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Mimosa Hash Rosin [email protected]

<span;>Hash Rosin Mimosa Hash made from sun.grown whole plants. Pressed at 170, came out really nice caramel colored with a see thru glance. Really tacky could handle it with the hands coming out the press and roll snakes for joints. Smelled nice once pressed but after a week of cure or so it got a […]

Sugar Breath Hash Rosin- Northstar Rosin

The smell coming out the jar is pungent with intensely sweet grapes/berry, musty funk and clean pine that tied it all together. Arrived looking relatively chunky with light caramel to nut brown colours with a greasy sheen along the exterior. There was quite a bit more of this “sauce” that was present on the bottom […]

Death Bubba Dry Sift Hash Rosin – HappyClouds

This hash rosin has a texture very similar to clay, making it extremely easy to get the right amount for each dab and perfect for cold starts. The colour is also similar to clay with a dark brown/gold palette. The aroma is a straight pungent gas with an earthy herbal undertone along with some sweet […]

Lemon Mints Hash Rosin(Slurmmm) – WTF Cannabis

Pale almost flesh toned in color, opening the container is a single blob settled together that easily breaks up in to smaller adhesive pieces, easy to work with, easy to get the desired size. Gassy floral terps with a bit of lemon tied in as well. Extremely clean melt leaving nothing behind with the flavor […]

Super Lemon Haze Hash Rosin (73-90u) – WTFCANNABIS

I must say I am absolutely blown away by the quality of this hash rosin considering its value. The flower was washed immediately after the cut which is probably why it’s so damn terpy without being fresh frozen. As you can see it has a gorgeous bright gold colour that you wouldn’t really expect based […]

Super Lemon Haze – WTF Cannabis

Golden amber in color with a consistency on the runnier side, very easy to stir around and to get the desired sized dab however may require scraping to remove any excess from the dab tool. Sweet tangy lemon terps out of the jar that intensify once agitated. Clean melt with the flavor closely matching the […]

Super Lemon Haze Hash Rosin- WTF Cannabis

Starting off with the nose because it is really over the top; as extremely loud citrus, skunk and sour notes assaulted my nostrils the moment I cracked the seal. The visuals were no slouch either with extremely bright and rich yellow colouring with a sappy and wet look. The consistency was slightly thicker then expected […]

Orange Cream Sickle Rosin Jam – Private ACMPR

Orange Cream Sickle Rosin Jam Sativa A cross of : Orange Crush x Juicy Fruit Medium to small sized diamond with a white fuzzy hue laying in a light gold and translucide terp sauce. Easy to work with and grab a decent dab. The smell and taste is insane on this. Hands down the best […]

Aranciata (Orange Crush)-

Arrived in a small black shoulder less jar. This dark backdrop was perfect as it made the deep rich golden orange hash rosin really stand out. The product was in a smooth glob that was heaped in the middle that had a shiny gloss to the exterior. The thing that may be hard to believe […]

Garlic Nut Butter Breath Hash Rosin – Harmony Collective

Do not let the darker appearance of this hash rosin fool you! The terps are loud with a crazy clean and smooth smoke and top notch potency. The flower used for this was ran an extra 4 weeks and had about 75% amber heads at the time of harvest. This explains the crazy heavy potency […]

Grizzly Purple Kush Hash Rosin- Northstar Rosin

Consistency was extremely thick making it challenging to whip without a firm grip on the jar but great for scooping a big boy dab. At first glance I noticed a bight caramel colored interior with darker nut-brown exterior. After whipping the color of the rosin was a slightly warmer or lighter golden brown. Smell was […]

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