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Dutch Treat FSE – Cumulus Carts

Dutch treat was clear amber in color. It was surprisingly smooth with light fruity/earthy tones. After a couple hits I was relaxed in my seat. The high comes on as a creeper; uplifting and put a nice smile on my face while my body remained relaxed. A nice hybrid high with indica leaning traits. I […]

Cloud 9 – TF Cannabis

Very dense, neatly manicured bud, frosted in ambering trichs, both dark and bright pistils with hues of purple and green in the background. Citrusy pine terps with a bit of sweetness coming through. Salt and pepper ash and the same sweet citrusy pine flavor when you exhale. Heavy indica dom that you at first feel […]

Ice Cream Cake – Nature’s Fire

Ice Cream Cake from Nature’s Fire Visual: It was a bit stemy but other than that the buds looked great. They had a sugary look and feel to them. They were medium and small sized elongated buds. They gave me a ‘candy buds on a stick‘ feel. The buds had some very cool colourings. There were […]

Death Bubba – TF Cannabis

Stubby and very dense, neatly manicured, lighter in overall color with ambering trichomes and healthy pistils mixed throughout. A bit sweeter then the traditional earthy gas terps familiar to other db’s i’ve had in the past, this cut has a more lemony pine with a bit of deep earth blended in. Mostly white ash but […]

Pink Island HT/HCFSE- Coast Terra BC (Arcana Extractions)

Pink island has always had a place in my bong as the terpene profile is generally pretty tasty. This HT/HCFSE did not disappoint as bright, sour and fruity notes assailed my nose with pungent aromas dancing in my nostrils. The product arrived in 3 large masses of diamonds with a light coating of sauce.  Light […]

Peyote Cookies – Pink Llama

Peyote Cookies from Pink Llama Visual: This one had a nice structure to it! It was not too dense and not too fluffy. The leaves on it look dark but the creamy coloured Trichomes lightened them up. There were patches of rusty coloured hairs in patches all over. It was very cool looking! It had a […]

Lemon Meringue – Westcoast Releaf

These nugs were a bright vibrant green with quite a few dark orange pistils, covered in trichomes. The buds were well trimmed very few if any leaves even on the small nugs there was a lot of time taken to manicure each nug. I found the nugs to be quite dense and a little dry(had […]

Asteroid – TF Cannabis

Dense, slender, neatly trimmed buds, dusted over in ambering and clear trichomes with a mixture of orange and brown pistils and a very small amount of purple and green sugar leaves. Herbally citrus terps with a slight bit of pine coming through. Mostly white ash with a slight bit of peppering and the same herbally […]

Moroccan Habibi Hash – TFCannabis

Dark, well oxidized pieces of heated pressed hash. A sticky resinous brick corner comprised of fine dark red and brown trichomes. Sticky surfaces shine where the most pressure was applied. It carries a powerful creamy mint scent with notes of spice and cacao. Its texture is stiff, sticky and malleable, mild heat will allow for […]

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