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Rockstar * Bud Patrols * April

Strain – Rockstar (Rock Bud x Sensi Star) Visual/Texture – a mix of small and medium buds, evenly split between sponginess and density, outside the feel is fresh yet greasy to the touch, and an even more fresh resin infused interior. Lighter olive coloring, with emerald green undertones, several lighter brown shorter pistils evenly distributed […]

MAC Stomper * Bud Cargo * April

Strain – MAC Stomper (MAC x Grape Stomper) Visual/Texture – coming as one thick, dense big beautiful bud, and pushing over four grams on the scale. Tightly compact nug compact, sporting a hardened shelled exterior with no budge, once cracking this giant beauty open to an awaiting sticky resinous interior. With its clean trimming, you […]

Kings Cake- Top Tier Cannabis

Buds were medium sized and as tightly packed as they come, with vibrant bright¬† and deep forest greens behind a matting of resin. There were also plenty of fat rich orange pistils which gave it a unique appearance. The flower busted up huge and was mildly sticky; making it simple to roll a joint. The […]

Frosted Cakes * Bud Cargo * April

Strain – Frosted Cakes (Jungle Cake x Strawberry Shortcake) Visual/Texture – medium size, fairly tightly compact in spade formation, with a hardened crispy exterior, dense with a mild sponginess, and an inside holding itself together with its own sticky resinous interior. Forest green shaded buds with emerald undertones, and vibrant purple hues. Thinner amber pistils […]

Pink Tyson * Tegridy Farms * April

Strain – Pink Tyson (Pink Gas x Mike Tyson) Visual/Texture – small to medium spade shaped bud, casting a neon green shading with plenty of sharp violet hues throughout the entire structure. Fairly clean trim with some sugar leaves intact, with short thin rusty copper pistils, and iced over in snow white trichomes. Crisp to […]

Durban Poison- Top Tier Cannabis

One big ol bud made up the eighth. Light and rich greens with light orange to peach pistils. Bud structure was stocky and fat for a purely sativa strain and had a decent moisture level with the bud bouncing back to pressure, maybe a bit fresh though. A closer look revealed mainly clear with a […]

Purple Kush-Top Tier Cannabis

Tightly packed nugs that had an obviously well manicured trim. Both nugs had a great cure with a lightly crisp exterior and an interior that felt slightly spongy, bouncing back from pressure nicely. The colours were also nice with mossy greens and dusty purples that shone below the greasy exterior. A close look revealed a […]

Malibu * Bud Cargo * April

Strain – Malibu Visual/Texture – a big spade shaped bud taking the majority of the weight, coming in just over three grams on it own. A good portion coming in a light lime green, with some royal shaded undertones, and some vibrant purple that really highlight the mass. Several thin yet lengthy lighter orange pistils […]

Pink Azul * Big Boss Farms * April

Strain – Pink Azul Visual/Texture – the battle began when I first tried unleashing this big beast from its mylar home. I fought not only against the massive sized seven gram structure but also the sticky resin that seemed to be containing this unit inside. A green shading consisting of minty, emerald, and olive hues, […]

Afghani Skunk * Tegridy Farms * April

Strain – Afghani Skunk (Skunk x Afghani) Visual/Texture – smaller to medium sized, rounded bud, with a nice blend of coloring throughout. Crispy exterior, when snapped apart to expose the equally crispy yet resinous interior. Light minty green shading, with emerald, and eye grabbing purple undertones. Darker orange pistils thinly drawing outward, and blanketed over […]

Blueberry Pie * Tegridy Farms * April

Strain – Blueberry Pie (Girl Scout Cookies x Blue Dream) Visual/Texture – spade shaped nugs with a crispy shelled exterior, and a more fresh sticky to the feel interior. Wearing a fashionable color blend from an olive green shading with some bright emerald, and sharp purplish blue undertones. Shorter lengthed thin copper pistils throughout the […]

Bangers and Mac –

Bangers and Mac Rated as Sativa Came in smaller size nugs light greens showing thru an heavy coating of trichomes and light amber pistils. A couple headless stalks outside on the inside super long stalks packed side by side. Super strong smell, nose tickling citrus and pine notes gives it a pungent musky nose. Transfers […]

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