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Essential Cherries- West Coast Essentials

Once again arriving in the same great packaging as the peach option. The cherries once again gave me all the nostalgia, since I was a fiend for candy as kid and cherry blasters were always one of my go to options. The product did arrive a bit sticker and stuck together then the peaches but […]

Essential Peaches- West Coast Essential

Great packaging with a thick heat sealed mylar, and a simple, clean and straightforward design. The peach candies looked pristine with a lightly sugared exterior and deliciously sweet-smelling peaches as you’d hope to expect. The candies appeared nearly identical to the 5 cent candies I ate growing up which made the whole experience more nostalgic. […]

Raspberry Zzz Bomb- Get Ganja Online

Have had the chance to try out the orange flavored jelly bombs in the past and really enjoyed them. I do have to say that if I have an option for a choice of edibles, I choose candy or gummies every time. Again, the product is divided using a small etching on the surface which […]

FSE Super Sour Poppers(Chef) – Pink Llama

Very nice shaping and consistency, soft but firm at the same time. Lightly dusted with the perfect amount of sugar. Not greasy to touch. There’s 5 different flavors in the bag each with their own unique flavoring to their color and all mildy sour with the very tiniest amount of weed flavoring, but only noticeable […]

Herbivores Cherry Cola Bottles – WTFCannabis

Initial Thoughts/Bag Appeal : 6 gummies, 25mg each didn’t sound all too impressive to me as I’m used to much higher dosages and it normally takes more to get high. The packaging is really appealing and is what drew me in, also cola bottles, who doesn’t love those? Smell : Immediately was bombed with the […]

Cola 1000MG FSE Bear(Chef’s Treats) – Pink Llama

The very first thing you notice is the heft of 1 single gummy. The consistency is spot on, not too hard not too soft. Very strong smell coming off of the gummy letting you know what you are in for. Very strong taste but not off-putting like some others i’ve had in the past. I’m […]

Herbivores Edibles Candy – West Coast Releaf

There was 6 gummies in this package each containing 25mg of THC for a total of 150mg. Gummies were made from distillate, the package did not specify it was delta 8 or delta 9 distillate. Gummies looked like any that you would pick up from a convince store, with only one arriving slightly damaged. Each […]

Jolly Rancher Edibles- West Coast Releaf (Sweeds)

Edibles arrived in a heat sealed mylar with clean packaging showing there were 10 pieces each containing 20mg. The gummies themselves did resemble the actual candy they represented with sharp sour smells coming from the bag.  There were several different flavors of each gummy which were distinct from one another with a sweet, sour and […]

Orange Jelly Bomb – West Coast Releaf

This jelly bomb came in a myler wrapped in wax paper. It’s a lego shaped gummie that can be divided into 8 individual 10mg pieces. I decided to start my day off by eating the whole gummie since I find 80mg to be a standard dose. It was soft with a orange candy flavor and […]

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