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Rockstar Nuken Hash * Bud Cargo * July

Strain – Rockstar Nuken Hash Texture/Visual – darkened brown almost black coloring, once pulling apart revealing a slightly lighter brown hued interior, soft, sticky, and very pliable puddy like texture. Being so fresh, and having such a super stickiness, you’re easily able to pull apart, and piece back together. Probably some of the most sticky […]

Zig Zag Hash * Kana Post * July

Strain – Zig Zag Hash Texture/Visual – an entire quarter made up of a variation of sizes, having a darker brown, almost blackened hue, and still sporting gold from the stamped seal on the initial brick. Fairly dense, not able to reform due to it being slightly dry which made it super easy to feather […]

Kabul Hash –

Darker exterior with a really ambered interior. Easy to handle a nice soft textured with a nice sticky side. The smell is peppery spicy smells like an old school ash. It taste similar to that too. A bit raspy but not harsh for say the smoke is rather light and it has a nice melt. […]

9LB Hammer * Bud Cargo * June

Strain – 9LB Hammer Hash Texture/Visual – dark chocolate colored exterior, with a softer brownish caramel interior once stretch or ripped apart. Very pliable puddy like structure, allowing plenty of movement while forming Smoke – similar to its flower form minus not as many terpenes profiles coming through. Bringing forth a taste that consists of […]

Bubba OG * Bud Cargo * June

Strain – Bubba OG Hash Texture/Visual – shelled by a dark brown coloring, with an extremely pliable texture easily reformed to a desired form or size. Easily ripped apart, the interior is a lighter chocolate fudge hue. With its squishy texture, and ability to be stretched out at ease Smoke – smooth big intakes are […]

Pina Colada Moon Rocks – Clean Green VIP

Pina Colada Moon Rocks from Clean Green VIP Made with AAAA Flower, organic cherry oil, AAAA Kief, and naturally derived terpenes. Visual: They were pretty crazy looking! Like fuzzy green Moon Rocks! When I opened them up I could see the flower on the inside and the gooey Cherry oil. The taste was very similar with […]

Rolex Crown Hash – Smokeys Lounge

Rolex Crown Hash Really dark green turning black in color on the outside. A bit of a darkish caramel inside. The texture is nice super sticky kinda hard to handle. You can see the resin heads smash together on closer shots. Really melts on itselfs at room temp. Smell was a bit piney and grassy. […]

Bubble Hash- @thesilvah

I’ve never had an opportunity to try any decent hash; outside of the typical “mercedes or afghani” type hash. This was a different experience all together. As soon as I opened the container it arrived in I was met with sweetness and fruit aromas I can liken to berries.  The only smell I had been […]

Kabul Hash * Bud Cargo * April

Strain – Kabul hash Texture/Visual – a soft and pliable consistency which is very easy to form, and to work with. An exterior of dark brown, almost blackened shell, and a golden brown, almost caramel colored interior Smoke – simple to make a snake in the grass or it feathers perfectly into a joint, and […]

Super Polm Hash(Netherlands)

Great looking hash at first glance. Dark green almost black on the outside with a dark golden interior. Malleable,slightly sticky and easy to work with,simple for making snakes for joints or mini balls for a bowl topper. Smell is is old-school super earthy with some refreshing berries in the background! Taste is excelllent and takes […]

Purple Jet Fuel Hash-Tfcannabis

Beautiful looking hash at first sight! Blackcurrant(super dark purple almost black)with hints or golden is my color profile🥳 I’ve smoked alot of hash in my days and I’ve never seen dark purple hash. So I’m in for a treat I have a feeling! Super soft, sticky and malleable making it so easy to work with.Smell […]

Bubble full spec 159 – 45 – @mrvert420

Mixed strain bubble 45 -160 Got this one in multiple stages; after the fresh frenchy press ( first rounds of pics ) and after a bit of temple ball cure and also just  after the sift/dry. After the press it came out really light with the milky heads really showing a couple of residue still […]

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