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Sunset Shurbert – WTF Cannabis

The live resin is a golden yellow colour with small micro diamonds throughout giving it a almost a slushy consistency. It was easy to handle with a dab tool as well so this was nice. The aroma is very sweet and tangy but mostly sweet. Fortunately all that amazing smell comes through in the taste. […]

Candy Store – Shades of Green

Micro THC-A crystals with an approximate blend of about 70-30 diamonds to sauce ratio. Easy to work with not dry but not quite wet either, happy medium. Sweet berry terps with a bit of a citrus herbal as well when agitated. Clean melt with a more herbally citrus/berry flavor with a slight bit of a […]

Big Buddah Live Resin – Shades Of Green

Big Buddha Live Resin from Shades Of Green Visual: It looked like crystallized honey and the colour was like a light honey. Nose: The nose was a sweet citrus and also piney and fruity. Taste: I got a lot of the pine and a bit of the sweet fruitiness. Potency/Effects: It hit me pretty big in my face making […]

Pure Afghan Live Resin – Shades Of Green

Pure Afghan Live Resin from Shades Of Green Visual: The colour was a light creamy orange and there was lots of sheen and sparkle to it. Nose: The nose was buttery and piney. Taste: I got lots of pine and a bit of sugar and spice. Potency/Effects: It hit pretty good but it was still calming and relaxing and […]

Candy Store Live Resin – Shades Of Green

Candy Store Live Resin from Shades Of Green Visual: It had a light creamy yellow colour and looked like crystallized honey. Nose: The nose was like a sweet berry candy with a tiny bit of citrus and spicy pine. Taste: I didn’t get as much of the sweet berry in the taste. It was more spicy and piney […]

Black Diamond Live Resin- Bhang Bhang

Arrived in a silicone jar, the live resin had pale golden hues with a smooth yet mildly sugary texture; which was thick and dense. This made it simple to work with. Smell was very pleasant with some heavy sweet berry aromas immediately upon opening the container.  Smoke was smooth yet expansive with a clean melt. […]

Platinum Kush-C-WTF Cannabis

A diamond like structure of THCA crystals and sauce that has a mix of yellow & amber colors throughout. It gives off a pleasant smell of citrus, earth & cream while preparing to dab it. Fairly easy to work with, clean melting that has very noticeable earthy citrus terps after exhaling. A strong uplifting head […]

Platinum Kush-B-WTF Cannabis

This live resin carries a earthy aroma with tiny hints of citrus upon opening the container. Having what appears to be a lot more THCA crystals then sauce it makes the texture super easy to work with. The dab melted clean in the banger allowing me to taste a very dominant earth flavor with mild […]

Platinum Kush-A-WTF Cannabis

A strong smell of citrus with hints of earth & pine emit off this 50/50 blend of THCA crystals to sauce while stirring it up. After exhaling I got a super smooth explosion of the same citrus terps that I first identified but with a slight bit of creaminess. The effects were felt pretty fast […]

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