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Diablo Pink Kush – Gold Dreams

Diablo Pink Kush from Gold Dreams Visual: This bud looked a bit menacing. It was a big fat bud with some starting of foxtails in a few different directions. The colour was a dark forest green with lots of patches of brown hairs. It was extremely dense. Nose: The nose was spicy and gassy and pungent but […]

Purple Lights Sugar Wax and California Orange Budder – Gold Dreams

Purple Lights Sugar Wax and California Orange Budder from Gold Dreams Purple Lights Sugar Wax Visual/Nose/Taste: The colour was a dark orange with a tinge of brown. It looked like it would be waxy and crumbly and it was. The consistency totally matched the description of Sugar Wax. The nose was very gassy with some pine. […]

Ice Cream – Gold Dreams

Ice Cream from Gold Dreams 60% Indica Visual: It was a cool looking bud with an elongated length but still a good girth. There were a few different greens, some light greens, some forest greens, some very dark greens and some bits of dark black/green. It had a dankness to it and lots of tight compact […]

Rainbow Strips and Caramels – Gold Dreams

Rainbow Strips and Caramels from Gold Dreams Rainbow Strips: 10 x 50mg. 500mg total. Caramels: 3 x 25mg Rainbow Strips Visual/Nose/Taste: They look just like Rainbow Strips Licorice. Nice bright colours with the coating of sugar. They smelled and looked very appealing and they tasted great! Lots of flavour which tasted just like the candy with just a […]

Lavender – Gold Dreams

Lavender from Gold Dreams Cross: Super Skunk x Big Skunk Korean x Afghani Hawaiian Visual: This one was very frosted. The colour was a dark forest green with some lighter greens and patches of dark brown hairs. The Trichomes were very sparkly and it had some crazy small foxtails. It was very dense. Nose: The nose was musky […]

Cherry Mac Pie – Gold Dreams

Cherry Mac Pie from Gold Dreams Visual: It was beautiful! It had some cool colours and a nice structure to it. The colour was a light green with more of a green/blue hue closer towards the tips. It had lots of sparkly crystal with tons of light brown hairs all over. One you got it up […]

THC and CBD Bath Soak- Gold Dreams

Now this one came in a nice plastic tub with the product looking relatively like Epson salts. The difference was that the product almost felt soft and slightly oily or creamy. An odd texture as it appears dry. Nice fragrant citrus aromas blast out of the container as soon as it is opened and only […]

Peppermint Eucalyptus Miracle Cream – Gold Dreams

First time trying any type of topical product; so, don’t really have a frame of reference outside of the typical “icy hot” type products I’ve had in the past. Product resembled a deodorant stick and the consistency of the sunscreen you may see in a similar container; slightly waxy and slightly creamy. Easy to apply […]

Platinum GSC- Gold Dreams

Medium sized light green frosty bud with bright orange pistils and a bit of extra sugarleaf left behind. Relatively dense with a bit of a squish and a mildly sticky interior.Found the nugs were lacking trichome heads to speak of on the outside. However the interior had a healthy amount of short stalked trichomes with […]

Mendo Breath- Gold Dreams

Light and dark green background with some areas on the verge of purple; helped the sugary exterior of the long tapered nugs shine. Found the buds to be sticky and significantly dense to the touch with a solid moisture content to boot. Trichs appeared as numerous long and lanky stalks with a clear and milky […]

GG44 Distillate Cartridge – Gold Dreams

Gram of distillate arrived in a long skinny rechargeable and disposable unit which was protected by a plastic sleeve with a rubber topper. To pen automatically would heat as you took a haul from it; which was relatively easy with no significant resistance. This is something I had an issue within the past with a […]

Chemfuffle- Gold Dreams

Arrived as medium sized buds that were longer oval shaped nugs with a tightly packed light green background with bright orange pistils crawling along the exterior. Fairly dense to the touch with a decent moisture level. Had a solid amount of short stalked that were mainly clear with varying sizes of heads. Smells were the […]

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