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Double Death Plasma – TF Cannabis

Double Death Plasma (AAAA+) from TF Cannabis 70% Sativa / 30% Indica Breeder: Quadzilla Gas Inc Visual: This one also had a dark and dank look to it. I could see lots of intact Trichome heads and it was very sparkly. It was mostly a dark green with bits of bright green and some cool purples on […]

Lindsay OG – TF Cannabis

Lindsay OG (AAAA+) from TF Cannabis 65% Sativa / 35% Indica Cross: OG Kush and an unknown hybrid strain Visual: It looked dank and sticky! The bud was big, and it was a dark green with a few varying shades of green and lots of sparkly crystal. There were messy patches of light orange hairs that contrasted […]

Pink Azul – @bigbossfarmer @bigbossrsvp

Pink Azul Pink Kush x Unknown pheno Again the packaging is really neat on these definetly something that stands out. Love the retro comics grimmy look and the  Fire Demons hatching instructions in the back real nice. <span;>This flower came in as one big boulder, the structure is funky with little foxtail busting all over […]

Pink Tyson * Tegridy Farms * April

Strain – Pink Tyson (Pink Gas x Mike Tyson) Visual/Texture – small to medium spade shaped bud, casting a neon green shading with plenty of sharp violet hues throughout the entire structure. Fairly clean trim with some sugar leaves intact, with short thin rusty copper pistils, and iced over in snow white trichomes. Crisp to […]

Death Star – MMJ Express

Death Star (AAAA+) from MMJ Express 75% Indica Cross: Sensi Star x Sour Diesel Visual: It was super frosty and it had some interesting colouring. There were a few different greens and some light purples on the underside and just a few tiny patches of brown hairs. I was amazed at the amount of fat, frosty Trichomes […]

UBC Chemo * Bud Cargo * April

Strain – UBC Chemo Visual/Texture – decent consistency, spongy to the squeeze and just sticky trichomes acting like a glue to everything that it came in contact with. Pointy spear shaped bud of decent sizing, Nice neon green color to the structure with forest green undertones, a complete dousing of trichomes, and slight sugar leaf […]

Mendo Kush – MMJ Express

Mendo Kush (AAAA+) from MMJ Express 60% Indica Cross: A few unknown Kush parents Visual: It had amazing visuals and that wow factor that made you want to show it off to your friends. It was very dark overall with almost black with some dark forest greens and bits of bright green. It was just covered in […]

Pink Tyson

Sticky,large,moist,dank rock solid dark and lime green with purple bleeding through in places bud, with thick patches of dark orange hairs and completely caked in dense crystals and fuzzy trichomes. Smell is really nice! Strong pungent in your face sweet citrus/fruity gas⛽ . Taste is very similar to smell very strong spicy gas that almost […]

Rocket Fuel – MMJ Express

Rocket Fuel (AAAA) from MMJ Express 70% Indica Cross: Jet Fuel OG x Face Off OG BX1 Visual: There was lots of big sparkly crystal all over these buds with a few sugar leaves here and there. It was a forest green with little patches of orange hairs, and it was lightened up by the frosty crystal. […]

Purple Hindu Kush – MMJ Express

Purple Hindu Kush (AAAA) from MMJ Express 100% Indica Visual: The buds were a dark forest green and looked like little broccoli tops. There were also some spots of bright green and there were also some dark black greens with highlights of purple. There was lots of frosty and sparkly crystal and tiny patches of dark […]

Pink Rockstar – AC Medical—strain-review-106231Pink Rockstar from AC Medical Cross: Pink Kush x Rockstar Visual: They were small and medium sized forest green coloured buds that had the tight compact crystal which is typical with a Rockstar or a Pink Kush. It had lots of small wispy light brown hairs all over and they were pretty dense. Nose: The nose was gassy […]

Mk Ultra – WTF Cannabis – April 2021

This Mk Ultra is just frosted and glistening with trichomes. The buds are very dense and have a nice stickyness to them. Trimmed impeccable and cured on point. Has a loud gassy scent along with earthy and a bit of a musky aroma.   When smoked I received a citrus hashy taste with spicy earth […]

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