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Fruity Pebbles OG – Green Society

Very dense, glazed over with extensive trich coverage, neatly trimmed with vibrant purples and orange hues, very minimal amount of glazed sugar leaves. Skunky fruity terps hit you pretty hard but there’s also a berry/grape undertone, very unique. White ash with the same skunky berry flavoring when you exhale settling in to an almost rotten […]

Mandarina – Green Society

Very frosted buds, glazed over in a thick sweater of ambering and clear trichomes. Neatly trimmed with a very small amount of sugar leaves and brown pistils. Sweet tangie terps with a slight hint of earthiness and cherry as well. Mostly white ash with a slight bit of peppering and the same tangie-earthy terps when […]

Durban Cookies – Green Society

Nicely frosted over with a mixture of amber and clear trichomes. Neatly trimmed with a small amount of frosted sugar leaves with light and medium brown pistils. Sweet nutty terps with an almost coffee like smell, with a bit of woodiness blended in as well. Salt and pepper ash with a sweet coffee flavor when […]

Dosi Dos – Green Society

Nicely frosted over with a mixture of ambering and clear trichomes, neatly trimmed with a small amount of glazed purple and green sugar leaves with pistils ranging from light and medium orange. Citrusy floral terps blended with an almost nutty smell mixed in as well. White ash with flavor shifting to a more peppered floral […]

Laughing Buddah – Green Society

Dark brown exterior with a lighter brown interior, there was however a fiber upon opening it as you can see in the first picture. Earthy citrus terps out of the jar with bit of a peppering undertone. Smoked on it’s own it burned surprisingly well in the bong with minimal effort. The flavor is a […]

In House Blend – Green Society

Pull and snap, light amber in color, clear shatter with a few bubbles throughout. Very malleable, balls up easily with finger warmth. No discernible smell from the raw shatter itself. Clean melt and you are met with a kaleidoscope of different flavors when you exhale, with the most prominent being an earthy citrus flavor but […]

MAC 10 – Greensociety

Frosted, dense, hand manicured buds. Some ambering to the trichomes as well are both light orange pistils mixed with darker red pistils. Slight purple and green glazed sugar leaves. Doughy desserty terpenes to smell that are familiar to other version of the cut that I have experienced in the past. Salt and pepper ash with […]

WiFi OG Budder – Greensociety

Coloring closest resembling french vanilla ice cream, sticky but very malleable. Strong tropical berry terpenes smelling out of the jar. Clean and easy melt however the flavoring is slightly lost in translation, not hitting right away but settles in as time goes on. Nicely balanced hybrid that starts off with blended euphoria and cerebral effects, […]

Slurricane XI – Greensociety

Nicely frosted, neatly manicured, dense buds. Healthy trichome and pistil coverage with minimal green and purple frosted sugar leaves. Sweet and creamy, earthy-berry terpenes come through in the smell. Salt and pepper ash with the same sweet berry flavoring on exhale. Indica-dom hybrid that at first meets you with a smooth rush of euphoria, putting […]

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