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9lb Hammer – The Green Ace

9lb Hammer from The Green Ace Visual: Very nice visuals on this one! The structure was pretty cool, it had lots of foxtails and lots of sparkly sugary crystal all over. The buds were a medium/dark green with light orange hairs all over. The buds were pretty squishy but they still had a denseness to them. […]

Super Nukem – MMJ Express

Bag Appeal: The buds are really dense and too dry. All popcorn or smalls with all options in my order. Might be the trimming though. There’s still a nice layer of trichs on the buds though. Smell: At first it has a sort of sweet earthy/floral type of smell but when you break it up, it reminds […]

God’s Super Skunk – WTF Cannabis

Hand trimmed with a thick frosting of amber and white trichs, very minimal amount of glazed sugar leaves and flailing brown pistils. Sweet eathy terps mixed with a small amount of skunky pine hiding in there as well. Mostly white ash with the flavor shifting to an almost sweet nutty flavor when you exhale and […]

Platinum El Chapo OG * Gizmo * September

Strain – Platinum El Chapo OG by Space Bros Smell – classic danky gas nose lots of pine and lemon mixed with earthy scents. Very potent smelling immediately upon busted it outta the mylar Smoke – smooth burning and white ash consistent for the entire joint. Oil ring presence was instant once sparked and puffed […]

Purple Jelly Breath – Low Price Bud

Bag Appeal: The buds are really caked with trichs! handling the buds leaves your fingers dusty but not really stick though from trichs. The buds weren’t dense though, mostly fluffy and leafy. I’ve seen other batches have more color to it. Smell: Smells a lot like like a skunky red wine for me. Not too pungent though, […]

King’s Candy – WestCoast Collective (Bubba Kings)

While this flower isn’t extremely visually appealing, the nose and smoke more than make up for it. The nugs don’t have much of a trichome coat at all on the exterior but there’s tons of glistening well developed heads on the inside. The nose is super nice and refreshing with a very sweet, earthy, and […]

Island Super Skunk – Shades of Green

Wild and gnarly looking buds, slight foxtailing, dusted over in amber trichs, slight amount of frosted sugar leaves with amber pistils strewn throughout. Earthy skunky terps blended together with a bit of peppered gas. White ash with the flavor shifting to a more peppered earth with a small amount of a skunky hash like flavoring […]

Super Pink – Black Glove

Super Pink from Black Glove Visual: This Super Pink had that typical pink look to it. The crystals were small and compact and it had some dark green/black leaves to give it a bit of a greasy look. The colour was a basic green except for the dark leaves and the little patched of brown hairs. […]

Black Diamond – Black Glove

Black Diamond from Black Glove Visual: The colour was a dark green but not the really dark green/black that I am familiar with for a Black diamond. It was more squishier rather than a still crystallized structure. It had a good amount of crystals all over and throughout. It was very dense but I could still […]

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