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Lemon Kush Mints – Mailbox Marijuana

Lemon Kush Mints from Mailbox Marijuana Private Reserve Collection Completely Balanced Hybrid Cross: Lemon Zkittles x Kush Mints Visual: They were light coloured buds with light greens and bright greens which was lightened up even more by the frosty white crystal. The crystal was fat and sparkly and there were lots of patches of orange/brown hairs […]

Honeydew Live Resin from Mailbox Marijuana

Honeydew Live Resin from Mailbox Marijuana 60% Sativa Dominant Hybrid Visual/Nose/Taste: The colour was a nice golden orange and the consistency was like crystalized honey. The nose was sweet and creamy, and I got a bit of the melon smell from it. It was very appealing! I also got a hint of gas when I was […]

Pico Vape Pen Kit (Afghan Kush) – Mailbox Marijuana

Pico Vape Pen Kit (Afghan Kush) from Mailbox Marijuana Organic Distillate – 87% THC (Lab Tested) Taste: It was skunky and spicy. The taste wasn’t overpowering like some carts can be. It was nice to smoke and it was fairly smooth for me. Potency/Effects: I got lots of smoke from it and it was nice to be […]

Sugar Cookie Variety Pack (BC Edibles) – Mailbox Marijuana

Sugar Cookies (BC Edibles) from Mailbox Marijuana 3 Cookies – Chocolate, Vanilla Almond, Maple Walnut 50mg per cookie, 150mg total Visual/Smell/Taste: The cookies looked very appetizing! They had a great colour and they were easy to cut through and break open. They smelled amazing and the taste was top notch. The cookies felt fresh and tasted […]

Kish God (Organic) – Mailbox Marijuana

Kish God (LSO) from Mailbox Marijuana 75% Indica Dominant Hybrid Cultivated by:  Love + Organic Visual: It had an organic look and feel to it. It was a army forest green with patches of rusty brown hairs. The crystal was a good size, and it was very sparkly. When I opened it up it had some purple […]

Platinum Cookies – Mailbox Marijuana

Platinum Cookies from Mailbox Marijuana Cross: OG Kush x Durban Poison x an unknown 3rd strain Balanced Hybrid Visual: There was lots of fat sparkly crystal all over these buds. It was a bit leafy and stemy but there were some nice purples and nice crystal coverage. It had some light greens and bright greens with spots […]

LSO Kish God (Organic) – Mailbox Marijuana – January 2021

These fantastic buds have quite the frosting and beautiful purple throughout. The density is of a semi denseness. Decently trimmed and perfectly cured. Has a delightful aroma that consists of dank sweet gas. The smell reminds me of the Purple God strain bit Had a nice white ash and a grease ringer going on. The […]

Cookie Stomper (Smalls) – Mailbox Marijuana – January 2021

These super caked out buds are quite beautifully purple hued while being a milky white light green color. The density of these beautfiul little nugs is of a semi dense to dense boasting a nice spongeyness. Cured and trimmed pretty well to perfection. The aroma is of a dank gassy sweet doughyness, it makes my […]

Pink Zombie – Mailbox Marijuana – January 2021

This gorgeous weed is slightly purpled hued and deliciously caked just gleaming in trichomes. The buds are on the small to medium size being pretty well rock hard. The trim is perfect seeming hand trimmed and the cure is near perfect. Upon cracking my jar I received a dank pungent foral gassy pink aroma admiting […]

Do-Si-Dos (Private Reserve Collection) – Mailbox Marijuana

Do-Si-Dos (Private Reserve Collection) from Mailbox Marijuana Visual: This one was very nice looking as well! There were some bright greens and dark greens and some dark purple leaves. There was lots of sparkly crystal and it looked a bit dank. It was very dense but I could still squish it. It had a good moisture […]

Lizard Queen – Mailbox Marijuana

Lizard Queen from Mailbox Marijuana Visual: Wow! Nice visuals on this triple A! There were lots of different colours on it. There were some bright greens, some army greens, the odd spot of purple. It had orange and yellow and light brown hairs in wispy patches all over. There was lots of nice sparkly crystal […]

Girl Scout Cookies (Love And Organic) – Mailbox Marijuana

Girl Scout Cookies (Love And Organic) from Mailbox Marijuana Visual: The colour on this one was a bright to forest green with lots of orange hairs in patches all over. There was some tight compact crystal visible from the outside and when I opened it up I could see a lot more of the crystal and […]

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