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Strawberry Cream – Low Price Bud

Nice vibrant green long buds, a bit fluffier, mostly mediums and a couple of big nugs. Nice layer of trichs all over with long pistils everywhere. Has a really pungent mouth-watering smell of strawberries, with a scent that kind of reminds me of cream cheese. Burned white, really smooth smoke, had a nice grease ring […]

MAC 1 * LPB * September

Strain – MAC 1 (Miracle Alien Cookies X1) Smell – quite the mixture of scents reeking off of this stuff. The nose has defunitely a similar smell of sour diesel with a sweet citrus coming off this strain Smoke – smoke is very smooth, clean burning light whitish grey ash, oil ring presence was within […]

Death Cookies * LPB * September

Strain – Death Cookies (Death Star x Girl Scout Cookies) Smell – busting the mylar open, you are instantly blasted by the dank stank of death star with the hints of douginess coming off the gsc Smoke – smooth inhale with the terpenes coming through nicely, great kush skunk with the sweet cookie dough flavors […]

Purple Drank Breath – Low Price Bud

Bag Appeal: As you can see from the pics, this is a really pleasant bud to look at. I just love purple strains and this one had all the visuals, density and trichs down. The cure is perfect too. Had 1 large bud and all others mediums. Smell: I was hoping for a more pungent fruity flavour […]

Purple Jelly Breath – Low Price Bud

Bag Appeal: The buds are really caked with trichs! handling the buds leaves your fingers dusty but not really stick though from trichs. The buds weren’t dense though, mostly fluffy and leafy. I’ve seen other batches have more color to it. Smell: Smells a lot like like a skunky red wine for me. Not too pungent though, […]

MAC 1 – Low Price Bud

Miracle Alien Cookies X1, otherwise known as MAC 1, is now one of my favourite daytime strains to date. Bag Appeal: The buds were all medium cone shaped and pretty dense for their size. The buds are just caked of beautiful trichomes everywhere in and out. Great cure on these too. Smell: This MAC smells fantastic! […]

Bubba Kush (AAA+) – Low Price Bud

Bubba Kush from Low Price Bud – Indica Dominant Hybrid – (AAA+) Visual: They were small to medium buds and some were a lighter green and others were a dark green to deep purple colour. The darker buds had a bit of a dank look to them. There was a very good amount of crystals on […]

Cali Bubba – Low Price Bud

Cali Bubba from Low Price Bud – Indica Dominant Hybrid – (AAA+) Visual: They were nice little frosted nugs. They were a medium and bright green with lots of crystal all throughout. Some of the buds were very solid and some were squishy. Nose: The nose was earthy and gassy with some skunk and pine to it. […]

G13 Gas – Low Price Bud

G13 Gas from Low Price Bud – Indica Dominant Hybrid – (AAA+) Visual: They were a light green small to medium buds. There were some small crystals throughout and there were lots of brown hairs all over. It was a bit lighter on the inside when I opened it up. It was fresh and squishy. Nose: The […]

Shishkaberry – Low Price Bud

Shishkaberry from Low Price Bud – Indica Dominant Hybrid – (AAA+) Visual: They were small to medium buds but they were very frosty looking! They were a dark green colour and I was impressed with the amount of Trichomes on it. It was quite dense, but it still had a bit of a squish to it. […]

Purple God – Low Price Bud

I’m a big fan of purple strains since I always find them to be colorful and generally pretty for pictures. This Purple God is no different. A cross between God, Hawaiian, and Purple Skunk. It’s slightly on the dry side but it’s quite negligible. The strain is very dense and features a very dark purple […]

Grand Daddy Purple Kush Live Resin – Elite Elevation

Upon taking a hit it’s sweet, grape and musky flavors hit the palate. Smooth at first then it quickly smacks you like a dab, quite sharp on the throat on exhale. A couple hits is all you need and this heavy indica-dom delivers. The high is quick and instantly relaxes both the mind and body. […]

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