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GMO LHR- The Harmony COllective

Very wet appearance with smaller areas that appaerd to “sweat” terps along the exterior that was lightly sandy coloured. Product felt thick and took some effort to manipulate but made this a dream for collecting a dab. Smells definitely lived up to the strain GMO with heavy garlicky nose which also had some sweet and […]

Live Hash Rosin and Chaos Diamonds – PVRE

Live Hash Rosin from PVRE Visual: It was a really neat colour and consistency. It was just a bit creamy when I first got it but I was supposed to store it in a cold place. It got a bit cloudier after a bit. The consistency was similar to a wax. Nose/Taste: The smell was very hashy […]

Halitosis Breath LHR – FarmToJar

Live Hash Rosin Halitosis Breath  x Possum Blend Same same beautiful clean and buddery exterior. The smell has you expect from the name brings you to funkytown. A stanky breathy nose mixed in with enough gas and spice it turned almost musky funky putrid, perfect for a good night. It burns / melt like the […]

Cinderella 99 – Farm to Jar

Cinderella 99 Farm A cross of Jack Herer x Shiva Skunk Looked similar to the other. The nose is where this one shines. It smells like Hawaiian Punch litteraly, also a dank  background. Some of the most pleasant concentrate ive had just keep opening an smelling this one. Same for the taste fruity first funky […]

Strawpicana – Farm to Jar

Strawpicanna Farmtojar Burnone A cross of Tropicana Cookies x Strawnana >Super nice look clean light creamy color with a buddery texture. The nose is super nice creamy and strawberry driven. Same for the taste creamy and you get hints of strawberry on lower temps super nice. This one burned a tad darker then the 2 […]

Black Rose –

Black Rose LHR Cant say enough good things about this one. Pics dont do it justice for sure on this round haha. Terps leaching out the creamy batter. As soon as i cracked this one i knew i was in for something special. So i took pics 1 dab and kept it safe for a […]

Flavor Kush – The Harmony

Flavor Kush LHR Came in as a  badder with a slight wetter side once agitated a bit. A super nice fruity nose berry like i found with a lighter musky skunky backend. The fruity side did transfered well on the first hoot but got more a litlle tamer after cant complain for the rating still […]

Wedding Cake LHR – the Harmony Collective

Wedding Cake Bx1 LHR This one was a bit dryer then the others. A bit more tame on the nice terps too ahah. Mostly spicy floral a bit of the “nug” smell i got during bud sampling found transfer in this but not to the same extent nose wise. The taste was a bit spicy […]

Gmo LHR – harmony collective

GMO live rosin Nice texture id say like coldish natural pb haha. A bit of wet side but easy to handle and break a desired sized dab. The  nose was really nice pungent garlic funk with a musky dank background a bit of the humidity smell but more of the garlicky . Transfers super well […]

Ice Age LHR –

Ice Age 90u LHR Everything featured here and reviews to follow came in a freezable pack with icepacks. So definetly as good as it gets for packaging /shipping. The texture is amazing on this its not lighlty tacky and buttery like a natural pb right before it goes to room temp haha. The smell is […]

Mimosa Hash Rosin [email protected]

<span;>Hash Rosin Mimosa Hash made from sun.grown whole plants. Pressed at 170, came out really nice caramel colored with a see thru glance. Really tacky could handle it with the hands coming out the press and roll snakes for joints. Smelled nice once pressed but after a week of cure or so it got a […]

Sugar Breath Hash Rosin- Northstar Rosin

The smell coming out the jar is pungent with intensely sweet grapes/berry, musty funk and clean pine that tied it all together. Arrived looking relatively chunky with light caramel to nut brown colours with a greasy sheen along the exterior. There was quite a bit more of this “sauce” that was present on the bottom […]

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