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Zurple Punch(NFC) – WTF Cannabis

Amber sauce surrounded by THCA diamonds of all shapes and sizes, small, medium and large. Stirs very easily, easy to scoop out the size of dab desired. Strong blended lemon/berry terps at frist with a switch to a sweet herbal smell. Clean melt with the same terps all smashed in to a ball of flavor […]

Arachnophobia(NFC) – WTF Cannabis

Darker golden sauce mixed through a various range of small to large diamonds. Very gracious ratio between sauce and diamonds. Easy to stir up, easy to apply the desired amount. Rich earthy berry terps that intensify on mixing. Clean melt with the same earthy/berry flavor coming through in the melt. High level of elevated euphoria, very […]

Zmoothies Zignature(NFC) – WTF Cannabis

Golden amber in color with a range of THCA crystals from very small to medium sized with a gracious amount of sauce, runny but easy to work with, settles to the bottom at room temps. Strong and very unique terps sweet and sour cherry or berry flavors mixed with a bit of earthiness. Clean melt […]

Honeydew Live Resin from Mailbox Marijuana

Honeydew Live Resin from Mailbox Marijuana 60% Sativa Dominant Hybrid Visual/Nose/Taste: The colour was a nice golden orange and the consistency was like crystalized honey. The nose was sweet and creamy, and I got a bit of the melon smell from it. It was very appealing! I also got a hint of gas when I was […]

Gelato LR – @budparadisecanada @exotic.extracts710

Gelato Live Resin A bright orangey amber colored resin. With loads of micro diamond giving it a sandy texture but still retained a nice saucy and wet appearence. Easy to handle and take a desired size dab. The smell was really piney and citrus like. All tranfered to the super smooth vapor. Nice melt and […]

Guava FSE- Dabber Dave 420

The Full Spectrum Extract was entirely made up of 3 large rich yellow boulders comprised of smaller microdiamonds collected together. There was no obvious sauce upon first look; but as these larger collections were broken down you could appreciate that the smaller diamonds had a lightly coated exterior that gave them a slightly wet appearance.  […]

Alaskan Thunder Fuck Live Resin from Monkey Budz

ATF Live Resin from Monkey Budz Sativa Dominant Visual: It had a creamy yellow/orange colour to it and the texture was very soft. Nose: The nose was quite pungent with a sweet flowery smell with a bit of a chemical kick to it. Smoke/Taste: It put out a lot of smoke and the taste was woody and skunky […]

Mimosa FSE- Cannabis Essence

Interesting square jar with a glass insert and a lid that opens with a quick squeeze on the sides. The FSE arrived as a thick mildly offwhite slab. The sauce was less apparent seeming to be mixed in with the product itself giving it a wet sugar appearance when agitated. Slightly dryer than the Juicecake […]

Juicecake FSE- Cannabis Essence

Incredibly satisfying smells coming off this one. Plumes of gas and refreshing pine were intense as the sharp aromas overwhelmed my nostrils, lingering for a couple seconds afterwards. I felt as if there was also a quick second of sweet fruit on the tailend but I’d be searching as the other aromas are so dominant. […]

Blueberry Kush Live Resin Sap – HappyClouds

This stuff has a gorgeous bright gold colour that really makes it a beautiful sap. Very liquid, distillate-like consistency but it also has a certain thick quality which makes it a little easier to work with than you’d expect. The aroma is a terpy sweet and floral blueberry with a strong dank overtone. This translates […]

Starkiller Kush – WTF Cannabis

Amber in color, with a wet sandy consistency, made up of a slight amount of sauce and micro THCA crystals. Easy to work with to get the desired sized dab. Sweet citrusy lemon terps blended with a bit of a spicy herbal, easily identifiable. Clean melt with same flavor being retained with a bit more […]

Tropicana Cookies Live Resin-Chronic Farms

Concentrates are still a little new to me but I don’t need to be a pro to see this live resin is going to be an excellent product. Golden yellow with a texture of wet sugar! Very easy to work with a and not messy. Smell is in your face lemon citrus, very dessert like!!I […]

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