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Trippy Treats – Love Edition * Kushstation * June

Brand – Trippy Treats – Love Edition by Cannamo Canada Visual/Texture – these little beauties captivating my heart right off the hop. Tiny little hearts with a transparent red, and orange respectively. To my surprise, I had received an extra little red bear inside my pack, ended up being notched up to a win, with […]

Gum Drop Remedies * Kushstation * June

Brand – Gum Drop Remedies by Cannamo Canada Visual/Texture – beautifully boasting a bright orange coloring, same shape design of jelly tots, with the trademark pot leaf up top. Packed into a screw top tin that is convenient for keeping these fresh, and easily stored. All extremely soft, and easy to chew Flavor – the […]

Trippy Treats – SE * Kushstation * June

Brand – Trippy Treats – Special Edition by Cannamo Canada Visual/Texture – these little translucent gems are quite visually stunning, with a textured build, and a very distinct pot leaf in the middle of each mold. Three distinct colors to identify the flavor backing each one. Fresh, super soft, with each piece measuring quite identical […]

Lego Bricks * KushStation * November

Brand – Lego Bricks by Chef Treats Flavor – the flavor variety is just that, a vast array of you don’t know what you’re about to eat. With so many options to choose from I think these are the best product the chef pumps out, you get to try almost any and every flavor that […]

Cream N Tina (Enigma Extracts) – Kush Station

The Cream N Tina FSE has that Minty freshness. A really unique profile on this cart. This Indica dominant hybrid starts off with a Creamy woody sweetness. It also has a strong diesel flavour, as I continue to hit the cart I find myself really relaxed and cheerful after a physically draining day of work. […]

Live Comatose FSE – Enigma Extracts

Earthy floral pine terpenes to taste with a pinch on the throat. It brought on soothing mind effects that kept me calm with a comforting body stone. This was an indica dom leaning high. I enjoyed this throughout my afternoon and also before bed. Recommended too use with a yocan uni pro at 2.5volts. Great […]

Fruity Pebbles OG Cart by Sauce House

After thoroughly enjoying the Fruity Pebbles OG live sauce from Sauce House I decided to pick up the cart version from Kush Station for comparison purposes. Overall, I am very happy with the taste, potency, and performance of this cart. The taste is sweet like ripe fruit and it is very smooth with no harshness. […]

Pine Tar FSE – Enigma Extracts

The flavor was smooth, with a sweet, earthy pine exhale. It builds and hits the throat just like a dab, very soothing. This is a pure indica, which helped me relax both mentally and physically. I enjoyed this during the afternoon. These ceramic carts have been working fine with no clogs. The recommended setting for […]

Sour Amnesia FSE – Sauce House

Sour amnesia is a great sativa to enjoy during the day. It was clean and smooth with sweet floral citrus at the start and a light sour diesel finish. I felt uplifted with a clear head and feelings of europhia. It kept me focused and productive throughout the day with no sedation. I enjoyed the […]

Lemon Meringue Cart by Enigma Extracts

The Lemon Meringue FSE ceramic cartridge by Enigma Extracts presents a zesty lemon tanginess that brightens your eyes with each refreshing hit. Lemon Meringue is a cross of Lemon Skunk x Cookies & Cream and this cart will not disappoint those seeking a distinctive lemon taste. It is not overly sweet nor sour and leaves […]

Strawberry and Cream 200mg Chocolate bar – Kush Station

Solid dosing with a light aftertaste, but overall really tasty – consistent with how I remembered the last time I had these. The intensely sweet strawberry with heavy cream in combination really covers up the taste well, and the smooth consistency creates a gooey ¬†melt feel as you chew. The bar is split into 3 […]

Pineapple Sorbet – Kush Station

What stands out most about this is the incredibly fragrant sweet citrus smell; even for a sample bud this gave off quite a scent. Density and stickiness are there as well, good thing I had a two-piece grinder to break up these nugs. I had enough for one sizable joint that gave off a unique […]

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