nicely mixed up nose on this strain, hints of creamy cookie dough with a fruity hitting scent at the same time. First time smelling a mash up that hasn’t involved a salad Smoke – smooth smoking, white ash immediately tagging up with […]

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