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Death Bubba HTFSE Caviar – Ganjawest

This jar of Death Bubba caviar has a beautiful, piney, gassy kush smell to it. To me these terpenes carry over well to the flavor, which also has the gassy kush characteristics. The smoke is incredibly smooth and burns really clean in my banger. The caviar has a nice and wet texture to it, making […]

Bluefin Tuna – WTF Cannabis

Another beautiful smelling and visually appealing offering from WTF Cannabis. The bag came with some nice medium to large sized nugs that were dense, and frosted with trichomes. To me the buds smelled like sweet piney kush, with berry notes. Overall the smoke was pretty terpy, and flavorful, despite the fact the ash burned a […]

11 Week Pink Tuna – Sloth’s Supplies

Medium large, moderately dense, and odd shaped buds with this one, it’s a bit sticky and well trimmed. The tuna hits the nose first when opening the jar followed by gas, pine, and slight earth smells. Smoking it reminds me more of a classic pink with the sweet gassy taste but with the tuna coming […]

Hell’s Bells by Poncho Farms – Pink Llama

Large, dense, visibly caked, great trim, and vibrant colors, this strain hits every mark for bag appeal. The smell has strong creamy gas overtones and some sour berry undertones that come out more when busted up. The smoke is very smooth and it burns with almost straight white ash while the flavor screams gas on […]

11 Week Pink Tuna – Pink Llama

Greasy, fox-tailed, dense buds. A nice mix between amber and clear trichomes. Hand trimmed with minimal glazed sugar leaves and flailing pistols. Nice diesel terpenes to smell that come really close to a traditional pink but sharper to the nose, setting it apart nicely. Sweet gas terpenes come through in the smoke with slightly peppered […]

Tom Ford Pink (Big Boss) – Pink Llama

Darker shaded rock hard dense buds, resinous to touch. Neatly trimmed with minimal sugar leaves. Smooth piney gas terpenes to smell. White ash with slight peppering and a nice, smooth classic pink flavor on exhale. Very heave indica effects, hits you very nicely right behind the eyes making your eyelids heavy and the rest of […]

Garlic Bud – Hoot Supply

Tall and slender buds, neatly hand manicured, glazed with trichomes and pistils. True to the name the terpenes are very garlicky. Salt and pepper burn with the same garlicky flavor coming through in smooth smoke. Indica dom that puts a nice glaze over your eyes but the true effects creep up on you with heavy […]

Dough-Lato – TheCraftMasons(Bigsmoke.519)

Gorgeous hand-trimmed nugs. The buds are deep purple, and black, with light and dark green accents. Consistent pistil coverage with colours ranging from orange, to copper. Absolutely caked in trichomes with visibly bulbous heads still largely intact. A wonderfully pungent scent profile. A sweet, gassy dough, and a lemony citrus that burns your nose a […]

Doughboy 2.0(Sacred) – Pink Llama

Very dense, dark glazed buds. Minimal purple sugar leaves on neatly trimmed buds. Doughy dessert terpenes but mixed with traditional pink gas. White ash the a more more balanced gassy sweet flavor on exhale. Quick onset of a very nice euphoric high shortly after consumption raising your eyebrows and putting a smile on your face, […]

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