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Peanut Butter Rockstar * Bud Cargo * October

Strain – Peanut Butter Rockstar (Peanut Butter Breath x Rockstar)   Visual/Texture – the appearance having more of the Rockstar stature, being lengthy oval shaped, and medium in size. Holding a crisp outer shell that you can snap into, awaiting inside is a resin coating leaving your fingers gummy once handled. Where the colors popping […]

Death Fuel V2 * Tegridy Farms * October

Strain – Death Fuel V2 (Death Star OG x Jet Fuel) Vistual/Texture – alongated conical shaped bud of medium and smaller sizes, wearing a fine mossy green shading, with dark forest sugar leaves hugging the structure, and popping off some sharp violet hues. Crisp, yet sticky nugs with semi decent sponginess, and a fresh resin […]

Pink Fire – JJ Meds

Pink Fire from JJ Meds Indica Dominant Hybrid Cross: Fire OG x Pink Kush Nose: The nose was kushy and gassy with a sweet piney earthiness. Stickiness/Moisture: The moisture level was awesome, and it was very sticky. Taste: It had huge flavour and lots of them! I got tons of gas and kush and pine. It also was a […]

Tuna Rock (11 Weeks MMJ) – JJ Meds

Tuna Rock (11 Weeks MMJ) from JJ Meds Indica Dominant Hybrid Cross: Tuna Kush x Rockstar Nose: The nose was super heavy! It was skunky and gassy with a woody spiciness. It was also kushy and it had some funkiness from the Tuna. It was very pungent and appealing. Stickiness/Moisture: The moisture level was awesome, and it […]

Rock Star – JJ Meds

Rock Star (Purple Skys) from JJ Meds  70% Indica Dominant Hybrid  Cross: Rock Bud x Sensi Star Nose: The nose had a decent pungency. It was sweet and gassy with a bit of herbal spiciness to it. I also got a little bit of an earthy skunky richness from it. Stickiness/Moisture: The moisture level was nice, and […]

Super Gas – JJ Meds

Super Gas from JJ Meds Indica Dominant Hybrid Nose: The nose was very pungent, especially with the gas and the kushy notes. It also had a rich sweet spiciness and a little bit of herbal nose to it. It had the type of smell that fills a room. Stickiness/Moisture: The moisture level was awesome, and it was […]

Afghani Kush * Bud Cargo * October

Strain – Afghani Kush Visual/Texture – medium sized bud with a spear like formation, bright light lime coloring, featuring medium emerald, and darker royal green hues. Covered by an abundance of rust colored pistils protruding out, and blanketed up in a thick layer of snow white trichomes. Crisp shelled exterior, giving up some sponginess, hiding […]

Watermelon Kush * Bud Cargo * October

Strain – Watermelon Kush Vistual/Texture – almost shaped like a watermelon slice, holding a firm density allowing some give when squeezed, and shrouded by a crisp outer layer. Once busted open, exposing the resinous interior, and leaving your fingers stuck to each other as you siphon through the busted herb. A darker forest green shade […]

Mike Tyson * Low Price Bud * October

Strain – Mike Tyson by Gasleak Vistual/Texture – the zip is made up by majority of medium sized, with some smaller, and big plump round buds amongst the overall collaboration. Crispy outer layer, with some sponginess to them once pressed together, cracking these b nugs open exposing a nice sticky resin lined interior. The nugs […]

Pink Bio Diesel – TF Cannabis

Pink Bio Diesel from TF Cannabis 60% Indica Dominant Hybrid Cross: Pink Kush x Bio Diesel Nose: The nose was very pungent and heavy. It had a pleasant, sweet and sour flavour along with a little bit of spiciness. I also got some pine and a tiny bit of gas. Stickiness/Moisture: The moisture level was good, and it […]

UK Cheese * Tegridy Farms * September

Strain – UK Cheese Visual/Texture – the structure of the pepper shaped bud is a shared density of fresh, and sponge feeling texture. Bold darker forest green, and an olive shading cast over the nug, with emerald undertones, and bright violet spots peeking through in moderation. Thick orange pistils decently threaded through the mass, and […]

Demon Breath (Cookies Grower) – High Grade Aid

Demon Breath (Cookies Grower) from High Grade Aid 70% Indica Dominant Hybrid Cross: GMO x Forum Cut Girl Scout Cookies Nose: The nose was great! I got a deep and rich brown demerara sugar smell from it. It had a bit of that molasses sugar smell, and it also had some pine and some funkiness to it. […]

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