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Blueberry FSE Cart- WTF Cannabis (Cumulus Carts)- June 2021

Had the ceramic cart arrive in a protective sleeve which is always nice. Initially the liquid was somewhat solidified. However,after a few minutes placed in my hand to warm up the product turned into the thick transparent liquid gold you see in the pics. No sugaring to speak of on this one. Found the flavors […]

Alien Train HTFSE- Arcana Extractions

The first thing that caught my eye on this one compared to the other two was how saucy it was. Bright yet rich yellows with small pools of sauce surrounding the small to medium sized diamonds. Very simple to collect a fat dab with its gooey exterior. Smells were clean and prominent with some strong […]

Kush Mints HTFSE- Northstar Rosin

A rich yellow sauce with micro diamonds evenly spread throughout with some medium sized shards seen in some areas. The sauce appeared thin and runny but seemed to stay in place when collecting a dab, layering on top of one another and collecting easily as I dragged my tool through it. I don’t say it […]

Glue Sniffer HTFSE – HappyClouds

This consistency isn’t the greatest to work with as it’s a 50/50 mix of diamonds and terp sauce. The colour is also a bit darker like a gold/amber but nothing so dark that it’s off putting at all. The nose isn’t very strong and it’s hard to pinpoint but I’d say it has a pleasant […]

Death Star OG – Westcoastexpress x @liftedleavescanada

Death Star Og rated as Indica A cross of Sour Diesel X Sensi Star x OG Kush A beautiful sauce loaded with mini thca diamond made the sauce feel a bit sandy. Light ambered in color with a slightly runny texture but still tacky and rather thick with the thca grain making it easy to […]

Blue Dream Sauce x Solventless Diamond – @thelittlerosincompany

Blue Dream HTFSE x Solventless Diamond rated as Hybrid A cross of Blueberry x Haze Huge chunks of solventless diamonds, one jar had litteraly one big diamond laying in a super clear terp sauce. A bit hard to handle but super attractive. Id say 80/20 70/30 diamond / sauce ! Big chunks ! It smelled […]

Kush Mints HTFSE Sauce- Northstar Rosin

Kush Mints Sauce rated as Indica A cross of :  Animal Mints x Bubba Kush. A creamy yellow color sauce. With a really light and fluffy texture, it was pretty easy to work with sticked to the tools well, even if it was runny. Smelled of minty gassy citrus really pungent. The taste transfer to […]

Northern Light HTFSE – Northstar Rosin

Northern Light HTFSE Sauce Indica A cross of; indigenous Afghani x Thai landrace A amber colored concentrate with a buddery texture stable at room temp. Super easy to work with rather dense and tacky perfect for dabs on the go. Smell was a bit more piney then the Kush Mints. Moslty got pine and lemon […]

Congo Haze HTHCHPE Rind- _ForeverGreener (West Coast Collective x Poncho Farms)

This beautiful extract arrived in a shallow shoulderless jar with some of the cleanest looking visuals I’ve seen on a concentrate. Clear golden hues lit up the semi-translucent sauce that crawled up the edges of the jar. The sauce itself when looked at closely had an immeasurable number of microdiamonds with a few smaller diamonds […]

Pink Bubba HTFSE Cartridge- Coast Terra BC (Arcana Extractions)

One of the most enjoyable cartridges I’ve had the pleasure of trying. Much less viscous then others I’ve tried in the past with the golden hued liquid moving almost immediately as I manipulated the cartridge. The flavors coming from this were potent gas on inhale with a strong addition of floral and sweet notes on […]

Poncho Pink Walker HTHCHPE (WCC x PonchoFarms) – WestCoast Collective

The second you remove the lid off this stuff you are instantly smacked with a ridiculously pungent sweet diesel odor. This strong and heavy nose is accented by some creamy citrus terps which truly make these diamonds a terp lovers dream. I’m a big fan of these chunky diamonds, but I do wish there was […]

Creme Brulee Diamonds – Shades of Green

Amber clusters of diamonds with a minimal amount of sauce. Easy to work with, easy to get the desired sized dab. The terps from the jar are like a creamy vanilla although not overpowering. Melts clean, however slightly harsh with a a subtle creamy flavor coming through when you exhale then settling in to the […]

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