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Mendo Montage- Kootenay Craft

The eighth was made almost entirely of one twisted and towering bud with a ludicrous coating of resin. This overabundance of trichomes allowed only small portions of the light purple and green backgrounds to peer though. Closer inspection revealed clear cloudy and amber heads, that were for the most part untouched. The smells were mild […]

Purple Pugs Breath- Kootenay Craft

Purple PugsBreath is a cross between Pugsbreath x Mendo Montage F3. Buds arrived as long finger like nugs that were immensely dense and tightly structured. The bright green and dusky purple backgrounds laid a perfect setting for the pale yellow and bright orange pistils to really show. Solid coating of trichomes which were mainly cloudy […]

Violet Vixen – Kootenay Craft

My quarter of this came as mostly 1 giant nug. Deep green buds with pale green hues and thick, girthy orange pistils. Perfect cure, great trim and a high count of full-headed trichomes. Really unique & pungent aromas. Bright, sweet and fruity floral notes with some rich, earthy and herbal notes. Tropical fruit punch top […]

Banana Punch #9 – Kootenay Craft

Opening this jar of¬†Banana Punch #9, I was immediately greeted by beautiful frosty nugs and a very sweet and pleasurable nose. The buds themselves were small-to-medium sized with a slightly loose bud structure and were a little on the dry side. Healthy orange clusters of pistils poke out through the varying greens and purples, all […]

Purple Riley – Kootenay Craft

The picture really doesn’t do this bud justice as this is the most purple strain I’ve yet come across. This one smells wild! A spicy musk and a burst of fresh flowers, quite pungent. It tastes incredibly earthy, with some detectable fruity notes. Very unique, definitely not for everyone. This one offers a solid and […]

9 Lb Hammer – Kootenay Craft

Big nugs caked in trichs, dark purple hues. Smells earthy/gassy. Tastes very gassy with a hint of citrus. Effects were pretty strong. Heavy body stone that lasted for far longer than one usually does. Overall some quality smoke, great for night time.

Crunchberry (Living Soil Organic) – Kootenay Craft

I don’t have much to say about this stuff. It came in one large nug, has a great fruity/spicy taste and produces a solid dose of relaxation to the body and mind. Smokes incredibly smoothly as well. It wasn’t much of a standout though. It was good weed but lacked the unique characteristics that the […]

Oregon Golden Goat – Kootenay Craft

Came mostly in one nug which was a nice treat. Pale green with dark orange pistils throughout. Had a very fresh scent, citrusy and a bit peppery. Burned very smooth to salt and pepper ash and produced a very clean stone. Effects were not vulgar at all, just a very clear headed stone with some […]

Double Sour (Living Soil Organic) – Kootenay Craft

I love sour diesel. This stuff was a little bit different, but I love it too. Super pungent sour smell and notably smooth smoke. I find that all living soil strains that I try burn incredibly well and this one was no exception. The taste was pretty insane. Complex array of earthy notes mixed with […]

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