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Death Mint Cookies * HGA * April

Strain – Death Mint Cookies (Death Star x Girl Scout Cookies) Visual/Texture – having first tried the notorious DMC over a year ago, it was a long overdue return to this HGA staple strain. Mossy green, with some emerald, and rich purple colored undertones. Rusted copper thin pistils poking out throughout, and coated in a […]

Demon Breath * HGA * April

Strain – Demon Breath Visual/Texture – mixed between small to medium sized nugs, quite fresh, decent sponginess on the squeeze, and resin cladded inside and out. Sharing some sharp color throughout with bright lime, a rich emerald green, and eye snagging vibrant purple hues. Thinly drawn pistils of brownish orange coloring, and absolutely caked out […]

Red Congolese * High Grade Aid * April

Strain – Red Congolese (Congolese x Mexican Sativa x Afghani) Visual/Texture – a compilation of smaller to medium sized nugs. Casting a beautiful minty green color, with emerald hues, lined with some crystal ice trichomes, and an appearance of being engulfed by the abundance of lengthy deep fire red pistils. Bud trim is on point, […]

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