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Auntie’s Medicine & Lazy Buddha * Beevoke * January

Brand – Lazy Buddha & Auntie’s Medicine gummies Flavor – multiple different flavors behind each one of these little sugar candied cubes. I’ve tried my best to pinpoint each flavor that every color was sporting. Pink – fruit punch, Red – Straweberry, Green – Green Apple, Blue – Blue Raspberry, Yellow – Lemonade, Orange – […]

Full Spectrum Galaxy Mix- (Chef’s Treats)- WTF Cannabis

Between the two I tried this was my favourite; but this could be a preference thing. The candies here were again spot on and brought on some nostalgia as a few of these have always been my favourite. With all these the consistency was spot on with a candy that felt firm to the touch […]

Butterfly * ToGo * January

Brand – Butterfly by Sec Flavor – the taste was quite the mystery judging by the color combination. It had a very tropical berry fruit like taste, not really comparable to any other candy nor edible I’ve had. Very flavor infested with a slight marijuana taste coming slightly after downing each piece but nothing major […]

Full Spectrum Juicy Berries (Chef’s Treats)- WTF Cannabis

This will be the second time I’ve had the chance to try out Chef’s edibles and once again found myself really enjoying them. I’ve mentioned this before; I’m generally a candy fanatic IRL. So the thing I appreciate the most about these candies is the likeness they have to the original candy they are intended […]

FSE Orange Soda Bottles(Chef’s Treats) – Golden Unicorn

As usual at first glance a person would have no idea that these are medicated candies. True to form pop bottle candies 2 toned of lighter and dark orange with a light dusting of sugar. The flavor is mostly orange with a very slight amount of thc flavoring once chewed up. Portioned out in 10 […]

Water melon/ Cola Laughing Monkey – Pacific Cannabis

The classic 5cent candy a look, with a bit of a mushy look to them. Still felt  the same chew, tacky and sweet with a little sour tang. Infused candies just a little distillate lingering after not unpleasant mixed well with the sugary taste. Nice intra workout sugar. As usual I dont feel the edibles […]

Dreamy Delight Hard Candy – DNMN

Mine where a bit melted nothing too bad a bit hard to seperate each piece if anything. The candys where sweet and had a classic hard candy taste. Dissolves easily, super sweet and i got that distillate taste and stickyness halfway thru. They are not stable best kept in the fridge. I didnt feel 150mg […]

Pacific CBD Grape Sour – DNMN

Classic 5cent sour Grape candy taste one of my favorite almost identical in look taste and texture. Sweet sour with a nice sweet grape. The effects are good 200mg is a generous dose i use this as intra workout sugar nice little boost and felt decently relaxed nothing strong but a slight relaxing feeling. Finished […]

Rosin lolipop – Northstarrosin

Rosin edible candy – Northstarrosin Peach Passion 100mg Lolipop Northstarrosin Sweet, and a pleasant tropical taste. Easy to keep in drawer surprisingly stable. Sticky after a couple minutes and you get a bit of a sweet decarbed rosin like after taste like AVB. The texture id say similar to eating something with distillate by the […]

Sour Watermelons * The Smoking Monkeys * December

Brand – Sour Watermelon by Golden Monkey Extracts Flavor – just like the name, no mystery or surprise that these ended up being as described, sour watermelon flavored very similar to the old school flavored watermelon slice candies Potency – each individual slice was dosed at 30mgs per, with a total of 8 pieces equaling […]

FSE Sour Keys(Chef’s Treats) – WTF Cannabis

Easily identifiable as classic sour keys however depending on your tastes you may find there is a bit too much sugar per package. Soft and chewy and blasting sourness as soon as it’s eaten then smoothing out to a delicious candy flavor with no noticeable weed taste. The package contains 8x25mgs of FSE for a […]

Grape Candy(Laughing Monkey) – Pacific Cannabis

Opening the package the visuals are what you would typically expect from a grape candy, there does appear to be some leeching from the candy itself in to the sugar creating a darker appearance on some of the individual candies and not on others. There is a candied grape flavoring at first however there is […]

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