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MAC #8 – Mailbox Marijuana

MAC #8 from Mailbox Marijuana Visual: Wow! This MAC was stunning! It was super frosty and just covered in Trichomes that glistened in the light. The colour was very light, mostly because of all the crystal coverage and size. Inside was lighter and it was also covered in fat crystal. There were some patches of orange […]

Hash Plant (Organic) – Mailbox Marijuana

Hash Plant (Organic) from Mailbox Marijuana Visual: It was pretty Organic and cool looking! It had a neat structure to it with its lose Organic feel and it’s foxtail structure at the tip. Lots of big crystal all throughout, making it kind of fuzzy looking. It had an inner density to it but and it was […]

Gorilla Glue #4 x Orange Cookies – Mailbox Marijuana

Gorilla Glue #4 x Orange Cookies from Mailbox Marijuana Visual: It was very nice looking! It was a bit leafy but that is ok to me especially when they are covered in crystal. There was lots of crystal and it was very sparkly. Some buds were a lighter green and some were a darker green because […]

UBC Chemo – Mailbox Marijuana

UBC Chemo (Organic) from Mailbox Marijuana Visual: It had an Organic look to it. It looked like it was hand trimmed and had a bit more of a loose structure to it, which is what I am used to with an Organic. It was a very beautiful bud! It was a darker green, and the leaves got even darker towards the tips. Some of the leaves had a little bit of a purple […]

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