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Red Velvet Brownies-Dreamy Delite

Excellent and delishious looking product at first glance. Totally remind you of those two bite brownies we’ve all grown with. Brownies look well made and well kept(weren’t crushed or out of shape) love the white chocolate touch make them look great and adds a nice flavor. Smell is very cake like and inviting. I really […]

400mg Baked Brownies-Dreamy Delite

Baked Brownies Company: Dreamy Delite First off let’s start with packaging! Top notch imo! mylar bag, heat sealed and great graphics and very informative.🥳 Brownies looked delicious almost identical to the 2 bite brownies we all grew up with and smelled amazing! Slightly dry but after following the instructions to heat in microwave for 30 […]

Baked Brownies * Dreamy Delite * January

Brand – Baked Brownies Flavor – these were identical tasting to the one bite brownies we’ve all had at one point or another. With the chocolate brownie taste accurately portrayed in each one of these, not even a slight lingering weed aftertaste. Perfectly flavored adult brownies Potency – these bad betty’s come to the scale […]

Cereal Medbar – Dreamy Delite * January

Brand – Cereal Medbar – Leprechaun Charms Flavor – this bar has a few flavors flowing through it, but it definitely reminds me of a jacked up rice crispy bar. Featuring Lucky Charms, this bar is compiled from the cereal itself including the colorful marshmellow shapes. Between the marshmallows from the cereal and the ones […]

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies * Dreamy Delite * January

Brand – Double Chocolate Chip Cookies Flavor – very accurately named, with the double chocolate and the chocolate chips, these were chocolate central. Great chocolatey flavor, fairly soft with a nice crunch, without any lingering aftertaste at all, other than more chocolate ofcourse Potency – the package reaching a 200mg total, with each cookie packing […]

Trix World Tour Zombie Bar- Illuminati Infusions

Now the Trix World Tour bar looked familiar to my past experiences. Larger ball shaped cereal with colours that weren’t as in your face as the last option. Great amount of marshmallow gave the bar a chewy texture alongside the crunch you get from the cereal itself. Found the flavors on this one much more […]

Fruity Pebbles Zombie Bar- Illuminati Infusions

Starting off with the Fruity Pebbles version, the bar was tightly packed with the smaller flakes seeming to make the bar more compact then my previous experiences with the Zombie Bars. The bar looked great with an over the top array of vivid colours. There was also an uber sweet aroma as you opened the […]

Blueberry Lemon Muffin * Onyx Phenos * January

Brand – Lemon Blueberry Muffin Flavor – The name being quite accurate to the flavor of lemon and blueberry, topped with a cinnamon brown sugar for an extra flavor kick which was a really tasty addition. The muffin was really good, no weed taste at all, not even anything that emerged after Potency – these […]

Chocolate Brownie * Onyx Phenos * January

Brand – Chocolate Brownie Flavor – it had your typical well down brownie flavor with some additional lemon flavoring that I was tasting. Very soft, fresh and quite delicious tasting.  Overall flavor wise it was really good with a very minor marijuana after taste that had the slightest linger Potency – these little rectangular hitters […]

Cereal Medbar – DNMN

My bar looked fine a tad dry.  A bit sandy at first got better half way thru but tasted fine. A fruity super sugary creamy taste. A little aftertaste nothing major. Gave this one to my roomate after trying multiple edibles and not feeling anything. He smokes nightly but he was so baked i dont […]

Zombie Bar (Caramel Apple Jacks)- Illuminati Infusions

This one provided me with some real nostalgia with Apple Jacks being the base for this bar. However as this one was a special “caramel” edition it was elevated to another level. The flavors leaned to the caramel side of things with some tart apple flavors kicking up the rear. This bar did have some […]

Zombie Bars- Dunkin- Illuminati Infusions

I’ve had the chance to try quite a few of these Zombie bars now but this one speaks to me the most. I’m a coffee fanatic and this one hits all the right notes. Strong coffee aromas come out of the bag the moment you open it with even bigger sweet coffee and slight caramel […]

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