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Strawberry Cream – BC Medi Chronic

Strawberry Cream from BC Medi Chronic Visual: I was really impressed with the visuals on this one! It had a very nice structure and it had lots of fat sparkly crystal. It was a lighter green, but it also had a bit of a creamy colour to it. It was fairly squishy, and it had a […]

The Peoples Elbow- Togo Weed

The buds were large and stout with two fat nugs sporting an array of green backgrounds and sharp dark purple sugar leaves. This set the scene for the fiery orange pistils to pull the visuals together. The smells were mainly sweet with gassy and floral scents that were moderate. The exterior of the buds had […]

Slurricane – Soulja Farms

Dense, medium to small sized nugs absolutely caked in trichomes. Hand-trimmed with minimal handling. A pungent, creamy blend of blueberries, and candy. Reminds me of a fruit smoothie. Can almost imagine the seeds in my teeth. Great translation to flavour. Sweet, creamy, and fruity losing the distinct blueberry smell but keeping a candy fruit flavour. […]

Slurricane #4 – Prairie Extracts

Gorgeous bright green nugs with some dark purple hues and rich orange pistils. The bugs are perfectly manicured and very caked. While it seems that many of the heads on the exterior have been damaged due to handling, the interior is absolutely coated with glistening trichome heads. The heads are mostly milky with a touch […]

Space Monkey – WTFCannabis

A great frosty coating of trichomes on healthy looking flowers. An average trim with long pistils light pistils. It carries a great scent of baked goods. A rich, sweet GG4 scent. It had mild taste in the bong – a joint presented it much better. What’s present is creamy, skunky, herbal and mildly spicey. Makes […]

Terple #5 – Rootbase

This pheno was completely purple in comparison to the others. It’s been beautifully hand trimmed and reveals a gorgeous bud structure with pulp buds, thick trichome coverage and aggressive orange hairs. A healthy mix of clear, cloudy and amber trichome heads can be seen. This pheno exutes sweet/sour overrype fruit terpenes with tangie/citrus undertones finishing […]

Terple #4 – Rootbase

Pheno #4 features a slender bud structure with a slightly fluffier exterior. Vibrant purple leaves with a mix of green hues coated in sticky/resinous trichomes. Long orange pistils wrap themselves fiercely around the bud. Nicely trimmed exposing some extra sugar leaf. Terple #4 expresses a sweet/sour berry profile and tangie/citrus backend. A nice blend from […]

Space Monkey – WTF Cannabis

Smaller sized buds but very frosted ambering and white trichs. Healthy orange pistils with a small amount of green sugar leaves and a few dead and drying leaves as well. Sweet grapey citrus terps with a tiny bit of nuttiness. White ash with the same sweet nutty citrus flavor when you exhale. Calming and euphoric […]

Larry Bird OG – Big Boss Farms – Aug

Larry Bird OG from Big Boss Farms Visual: I was expecting an Indica leaning strain from the sights of this one. It also had a bit of a greasy and dank look which is more typical to an indica. The structure was a bit different than the Island pink with more of a dense and compact […]

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