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Death Bubba – AC Medical

Death Bubba from AC Medical Indica Visual: It was dark and dank looking, and it had a heavy look to it. There was lots of crystal and it had patches of brown hairs all over. It was very dense. Nose: The nose was a bit spicy and piney with a bit of a funky fish smell. It […]

Khalifa Kush – AC Medical

Khalifa Kush from AC Medical Indica Visual: These were super dank looking buds. They had some greens but lots of blueish grays with patches of dark brown hairs. It had lots of sparkly crystal and it was more of the tight compact crystal and it was very dense. Nose: The nose was pungent with pine and sweet […]

El Chapo OG – One Two Treez – July 2021

This boss of strain checks all the marks. Has a beautiful appearance of darker green color and purple hues, with a glistening heavy coating of milky trichomes. Shes trimmed to near perfection and cured impeccably. The buds came in on the small to large size, also boasting a compact dense structure. The aroma is of […]

Super Pink Kush * Weed Cargo * July

Strain – Super Pink Kush Visual/Texture – an entire zip made up of majority large to medium sizing, with some smaller buds in the mix. Thick round/oval shaped mass formations, dense and compact with little to no give when squeezed together. The exterior with a crisper texture, once you bust into these chunky buds leaving […]

Oreoz – One Two Treez – July 2021

Oreoz is a rare flower created through crossing the strains Cookies N Cream X Secret Weapon. The aroma is of a fine chocolate reminding me of a gourmet Belgian chocolate, with a doughy nuttyness and a slight hint of spice. These buds are super caked out in trichomes, making the buds appear snowy white with bits of […]

Mike Tyson – One Two Treez – July 2021

These knockout buds have a heavy diesel, gassy, fuel and skunky aroma. The buds were on the medium to large size and just matted out in glistening milky trichomes. Having a nice purple hueing and neat fox tailing happening. Had a awesome trim job and the cure was spot on perfect. There was a dank […]

Grape Candy * Kana Post * July

Strain – Grape Candy (White Lemon x Purple Pantera) Visual/Texture – completely stunning looking , made of a few smaller sized nugs. Completely frosted over by a thick layer of snow white trichomes, underneath this juicy cloak of triches appears slight hue of emerald green, and noteable vibrant purple showing in portion. Emerging from within […]

El jege –

El jefe Abusive OG  x Rare Dankness #1 This one came in as 3 smaller but super dense buds. Coated in shinny heads with a crqazy packed interior heads on heads a couple squished. Felt nice and sticky once broken appart. Smell was pungent and gassy strongest of the bunch. Gassy and piney citrus in […]

King Kush * Bud Cargo * July

Strain – King Kush (OG Kush x Grape) Vistual/Texture – medium sized spear shaped, with some eye catching features. Crispy exterior with a sponginess once squeezed, and a fine coating of sticky resin on the interior. Bright minty green shaded buds, being swallowed by the mass accumulation of copper pistils, and caked by a frosted […]

Yoda OG – Order Weed Online

Yoda OG (AAA) from Order Weed Online Indica Descendant of OG Kush Visual: They were medium sized buds with a roundness to them. There was lots of crystal, and it was army green with light brown hairs that blended in a bit. It had a bit of a squish to it but dense overall. Nose: The nose […]

Afghani Bullrider

Afghani Bullrider Company:Tfcannabis Moist,sticky,tight,spongy colorful buds im seeing dark and lime greens with copper and purple bleeding out from within, covered in thick patches of dark orange almost reddish hairs and coated in crystals and glimmering diamond like trichomes. Smell is nice! I’m getting dank sweet gas with some lemon citrus notes that make the […]

Pink OG –

Pink OG Medium to small sized buds tight and dense a arrow tip pointy shape. Lots of milky heads. A good trim too. It felt well cured like most strain this round light stickyness inside and snappy exterior Pinky nose with a gassy  backend. Tasted nice a bit sharp spicy but the gas transfered well. […]

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