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Sundae Driver Live Resin * Alpha Extracts * June

Strain – Sundae Driver Live Resin Texture/Visual – an eye appealing honey golden shine on this live resin, smooth texture, and beautifully crafted. This easily accessible gold in its glass jar, simple to scoop and size-up your own dabs or to add slivers into any doob. This has the most aromatic emissions I’ve experienced from […]

Tangie Live Resin * Alpha Extracts * June

Strain – Tangie Live Resin Texture/Visual – appearing as a creamy substance, sporting a butterscotch like hue, with a smooth consistent texture. Convenient capability of easy scooping action, making dab size selection simple. Powerful emissions of wonderful scentend sharp tangerine, and citrus pouring out of the jar immediatly  Smoke – your palate is smacked around […]

Rockstar Tuna * The Bulk Guys * June

Strain – Rockstar Tuna Live Resin (Tuna Kush x Rockstar) Texture/Visual – being created from a strain already for its potent stink, this Live Resin sporting some extra danky scented terpenes, especially for a concentrate where the smell is usually quite muted. Soft consistency, very easy to scoop from the glass jar from which it’s […]

Death Bubba FSE – WTF Cannabis

Dark amber sauce drizzled over a blend of small to medium diamonds, the sauce is thick and sticky with a sauce to diamond ratio of about 30/70 sauce to diamonds, easy to work with. Spicy earthy terps that are not completely apparent at first however become more defined after agitation. Clean melt with the a […]

Dolato – WTF Cannabis

Dark amber sauce blended together with a mixture of small to medium diamonds, with a ratio of about 40/60 sauce to diamonds. The sauce is sap like and sticky but easy to work with to deliver the desired size dab. The terps are subtle but there’s a definitive citrusy lime that becomes enhanced when agitated. […]

Harlequin 1:1 Live Resin Cart – WTFCannabis (Cumulus Carts)

This was my first time trying a 1:1 THC:CBD strain and man I really fell in love. I was initially impressed by the gorgeous light gold colour and the minty/herbal sweet aroma that exuded from the cart. I could smell this immediately upon opening the tube that it was packaged in. The refreshing minty sweet […]

Honeydew Live Resin from Mailbox Marijuana

Honeydew Live Resin from Mailbox Marijuana 60% Sativa Dominant Hybrid Visual/Nose/Taste: The colour was a nice golden orange and the consistency was like crystalized honey. The nose was sweet and creamy, and I got a bit of the melon smell from it. It was very appealing! I also got a hint of gas when I was […]

Gelato LR – @budparadisecanada @exotic.extracts710

Gelato Live Resin A bright orangey amber colored resin. With loads of micro diamond giving it a sandy texture but still retained a nice saucy and wet appearence. Easy to handle and take a desired size dab. The smell was really piney and citrus like. All tranfered to the super smooth vapor. Nice melt and […]

Guava FSE- Dabber Dave 420

The Full Spectrum Extract was entirely made up of 3 large rich yellow boulders comprised of smaller microdiamonds collected together. There was no obvious sauce upon first look; but as these larger collections were broken down you could appreciate that the smaller diamonds had a lightly coated exterior that gave them a slightly wet appearance.  […]

Alaskan Thunder Fuck Live Resin from Monkey Budz

ATF Live Resin from Monkey Budz Sativa Dominant Visual: It had a creamy yellow/orange colour to it and the texture was very soft. Nose: The nose was quite pungent with a sweet flowery smell with a bit of a chemical kick to it. Smoke/Taste: It put out a lot of smoke and the taste was woody and skunky […]

Mimosa FSE- Cannabis Essence

Interesting square jar with a glass insert and a lid that opens with a quick squeeze on the sides. The FSE arrived as a thick mildly offwhite slab. The sauce was less apparent seeming to be mixed in with the product itself giving it a wet sugar appearance when agitated. Slightly dryer than the Juicecake […]

Juicecake FSE- Cannabis Essence

Incredibly satisfying smells coming off this one. Plumes of gas and refreshing pine were intense as the sharp aromas overwhelmed my nostrils, lingering for a couple seconds afterwards. I felt as if there was also a quick second of sweet fruit on the tailend but I’d be searching as the other aromas are so dominant. […]

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