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Death Bubba * Kushstation * August

Strain – Death Bubba (Death Star x Bubba Kush) by Enigma Extracts Vistual/Texture – mostly smaller sized buds, being quite dense with a fresh, slight sponginess, being fairly tightly compact. Olive shading being cast over the majority of the nugs with lime green hues, random patches of rich purple highlights found bleeding through some portions […]

Super Lemon Meringue * Kushstation * August

Strain – Super Lemon Meringue Visual/Texture – a cluster of fresh, sticky, airy, fluffiness, stuck together as a beautiful clump, before separating into the smaller to medium bud composition. Lighter lime green spread through most of the nugs, with dark forest colored sugar leaves, lengthy light brownish, orange pistils unfurling throughout the structures, and a […]

Rockstar * Kushstation * August

Strain – Rockstar (Rock Bud x Sensi Star) Visual/Texture – a mix of small and medium buds, evenly distributed texture of sponginess to density, the exterior feel is fresh while greasy to the touch, and insise awaits an even more fresh, resin cladded interior. Lighter olive shaded, with grassy green hues, and darker forest undertones. […]

Mandarin Cookies * Kushstation * August

Strain – Mandarin Cookies (Mandarin Sunset x Girl Scout Cookies) Visual/Texture – together theres a variety  between smaller to medium sized buds, fresh greasy exteriors, spongy texture, having a slight give when pressed, and lined with sticky resin. The vast majority of the bud casting a bright neon green shade, with several hues of royal, […]

Runtz * Kushstation * August

Strain – Runtz (Zkittles x Gelato) Visual/Texture – offering up a variation of smaller to medium sized buds. Olive green occupying the majority of the coloring, with emerald undertones, and some vibrant purple hues surfacing in portions on the nugs. Spongy texture, with decent give when squeezed, fluffing out when busted, and exposing a layer […]

Lemon OG Haze * Kushstation * August

Strain – Lemon OG Haze (Lemon OG x Haze) Visual/Texture – shaded mostly by a mossy  coloring with undertones of dark forest green, and some hints of purple hues peeking through. Varrying in size with some smaller nugs, but mostly made up of one medium sized beauty. Fluffy, airy buds having a sticky exterior, with […]

Trippy Treats – Love Edition * Kushstation * June

Brand – Trippy Treats – Love Edition by Cannamo Canada Visual/Texture – these little beauties captivating my heart right off the hop. Tiny little hearts with a transparent red, and orange respectively. To my surprise, I had received an extra little red bear inside my pack, ended up being notched up to a win, with […]

Gum Drop Remedies * Kushstation * June

Brand – Gum Drop Remedies by Cannamo Canada Visual/Texture – beautifully boasting a bright orange coloring, same shape design of jelly tots, with the trademark pot leaf up top. Packed into a screw top tin that is convenient for keeping these fresh, and easily stored. All extremely soft, and easy to chew Flavor – the […]

Trippy Treats – SE * Kushstation * June

Brand – Trippy Treats – Special Edition by Cannamo Canada Visual/Texture – these little translucent gems are quite visually stunning, with a textured build, and a very distinct pot leaf in the middle of each mold. Three distinct colors to identify the flavor backing each one. Fresh, super soft, with each piece measuring quite identical […]

Lego Bricks * KushStation * November

Brand – Lego Bricks by Chef Treats Flavor – the flavor variety is just that, a vast array of you don’t know what you’re about to eat. With so many options to choose from I think these are the best product the chef pumps out, you get to try almost any and every flavor that […]

Cream N Tina (Enigma Extracts) – Kush Station

The Cream N Tina FSE has that Minty freshness. A really unique profile on this cart. This Indica dominant hybrid starts off with a Creamy woody sweetness. It also has a strong diesel flavour, as I continue to hit the cart I find myself really relaxed and cheerful after a physically draining day of work. […]

Live Comatose FSE – Enigma Extracts

Earthy floral pine terpenes to taste with a pinch on the throat. It brought on soothing mind effects that kept me calm with a comforting body stone. This was an indica dom leaning high. I enjoyed this throughout my afternoon and also before bed. Recommended too use with a yocan uni pro at 2.5volts. Great […]

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