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Train Wreck- High Garden

Moderately dense shaped buds arrived with nice cure and a pungent smell. Immediately hitting my nose with some lemon, pine and earthy notes that were pungent; and only improved after a day in a jar. Bright and dark green backgrounds plus bright orange pistils and a healthy coating of resin provide decent bag appeal. A […]

Blue Papaya – Clean Green VIP

Blue Papaya from Clean Green VIP Visual: The visuals on this Blue Papaya looks very nice. The leaves were a forest green colour but the light creamy crystal lightened up the colour a lot. There were some light orange hairs but the really blended in. The buds were caked in fluffy trichomes and they had a […]

Canadian Moon Rocks – Cinnamon Toast Crunch – Clean Green VIP

Canadian Moon Rocks – Cinnamon Toast Crunch from Clean Green VIP Visual: They were very cool looking. They did look like they could be from the moon. They were nice sized nugs and they were covered with kief which gave them an army green colour. Nose: What!!?!?!?!? It smelled just like Cinnamon Toast! It was very pungent […]

Grapefruit Cookies- True Craft Cannabis

Tight olive shaped buds presented with a sugared exterior atop a light green background and long winding rusty orange pistils. There was also some dark green fringing on black sugar leaves that were again coated in a large amount of visible trichomes. On closer inspection there were numerous densely packed cloudy heads with some smaller […]

MAC1 * Pacific Cannabis * October

Strain – MAC 1 (Alien Cookies F2 x  Miracle 15) Smell – having this strain a few times now this strain has a sweet stank of a mixture of scents reeking off of this stuff. The nose is a mixture of sweet, creamy, and almost a sour citrus dough Smoke – smooth and clean burning […]

California Orange * Pacific Cannabis * October

Strain – California Orange Smell – great orange citrus terpenes are instantly blasted into your nose as soon as you bust the bag out Smoke – the stuff burned smooth and of a light salt & pepper ash color. I found the inhale to be both citrus alos spicy and the exhale having more of […]

Donkey Butter * Pacific Grass * October

Strain – Donkey Butter (Grease Monkey x Triple OG) by Enigms Extracts Smell – to go along with the name  found this to be a very unique smell that I could pick up a few different notes of a piney diesel with a nutty and cream scent to it Smoke – inhale was really smooth […]

Jager Punch * BC Kronikk * October

Strain – Jager Punch Smell – as soon as you rip the bag open you get blasted by big fruity smells, some unique fruit like terpenes coming off of the strain Smoke – lighter grey salt and pepper ash with a decent resin ring. A really clean smooth smoking strain with the inhale having an […]

Sour Diesel * Pacific Cannabis * October

Strain – Sour Diesel (Chemdawg 91 x Super Skunk) Smell – this strain carries the sour citrus with slight hints of spicy skunk in a collaboration of smells Smoke – lighter grey salt & pepper ash, with a decent oil ring appearing a few hits into the doob. I found the taste on the inhale […]

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