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Death Star – MMJ Express

Death Star (AAAA+) from MMJ Express 75% Indica Cross: Sensi Star x Sour Diesel Visual: It was super frosty and it had some interesting colouring. There were a few different greens and some light purples on the underside and just a few tiny patches of brown hairs. I was amazed at the amount of fat, frosty Trichomes […]

Mendo Kush – MMJ Express

Mendo Kush (AAAA+) from MMJ Express 60% Indica Cross: A few unknown Kush parents Visual: It had amazing visuals and that wow factor that made you want to show it off to your friends. It was very dark overall with almost black with some dark forest greens and bits of bright green. It was just covered in […]

Rocket Fuel – MMJ Express

Rocket Fuel (AAAA) from MMJ Express 70% Indica Cross: Jet Fuel OG x Face Off OG BX1 Visual: There was lots of big sparkly crystal all over these buds with a few sugar leaves here and there. It was a forest green with little patches of orange hairs, and it was lightened up by the frosty crystal. […]

Purple Hindu Kush – MMJ Express

Purple Hindu Kush (AAAA) from MMJ Express 100% Indica Visual: The buds were a dark forest green and looked like little broccoli tops. There were also some spots of bright green and there were also some dark black greens with highlights of purple. There was lots of frosty and sparkly crystal and tiny patches of dark […]

Cherry Cake – MMJ Express

Cherry Cake (AAAA) from MMJ Express 80% Sativa / 20% Indica Cross: Norcal Goo x Cherry Thunderfuck Visual: It looked very light and cakey with its light greens and bright greens. Everything was surrounded by lots of   frosty white crystal and there were tiny little patches of light brown hairs. The buds were small – medium sized […]

Mother’s Milk – @mmjexpress

Mother’s Milk  rated as Sativa A cross of  Nepali OG x Appalachia Small to medium size nugs with a glistening coated look. A bit on the dryer side left small heads all over the pack. Nice purple with forest greens for the most with a white fuzzy coating all over and rusty colored pistils.  Short […]

Grape Ape –

Grape Ape rated as AAA strain that crosses Mendocino Purps x Skunk x Afghani. This one had a beautiful look. Small chunky nugs with some beginning of fox tail on the ends. Dark green all over almost turning to purple on some parts. A bit leafy but it had a nice humidity level. Frosted on […]

SuperNova – MMJexpress

Supernova rated as AAA Indica. A cross of The White x Malawi Gold x Acapulco Gold Bright green buds with long orange hairs. A super dense and tight structure. Looked frosty but lots of headless stalks seem to have brushed against the bag. It had decent ammount of heads on the inside mostly bright. A […]

Maui Waui – MMJexpress

Maui waui rated as AAA Sativa A cross of Hawaiian x Unknown strain. Big schunky nugs with a dense elongated and really tight structure. Fresh bud with a good humidity level didnt felt snappy or wet just perfect. It had a nice mixe of light and dark green with long orange hairs getting thicker and  […]

Chemodo Breath – MMJexpress

Chemodo Breath rated as AAA Indica A cross of; OGKB 2.0 x Gorilla Dawg Small nugs bright green for the most part with some hints of forest green on the sugar leafs. Dark amber pistils with a nice white frost all over and lost of intact heads on the outside. It was dry dusty even […]

Mendocino Purps – MMJexpress

Mendocino Purps rated as AAA Indica. Medium sized nugs with an elongated shape. Entirely purple with hints of white green on some sugar leafs and stems. Long pistils with a dark amber color. Super fresh and sticky a bit of headless stalks on the outside but once busted open there was a nice coating with […]

Cotton Purple Chem -MMJexpress

Cotton Purple Chem or CPC rated as Hybrid 50/50 A cross with unknows parentage. Taught to be Chemdawg x Purple Cotton Candy I was hyped for this one never had the chance to try it and the buds where insanely coated with juicy heads. Big to medium size nugs with a dense structure not super […]

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