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Gelato Cookie – Private ACMPR

Gelato Cookie rated as AAAA Hybrid Indica dominant. A cross from : Thin Mint Cookies x Sunset Sherbert. Smallish arrowhead shaped nuggets with a decent trichomes coverage. Bright green with hints of dark forest and a little purple hues. A couple headless stalks here and there on the exterior it was on the dry side. […]

Nuken – Boxedbuds

Nuken rated a indica A cross of kish x God bud The nug where small to medium relatively dense but still plumpy. A decent trichomes coverages milky and lots of really amber heads too. It was a bit leafy expected with the rating. But surprisingly sticky once busted open. The smell was  sweet piney, earthy […]

Romulan * Tegridy Farms * January

Strain – Romulan Smell – some decent smelling stuff right off the first time releasing the terpenes out from within the mylar it was being contained. Strong nose coming off reeking of sweet pine, with a woody citrus blend Smoke – clean burning, light grey ash, long consistent, and smooth to the end of the […]

Stripper Spit – Private ACMPR

Stripper Spit rated as Crafy Hybrid Indica Dominant A cross of : GSC x GDP Small chunky nugs with a foxtaily shape. Bright green for the most with purple leafs and really heavy blanket of trichomes giving each nugs a  milky glistening looks under lights. A couple headless stalks but it was still really potent […]

Purple Monkey Balls – ACMPR

Purple Monkey Balls rated as AAAA Hybrid 50/50 Unknown lineages speculation on parents include Granddaddy Purple, Mendo Purps, Deep Chunk and Afghani. Super dense little boulders with a nice light amber coating and a neat trim. A deep mix of dark purple emerging from the core with hints of dark green on the sugar leafs. […]

Nuken –

Nuken rated as AAA Indica Taught to be a cross of God Bud x Kish The 8th came in as 2 big buds. Really dense it felt fresh and sticky to the touch but a couple burned leaf. A nice coating of trichomes and some really plump and stacked calyx ( or bract not too […]

Pink Kush –

Pink Kush rated as AAAA Believe to be a descendant of OG Kush. My favorite of the batch. Small size nugs but felt really fresh and sticky. Bright green all over with darker hues here and there, long orangey hairs that seemed unbothered looked well handled but a little leafy. It was really frosty with […]

Grape Ape –

Grape Ape rated as AAA strain that crosses Mendocino Purps x Skunk x Afghani. This one had a beautiful look. Small chunky nugs with some beginning of fox tail on the ends. Dark green all over almost turning to purple on some parts. A bit leafy but it had a nice humidity level. Frosted on […]

SuperNova – MMJexpress

Supernova rated as AAA Indica. A cross of The White x Malawi Gold x Acapulco Gold Bright green buds with long orange hairs. A super dense and tight structure. Looked frosty but lots of headless stalks seem to have brushed against the bag. It had decent ammount of heads on the inside mostly bright. A […]

Sunshine Sherbert * Tegridy Farms * December

Strain – Sunshine Sherbert (Sunshine x Sherbert) Smell – the nose that this strain presents is full of really great smelling tropical fruitiness. It has an overpowering skunky citrus scent that has a mash up consisting of herbal, and subtle  lemon, doughy notes Smoke – the translation from smell to smoke is on point with […]

Blue Fin Tuna – Private ACMPR

Blue Fin Tuna Hybrid rated as AAA+ Indica Dominant A cross of Tuna Kush x Blueberry Dense and chunky nugs, mostly deep green with a white hue on some more coated areas. A slightly loose structure with heavy stacking of milky heads emerging from the core. Couple leafs here and there but a good trim […]

Bad Betty – Private ACMPR

Bad betty rated as AAAA Indica A cross of ; Tina x Strawberry Big buds that looked dense but where actually pretty airy with a loose structure once busted open. Light mint green for the most part with purple hues and darker sugar leafs. A generous coating of trichomes on the outside giving the whole […]

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