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Cloud 9 – TF Cannabis

Very dense, neatly manicured bud, frosted in ambering trichs, both dark and bright pistils with hues of purple and green in the background. Citrusy pine terps with a bit of sweetness coming through. Salt and pepper ash and the same sweet citrusy pine flavor when you exhale. Heavy indica dom that you at first feel […]

Death Bubba – TF Cannabis

Stubby and very dense, neatly manicured, lighter in overall color with ambering trichomes and healthy pistils mixed throughout. A bit sweeter then the traditional earthy gas terps familiar to other db’s i’ve had in the past, this cut has a more lemony pine with a bit of deep earth blended in. Mostly white ash but […]

Tuna(Enigma) – Pink Llama

Very dense, very resinous buds. Nicely glazed all over with a mixture of amber and clear trichomes. Healthy pistils flowing amidst glazed purple and green sugar leaves. Strong gassy pine terps very easily identifiable. White ash with the flavor shifting to a zesty gassy pine, and a slight bit of berry mixed in, really nice. […]

Greasy Pink Bubba – Pink Llama

Greasy Pink Bubba from Pink Llama Visual: There was some different colourings on the buds. One of the buds was a bit lighter than the other bud. The darker bud was a bit greasier and danker looking. There were some black leaves on it and it had lots of small sparkly crystal.  When I opened it […]

Shiskaberry(Enigma) – Pink Llama

Very frosted, dense, neatly manicured buds, mixture of white and ambering trichomes, healthy pistils and a mixture of minimal purple and green sugar leaves. Earthy wild-berry terps.  Pure white ash, effortless smoke and the same earthy wild berry flavoring coming through in the smoke and lingering for quite some time. A nice, heavy, sinking euphoric […]

Creme D’mint – HierbaMtl

Wonderful green buds coated in beautiful trichomes that glisten in light. Healthy orange pistils coverage, just lovely looking nugs. A light cream with slight tones of mint and floral when you open the bag. The creaminess and floral hints are what you really get on the exhale. A very smooth smoke with a Snow White […]

Chemo – West Coast Releaf

Chemo (AAA) from West Coast Releaf Visual: They looked like they were tight compact buds. They had lots of medium sized crystal throughout and the colours were mid greens to dark greens with a few bits of purple. When I opened it up there was lots more purple and different shades of purple as well. There […]

Platinum Kush – WTF Cannabis

Nicely frosted in ambering trichomes, dense and neatly manicured with lighter amber pistils and a little bit of purpling throughout. Very sweet but almost skunky at the same time and a slight bit of citrus. Salt and pepper ash with flavor shifting more towards skunky citrus as time goes on. Heavy indica dom providing a […]

G13 – BCMediChronic

Stout buds with a thick frosting of partially ambered trichomes. Medium density, somewhat sticky and trimmed acceptably. They provide a funky dank scent – it’s piney with medium pops of lemon citrus. Breaking open the bud amplifies this scent and reveals an abundance of sticky glistening trichomes. Smoked in a joint this was a pleasure. […]

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